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PAX Prime is on and coming off the heels of an action-packed GamesCom, fans are going to have much to play.  It all begins this Friday, 8/26 with Halo Fest celebrating 10 years, tournaments, panels, parties.  The weekend is sold out but there will be tons of coverage from IGN, Game Spot, Machinima, Wikia, Destructoid, Kotaku, […]

Posts popping everywhere from “Go away Google+” to hot or not faceoffs between Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin.  Devs tweeting:  “#G+, I can make what???”  Angry Birds, Sudoku, Edgeworld, Dragon Age Legends riding the coverage train.  Break knocking it out of the park with their Google+ primer.  The material so rich, it’s a great day to be a blogger. […]