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Call me VOIP! Ever since the iPod Touch came out with a speaker last Fall everyone’s been fiddling with trying to make calls with the headphone mic. There was Fring and Truphone, but there wasn’t Skype til today. Now every 8 year old out there can call his/her buddies who have Skype for freeeeeee. Pretty […]

Apple’s software upgrade for the iPhone this summer fixes many pet peeves:  cut and paste, MMS, voice memo easy sync, even MMO gaming, and video recording, right.  This summer Android and Palm Pre and even Windows Mobile will also have tantalizing temptations.  Watch it here:

Money may be tight but good times are still flowing thanks to TechCrunch, GigaOm, and VentureBeat and a great evening at The Crunchies.  Check out the awards ceremony at UStream which streamed the event live, the Richter Scales performing their catchy rendition of RIP Good Times, and casino gaming at the MySpace After Party.  Here are the winners, runners-up and […]