#Google+ Zynga+ = Android Geek Gamer Moola


Posts popping everywhere from “Go away Google+” to hot or not faceoffs between Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin.  Devs tweeting:  “#G+, I can make what???”  Angry Birds, Sudoku, Edgeworld, Dragon Age Legends riding the coverage train.  Break knocking it out of the park with their Google+ primer.  The material so rich, it’s a great day to be a blogger.

So what’s the promise of Google+:

– Scalable, flash mob live streaming in hangouts
– The ability to edit drunk posts from last night
– No social gaming mechanics spamming feeds

The likely targets are those early adopter, android geek, PC gamers who are active on all things Google and view Facebook as dark and oppressive.  Less likely to onboard are their iPhone-loving monetizable mommies with that yummy head of household $$$ who live on Facebook with family scrapbooks, childhood friends, kids networks, gaming and animated chat (ahem Sims Social, I’m still at EA, thatsa plug)

Will Google+ trip up Facebook world domination ambitions for reaching a billion before IPO?  No, only Facebook can do that.  If Facebook moves quickly, seeds and embeds credits on the upper right hand corner of every page, allows in-video micropayments of programming after sampling, they will become the world’s largest broadcaster and economy.  They moved to do this today with a real-time app activity ticker and have made it clear they have no intention of rolling over.  Stats from this article put Facebook at 200mm+ gamers, the top 80 games with 1mm+ active users, Zynga with the most at 258mm monthly active users.  iWin, maker of Family Feud, increased maus by 40% over last month and is up 30 employees this year.  Deal or No Deal now has 900,000 maus.  Kabam has grown from 20 people last year to 500+ this year in 4 offices on 3 continents.  9 of 10 Kabam players play daily, and play on average for 3h/d.  GSN, maker of Wheel of Fortune, grew from 4.8mm maus at the end of 7/10 to 7.5mm 7/11, up 60% and has tripled its social game team over last year.

So as the forces of good and evil battle it out, open vs. closed, messy vs. awesome, we the people will benefit.

Stay tuned.  It’s only the beginning.

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