#PAX Good Times For Gamers


Day One of #PAXEast is heading into darkness but the partying has just begun with all night VGM concerts, flicks, tourneys and panels. If I wasn’t flying out to SXSW at 6am, well I’d be right there in the mix too.

If you’re a gamer, you got to go to PAX. Best known for PAX Prime in Seattle in the summer, PAX East is only in its 2nd year is already selling out, and that’s in it’s new digs at BECE with a capacity of 24,0000 a day…or something like that. These core fans don’t mind the lines or trading emails or cash for schwag, or stuffing dollar bills into a kiosk to raise money for classicarcademuseum.org. The music is awesome, all indie rock and 8-bit 80s pop. The expo floor is covered with eye-popping booths from major labels, EA (now my employer), Rockstar, Bethesda, 2K, THQ, Capcom, Ubisoft, WB, as well as Pokemon, Alienware, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and IGDA. Standouts were Duke Nukem’s chandeliers, Ubisoft’s Child of Eden demo, Shift 2 racing chairs, Star Wars The Old Republic theatre, Alienware tourneys, giant floating Pikachu overhead, 3DS hands on with launch titles, and so much more.

There were many first time demos only the live audience could experience, and fans were encouraged to cheer at the elements they wanted more of. Lines turned into schwag-aways and FB photo ops. I admit I entertained fans of Reckoning (my game) by given them the games’ super badass ten ton hammer to swing around. Community managers and the gaming press dominated the well-attended panels. And when it was time to crash for food, there was a Rock Band lounge full of talented karaoke-ists. My favorite part though was the classic arcade and classic console lounges. For lovers of old technology, these time warped hangouts were the end all. I’ll link to the twitpics later but you can follow the stream @contentnow #PAX #PAXEast.

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