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Tucked into tiny North Hall, Macworld rocks on without Apple.  Half the floor space, schwagless vendors (no USB powered lava lamps, no bunny ears, no tee shirts) and a nearly invisible press – these could seem like dark times.  But the mood is surprisingly light as smiling crowds pulse through the narrow aisles of the market […]

W 9/9, 10am Apple’s Rock and Roll Press Event Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco Steve Jobs walks on stage and the crowd goes wild – the stock is at $174.10.  “I wouldn’t be here without such generosity, so I hope all over us can be as generous and elect to become organ […]

What a day!  LAGC on a roll, AO Hollywood a few blocks away, and in SF tonight the SF International Film Festival has Robert Redford onstage to screen Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid.  (On Friday, its Francis Ford Coppola).   If you’re in SF at 6pm tonight stop by the Castro Theatre for red carpet […]

I wish the news would have been “Steve Jobs is off to a warm beach to ride out the recession, reflect on all he’s done for the world, and let someone else worry about what’s next.”  The man is a cultural icon who also happens to be the hardest working CEO in the industry.  He’s on […]

Today is the last day of Macworld and time to look toward the future.  Booked for 1/4-8 San Francisco Moscone, Macworld 2010 is asking its fans to dream big.   So here is my vision of what Macworld could be, a place where one’s creative potential is unleashed.  A  lively festival/expo for books, music, movies and games […]

Apple is doing sooo well with retail, it doesn’t need Macworld anymore … what ??? Macworld without the Mac? Keynote without Steve Jobs? At the Macworld fan fest, Steve Job’s Apple is the draw. Doesn’t Apple owe anything to the Mac ecosystem that sustains its brand? I’ll be blogging live beginning 1/6 from what might be […]