#PAXEast #SXSW #C2E2 / Guides


Although GDC is up first, just a peek ahead shows that PAX East, C2E2 and SXSW Interactive overlap this year. PAX in particular looks amazing for the sheer number of high profile game bloggers that will take the stage including IGN, Destructoid, 1UP, Joystiq, Kotaku, Inside Gaming, GameLife, Kill Screen, The Escapist, GamePro, Critical-Hits, At-Will and the WoW Raid Warning Podcast. There will be career advice from top publishers and developers and RPG-nirvana for those fans anxiously awaiting the debut demo of Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning, the killer epic action open world fantasy from the Fantastic Four of Big Huge Games/38 Studios, visionary icons Curt Schilling, Tom McFarlane, R.A. Salvatore and Ken Rolston.* At $55 for a full weekend of 8-bit VGM partying with your favorite community managers, those passes are going to sell out soon. SXSW has an incredible program as well with Christopher Poole of 4chan and Bob Geldof of Pink Floyd legend. So to help you plan ahead, here’s the starter guide with lots more to come:

F 3/11

10, IGDA Careers – roles, platforms, genres, and the relationships between developers and publishers, with Lindsey McQueeney, 38 Studios/Big Huge Games, Jim Rivers, Obsidian, Uber Entertainment, Keystone Tech, Mary-Margaret Network
10:30, Jane McGonigal
10:30, Halo Reach Grifball
10:30 Videogame Comics with Newsarama.com
*11, Inside Gaming with Machinima’s Rob Smith, John Yniguez, Billy Shibley, Adam Kovic (The Dead Pixel)
*11, Hamza Aziz, Destructoid on community relationships online and off
*11, Stephen Totilo, Kotaku, N’Gai Croal, Hit Detection figure out top ten best video games of all time
11:30, PAX Q&A
12, MGT Metagame Theory Podcast w Joe O’Brien, Brian McDermott, Tom Gisondi, John King
12, Career panel
*12, World Exclusive Demo of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning with Boston’s legendary Curt Schilling and 38 Studios (Wyvern Theatre)*
12:30, Kickstarter to build funding and fan support for indie games
12:30, Chiptunes at Jamspace with Cathode Rays, Oxygenstar, Active Knowledge, Animal Style, Bit Shifter
12:30, Mega64.com
12:30, Omegathon
1:30, Legal Issues with Seth Krauss, GC, Take-Two Interactive
1:30, Live demo of RAGE id FPS with Design Director Matt Hooper, Senior Producer, Jason Kim
2, Interactive drama dialogue in narrative gameplay with Reactive Games, NarWare, Vicarious Visions, John Gonzalez, Lead Writer/Creative Designer, Fallout: New Vegas, Obsidian
2, Blamination
2, D&D gameplay innovations with Alexander Macris, Publisher, The Escapist, and blogger Keith Baker
2, indie gaming team recruitment, project development, publisher relations, original vs pre-existing IP, platform/genre focus, branding
3, 1UP Retronauts vs 16 Bits Super NES Era w Jeremy Parish, Executive Editor, 1UP, Frank Cifaldi, News Editor, 1UP, Chris Kohler, Wired, Kurt Kalata, Editor, HG101
3, Gaming resumes with Mary-Margaret Walker
3:30, Community managers rant on trolls
3:30, What is a community manager with Tracey John, Games Writer, News Corp, Seth Killian, Capcom, James Stevenson, Insomniac, Ame Meyer, Naughty Dog
3:30, Play Parsely
4:30, ROFL Gaming Jokes, quips and anecdotes with game comics Rob Dubbin, Dave Grossman, Mike Wilford
5, Doing Good w Chris Frost, Radioactive Nerd, Avery Alix, PopCap Games
5, Anatomy of a Demo
5, Game Worlds as Central Characters, Irrational Games
5, D&D Live gameplay
6, VGM OC Remix win merch, schwag, boogie down to Donkey Kong 2
6, Unchartered 3 – The Reveal, behind the scenes
6:30, Xbox Live Enforcement, staying ahead of the cheaters
6:30, Hacking RPGs: House Rules and Stealing From Other Games with *RPG bloggers Dave Chalker and Phil Menard Critical-Hits, Quinn Murphy, At-Will
7:30, Scott Rubin and Rym DeCoster of GeekNights present Losing Should Be Fun, Beyond D&D, MMORPGs Are Anything But…
*7:30, Joystiq Podcast Live with Justin McElroy, Reviews Editor, Chris Grant, EIC, Ludwig Kletzmann, Senior Editor
8, Pressing the Lie Button is Just The Beginning: How Game Companies Use FB to grow their online communities with community managers from Playfish-EA, Harmonix, Insomniac, Robot Entertainment
8, Long Campaign
8, Success to Localization Overseas with translation team for Final Fantasy 12 and Tactics Ogre
9, Concert w The Protomen, MC Frontalot, Metroid Metal
9:30, Screening of FRAG
10, Blamimations animated shorts

Lounges: Pepsi Playground (ACC, F 3/11 10 SM campaigns), Chevy lounge (drive Volt with Kinect), Sobe lounge (drinks, jamming), Mashery Circus Mashimus (ACC 3 snacks, wifi), Samsung (ACC 19AB concerts, contests), @ifctv happy hour, music (7th/Brazos)
Getting Around: Catch a Volt to get around town, follow @chevrolet, 9-3 test drive one on Trinity/3rd
2, Jason Calacanis, Tim O’Reilly (ACC D) Ryan Daume, Rev 3 (ACC F), How To Party at SXSW – Rawk Out (ACC 18 A-D), Comedy Impro (ACC 5A-C), SM budgets with Pepsico, Samsung, GM (Hyatt Hill AB), Screenburn Arcade/Game Developer Meetup (ACC 1, Hall 2)
3:30, HBO True Blood’s Marketing Hook Fan to Fanatic (ACC E), Battledecks (ACC 18A-D), Ge Wang, Smule (Hilton Salon F/G 4th/Neches), WordPress Matt Mullenweg (ACC A), Zynga (ACC 12AB)
4:30, NEVERDIE Rocktropia (ACC Hall 2)
5, Games User Research w EA, Activision (ACC 12AB), Violet Blue (ACC 18A-D), Appetizers, cocktails, party favors, DJ (The Belmont, 305 6th), GameGround.com mixer (ACC 1), Clay Shirky (ACC D)
6, SapientNitro Appetizers, cocktails, party favors, DJ, Sideshow, Pains of Being Pure (Aces Lounge, 222 E 6th), AIR Awards (Driskill, 604 Brazos), Tocquigny Martinis (Frost Bank Tower 17th FL, 401 Congress)
8, SXSWi Kickoff Party, Enzo, 801 W 5th
9, AMODA Electronica, Mohawk, 912 Red River

Sa 3/12

10, Turbine Keynote on monetizing DDO with Fernando Paiz
10, History of Chip Music
10:30 Nintendo World Report – Jonathan Metts, Mike Sklens, James Jones, Jon Lindemann, Karl Castenada
10:30, Make a Strip
10:30, Game Design
11, Chiptune Showcase at Jamspace, Danimal Cannon, AdamGetsAwesome, Zen Albatross, Bright Primate, Smiletron
11, Reverse Q&A, Harmonix developers ask questions of the audience
11, Running a Studio at Activision
11:30, Omegathon
11:30, Porting to Touchscreen
12, City of Heroes 20 – Incarnates, super-powered MMO with Paragon Studios
12, Geek Rock Icons
12:30, Marketing, Writing, PR jobs w AJ Glasser of GamePro Magazine, Jonathan Myers, Writer, Reactive Games
1, GeekDad.com, GeekMom.com
1, Mock Job Interviews
1:30, Arcade
1:30, RAGE demo
2, Core compulsion loops, long-term feedback mechanics, economy/itemization strategies
2, Pitcharama
2, DMZilla Doty, Community Manager, Xbox Live
2:30, Avoiding Game Career Pitfalls
3, Guild Wars 2 – Fantasy MMO redefined lore, design and gameplay
*3, Strategies to Grow Your Market, Alex Horn, Writer, Big Huge Games/38 Studios
3, Female Characters w Susan Arendt, Senior Editor, The Escapist, AJ Glasser, News Editor, GamePro, Elizabeth Grunewald, Not Games Editor, Themis-media.com
3:30, G4 Feedback Live
3:30, F2P to digital distribution, maistram media with David Brevik, President, Gazillion
4, Publish Your Own Tabletop RPG
4:30, VGM Nerdcore Hip-Hop
4:30, Rooster Teeth videos
4:30, Becoming a Community Manager,with Justin McElroy, Reviews Coordinator, Joystiq, Michael Abbot, Brainy Gamer, Jennifer Kye, Social Media Editor, Gameloft, Harmonix, EA Playfish, Insomniac
5, Creating Compelling Worlds for Original IP with Arkadium, Kaos/THQ, 4mm Entertainment, Creo Ludus
5, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson podcast with E, lollip0p, Stepto – schwag, Kinect giveaways
*5, MMORPG The Future of Online Gaming with Curt Schilling, 38 Studios, Scott Hartsman, Trion, Colin Johanson, ArenaNet
5:30, Paper Games
6, Child’s Play Charity
6:30, Collectible Classics with Chris Kohler, Editor, GameLife, Wired.com, Frank Cifaldi, Editor, 1UP
6:30, Metroid Gender with Abbie Heppe, g4TV, Gameloft, Harmonix
7:30, Video Game Costuming
7:30, LoadingReadyRun comedy for Escapist Unskippable, ENN and Daily Drop
8, Twisted Pixel games, stories, and fun fun fun
8, Joystiq Xbox 360 Fancast X3F Live
8:30, Omegathon and Concerts VGO, Paul and Storm, Jonathan Coulton
8:30, Minecraft value in YouTube videos of fortbuilding with Alex Leavitt, media scholar
9:30, After Hours with Scott and Kris of PATV Blamimation, late night talk show with laughs, celebrity and musical guest
9:30, PA The Series
9:30, King of Chinatown screening
9:30, LoadingReadyRun screening w live creator commentary
10 Shoutcasters Day(9) and Husky casting for StarCraft 2 Tournament finals

Lounges: Pepsi Playground (ACC, F 3/11 10 SM campaigns), Chevy lounge (drive Volt with Kinect), Sobe lounge (drinks, jamming), Mashery Circus Mashimus (ACC 3 snacks, wifi), Samsung (ACC 19AB concerts, contests), @ifctv happy hour, music (7th/Brazos), Alcatel Ultra-Lounge (Hilton 406, 500 E 4), Registrant’s Lounge (Brush Square Park)
Getting Around: Catch a Volt to get around town, follow @chevrolet, 9-3 test drive one on Trinity/3rd
9:30, Groupon (ACC 6AB), Social TV w Twitter, Travel Channel, Late Night w Jimmy Fallon, CNN, Next New Networks (Hyatt Hill AB, 208 Barton Springs Rd), Yoga (ACC 8A)
11, Source Code Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Duncan Jones (ACC 16AB), Amber@AOL, KevinPollak.Net, Digitas, David Tochterman (ACC F), @intelfuturist (ACC 18A-D)
11:30 Ice cream, clowns, mimes (Brush sq park West Tent 409 E 5)
12:30, SUPER Ellen Page, Rainn Wilson, James Gunn (ACC 18 A-D), Jack Buser, Sony PSH (ACC 12AB), Mike McCue, Co-Founder, Flipboard (Radisson Town Lake Ballroom, 111 E Cesar Chavez), Film Programmes Sundance, IFP, TBS, Silverdocs (ACC 11AB), Alexia Tsotsis, TechCrunch on Sausagefest (Marriott Rio Grande A, 300 E 4th), Reddit, Cheezburger Network (Hilton Salon AB, 500 E 4th), Flipboard, VW on pitching a brand for sponsorship (Hilton Salon C, 500 E 4th), Facebook CTO on Like (Hyatt Big Bend, 208 Barton Springs)
2 BAVC (ACC 13AB), Indie Animator (ACC 15), Prom Night (Alamo Lamar A, 1120 S Lamar)
2:15, Terri w John C Reilly (Alamo Lamar B, 1120 S Lamar)
3:30, Adriana Gascoigne, SecondMarket (Marriott Rio Grande A, 300 E 4th), Filmmaker Todd Phillips, WB (ACC 18A-D), Advanced Buzz Getting Noticed at Festivals with Pathe International (ACC 15), Sudha Jamthe PayPal on community and influence (Hyatt Hill CD, 208 Barton Springs), Distributors Mentoring – Distrify, Focus Features, Factory 25, Tripod Media, Sundance, Indomina (ACC 11AB), Brian Seth Hurst, Nathan Coyle CAA, Scott Sternberg (Hilton Salon K, 500 E 4), Jane McGonigal (ACC D), Self Made (Alamo Ritz 2, 320 6th), 4sq (ACC B), Gaia, Zynga (ACC F)
4, Evil Plans (ACC G)
4:30, ScreenBurn block party (ACC Hall 2)
5, GQ’s Ana Marie Cox interviews Adam Savage, Mythbusters (ACC D), EA Heather Hollis on digital subs (Sheraton Captiol A-D, 701 E 11) , Junto Box Films Party, rsvp@juntofilms.com (Marq 422 Congress), Latin America Online Games, Sergio Monsalve NVP (Hilton Garden Inn Sabine 500 North IH 35), Star Wars Uncut (ACC 18A-D), EVITE taco bar, cocktails, schwag (Lanai, 422 Congress, Suite C), DreadCentral.com (Hyatt TX Ballroom 5-7, 208 Barton Springs)
6, Coonpipes & History of Nicola Tesla (Carver, 1165 Angelina), rsvp mediainnovationparty.com beer and food truck (Palm Door, 401 Sabine), Filmmaker Roddy Bogawa, Blanton Museum of Art, Razorfish Happy Hour (Phoenix,, 4-9 Colorado)
6:30, John Mellencamp doc (Alamo Ritz, 320 E 6th)
7-12, Diggnation party@Stubb’s, 801 Red River
8, SXSW Opening Party hosted by frog design (Whitney Building, 301 Brazos), Comedy Death Ray (Esther’s Follies, 525 E 6th), Something Ventured (Alamo Lamar C, 1120 S Lamar, also 3/13 9, F 3/18 11:30)
9, Fandango Karaoke Apocalypse (Highball 1142 S Lamar), Chroma (Mohawk, 912 Red River), Green Room cocktails celeb DJ speaker mixer (Malverde, 400B W 2nd), Spiderwood Studios cocktails and hors d’oevres (Maggie Mae’s, 323 E 6th)
9:30, Ning afterparty w Washed Out, Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears and DJ Premier. Also, RAC (Remix Artist Collective) and DJ Aaron Axelson of Popscene (Mohawk, 912 Red River)
10, SUPER starring Ellen Page, Rainn Wilson, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon (Paramount Theatre, 713 Congress, also Pi Day M 3/14 9pm)
10:30, Comedy w Brett Gelman, Dave Foley, Howard Kremer, Michael Black, Scott Aukerman (Esther’s Follies, 525 E 6th)

Su 3/13

10, Writers SIG and Game Designers Roundtable
10:30, Branding a Game with Sanrio, Kill3r
10:30, Omegathon
10:30, Mechanism Design with GeekNights Hosts
11, Community Manager roundtable
11, Chiptunes with 7th Gear, Facundo, Shortsleeves, Disasterpeace, glomag, Corset Iore
11, Dead Tree Cartoonist
11, 5m Public Play asks: Dragon Age – A Dating Sim with Blood Splatter?
*11, The Reckoning IGDA Lounge Northeast trends
12, For Writers, Game developer and publicist present a 10-minute demo to writeup, then community managers, journalists, publicists and marketers sort writing sample into field based on tone, content and accuracy, then will mock with dramatic readings of samples, with GamePro Media, The Escapist, Activision, Naughty Dog
*12, Hardcore gamers who don’t look like one with Alex Horn, Writer, Big Huge Games/38 Studios
12, Octodad
12, When I Grow Up screening with Sean Baptiste, SM guru at Harmonix
12:30, WoW Raid Warning Live Podcast with Dustin Blackwell and David Morrison, MMOMFG, Seven DeBord, Raid Warning
12:30, G4 X Play panel
12:30, How To Win at Games with GeekNights
*1:30, AXE at PAX Forum with Daniel Kayser, Founder/CEO/LOL , Brent Adams, Host, Tony Grice, Host, Reuben Moretz, Tech Wiz, EpicBattleAxe.com
1:30, Magic: The Gathering
1:30, PATV 2: Vantage Point screening
2, Q&A
2, The Digital Game Canon, preservation with Jon Gibson, I am 8-bit, Christopher Grant, EIC, Joystiq, Smithsonian, etc.
2, Know Your Games, Gaming PR with Ryan Jones, Access Communication, Ronnie Singh, 2K Sports, Sid Shuman, PlayStation, Dan Amrich, Activision
2, Animation: Film v Game Design w Tencent, Turbine, Harmonix
*3, Taking fan sites to the next level with Matthew Pruitt, FPS Community Manager, EA, Insomniac, Robot..
3, Game Design Jam, paper prototypes
3, AAA F2P with Chris Enock, Marketing Director, Riot Games, will microtransactions take over the box copy model
3, Telltale Games on Poker Night with Strong Bad, Max, Tycho and THe Heavy
3:30, IGN Game Scoop with Daemon Hatfield and other IGN editors
4:30, Indie Game startup how tos
4:30, How players can use Gamemaster gaming books to get the most of their RPG campaign
4:30, Game Length/MirthXBLA and PSN challenging the $60 AAA titles, pricing with Joystiq editor Christopher Grant
5, Game Art Jam
5, F2P MMO, 35mm Americans play, that’s 10% according to Newzoo with Sanrio
5:30, Omegathon & Close


Lounges: Pepsi Playground (ACC, F 3/11 10 SM campaigns), Chevy lounge (drive Volt with Kinect), Sobe lounge (drinks, jamming), Mashery Circus Mashimus (ACC 3 snacks, wifi), Samsung (ACC 19AB concerts, contests), @ifctv happy hour, music (7th/Brazos), Alcatel Ultra-Lounge (Hilton 406, 500 E 4), Registrant’s Lounge (Brush Square Park)
Getting Around: Catch a Volt to get around town, follow @chevrolet, 9-3 test drive one on Trinity/3rd
9:30, June Cohen TED (ACC D), Gawker, io9.com, NPR (Hyatt, 208 Barton Springs Rd), Yoga (ACC 8A)
11, Conde Nast in startup mode, eBay Hackathon in Alcatel lounge (Hilton rm 406 $15000 prizes), Ex Sex (Alamo Lamar A 1120 S Lamar), Ben Lerer, Thrillist, Charlie ODonnell, First Round Capital, Intel, Hashable (Hilton Salon AB, 500 E 4th), Mark Friedlander SAG, WGA (ACC 15), Pervasive Fiction in Games w Deus Ex Machinatio (ACC 12AB), Kodak Filmmaker Champagne Brunch (Brush Square East Tent 409 5th), 4sq comm mgr (Hilton Salon J 500 E 4), Adam Chapnick Distribbr, Jon Reiss, Paramount (ACC 11AB), Science of Influence w ReadWriteWeb (Hyatt, 208 Barton Springs), Music in Film w BMI (ACC 16AB), Founders of Groupon Aaron With, Andrew Mason (ACC D), FoodSpotting/Blackberry Food Trucks and scavenger hunt (Parking Lot 2nd/Brazos)
11:15, The City Dark disappearance of darkness (Alamo Lamar B 1120 S Lamar)
12, ice cream, clowns (Brush Sq Park, 409 E 5th)
12:30, Paul Reubens Pee Wee Herman (ACC 18A-D), Tim Ferriss (ACC 9ABC), Guy Kawasaki (ACC D), Mani Dhillon UrbanSpoon (ATT 1900 University), Bob Metcalfe, 3Com Founder (Hilton Salon K 500 E 4), 3rd Class Superhero Charles Yu, writer (ACC G), Tynan.com make money travelling (Marriott 300 E 4), Phil Libin, Evernote on getting to 1mm fans (Hilton Salon AB 500 E 4), Film Press (ACC 11AB), Michael Pusateri, Disney on social employees (ACC E), Comedy panel (Hyatt 208 Barton Springs)
1, Gary Shapiro CEA (ACC G)
1:45 Conan Obrien Cant Stop doc (Paramount 713 Congress)
2, Christopher Poole Keynote, 4chan/canvas anime community 12mm uniques (ACC D)From Concept to Cannes Brands (ACC 15) , Pubicity mentors (ACC 11AB)
*3:30, Chris Early Ubisoft single brand engagement across platforms, companion gaming (ACC 12AB), Cindy Gallop (Hyatt 208 Barton Springs), Haters Gonna Hate: Lessons From 4Chan w Publicis (ACC F), Filmmaker Mentors (ACC 11AB), Fanboy Comics (ACC 18A-D), NHL Music (Hyatt 208 Barton Springs), Bessemer, blip, WSJ (Hilton Salon AB)
4, Intel AppUp dev party (ACC G Foyer)
*4:15, Morgan Spurlock’s Greatest Movie Ever Sold (Paramount, 713 Congress)
4:30, The Mix DJ Pitch Party Mobile Apps w Jay Adelson, Kevin Koym, Chris Shonk (Parkside 301 E 6), NEVERDIE Screenburn HH (ACC Hall 2)
5, Art of Immersion TRON (ACC 12AB), Indie Games Propeller Awards Adam Atomic of indie hit “Canabalt” and Meredith Molinari of “The Tester”(ACC Day Stage), BBQ (Brush Sq Park East Tent 409 5th), Jonathan Zittrain and Kickstarter (ACC 9ABC), Jordan Hoffman, UGO (Hearst) film reviews for 18-34 male (ACC 15), Matt Dentler Cinetic (ACC 16AB), Ariel Elazar, dick clark productions on split screen live streaming (ACC 18A-D), ITs About You Super 8 doc (ACC 13AB), Old Spice Pwning Interest (ACC F), Garrett Camp, StumbleUpon, Liz Gannes, AllThingsD (Hilton TX 5-7, 500 E 4), Social Toaster party (Copa, 217 Congrss), Blake Eskin, New Yorker Out Loud Podcast
5:15, David Prager, Rev3 (ACC E)
5:30, Mapquest BBQ bus (Salt Lick) , Pitch Canaan for cocktails, winner golden suitcase (Roial, 120 W 5), StumbleUpon TOS Violation party (Mohawk, 912 Red River)
6, Comedy, songs, games (Esthers Follies, 525 E 6)
6:15, F*ck My Life (Alamo Lamar B, 1120 S Lamar)
7, Meebo Film Fusion party games, cocktails, appetizers, DJ (Six Lounge, 117 W 4), Fray Cafe Open Mic (Red Eyed Fly, 715 Red River), LBF (Rollins Theatre, 701 W Riverside Dr)
7:30, Energy Hub drinks (Paradise, 401 E 6)
8, Beer Camp (Emo’s 603 Red River), Milyoni Party (La Condesa 400 W 2), Comedy (Esthes Follies, 525 E 6th), Techcocktail.com (republicLive 301 W 5)
8:30, The Onion Heavy Metal Parking Lot screening and party (Club de Ville, 900 Red Rvier)
9, Google’s Privacy like its 1986 party w leg warmers retro tunes (Maggie Mae’s 323 E 6), PBS Frontline NPR Speakeasy (The Parish 214C E 6), The Search Party libations and beats by dj kidhack (Hangar Lounge, 4th/Colorado)
10, *Mashable Mash Bash w DJ Chicken George(Billboard Bungalow @ Buffalo Billiards, 201 E 6), CrowdTap music party (The Belmont 305 6th), Red Laser Party (Whitley Bldg 301 Brazos)
10:30 Comedy (Esthes Follies, 525 E 6)

M 3/14 Pi Day!!

Lounges: Pepsi Playground (ACC, F 3/11 10 SM campaigns), Chevy lounge (drive Volt with Kinect), Sobe lounge (drinks, jamming), Mashery Circus Mashimus (ACC 3 snacks, wifi), Samsung (ACC 19AB concerts, contests), @ifctv happy hour, music (7th/Brazos), Alcatel Ultra-Lounge (Hilton 406, 500 E 4), Registrant’s Lounge (Brush Square Park)
Getting Around: Catch a Volt to get around town, follow @chevrolet, 9-3 test drive one on Trinity/3rd

9:30, J Craig Venter on synthetic life (ACC D), Yoga (ACC 8A), Editors of College Humor (Hilton Salon FG 500 E 4)
11, *Barry Diller (ACC D), NBC Feast CBSi (Hyatt Hill AB 208 Barton Springs), Shahi Ghanem, BitTorrent (ACC 15 & Sheraton Creekside), Chris Petrovic, GameStop, Rob Dyer, SCEA, Steve Carlin, Ubisoft (ACC 12AB), Stupid Fun Club, GameSalad (ACC C), SoundCloud (ACC 18A-D), Managers & Agents, Sharon Lieblein Nick Casting (ACC 11AB), Value of a FB Fan w Inside FB (Hyatt TX Ballroom 1, 208 Barton Springs Road), Ze Frank, star.me (Hilton Salon D 500 E 4)
12:30 Splitsider.com (ACC A), Dennis Crowley, CEO/CoFounder, 4sq (ACC D), Thrillist (Marriott Rio Grande B 300 E 4), Distrib Mentors (ACC 11AB), The Filter (ACC E),@radical.media (ACC Hall 3/4)
1:30, Spike Jonze Scenes From the Suburbs (alamo Lamar A 1120 S Lamar)
2, Felicia Day, The Guild (ACC D) , Trailers (ACC 13AB), Production Mentors (ACC 11AB), IndieWire (ACC Hall 3/4)
3, Monster meetup (ACC Hall 3/4)
3:30, Programming mentors HotDocs (ACC 11AB), Gary Vaynerchuk (ACC D), Josh WIlliams, GoWalla CEO (Hilton Salon H 500 E 4)
5, Beckingfield mass participation tv show – join actors for drinks, food (Copa, 217 Cognress), Kevin Kelly, G4 Sr Features Editor (ACC 15), Tacos, music (Brush Sq Park West Tent 409 E 5th), Jeff Jarvis, Lets Get Naked public v privacy (Hyatt TX Ballroom 5-7, 208 Barton Springs), MIDEM meetup (ACC Hall 3/4), Online Sci Fi Felicia Day, George Ruiz, Chris Preksta, Mercury Men (ACC A), retro futurist Luyas (ACC Hall 3.4), Scoble (ACC C), Happy Hour (ACC Hall 3/4), Rohit Bhargava (Hilton F/G 500 E 4)
5:10, Gary Vaynechuk book signing (ACC D)
6, Nuclear tacos (Brush Sq East Tent 409 E 5), gadget demos and drinks (Hangar Lounge 4th/Colorado), GDC Online (Red 7, 611 E 7), Graffiti Lounge food cocktails (W Hotel Terrace, 200 Lavaca), IBM mixer (Four Seasons), @nerdist (Esthers Follies, 525 E 6), Rackspace party arcade games (Kung Fu Saloon, 510 Rio Grande), Spice Rex party (Lustre Pearl, 97 Rainey)
6:30, Disney Plutopia (Mex Amer Cult Ctr, 600 River)
7, Blogger drinks Six Lounge, 117 W 4), 20×2 (Ghost Room, 304 W 4), GDSM party w/the Mother Truckers (828 W 6) , SAG party (Lanai, 422 Cognress, Suite C), Title Design Awards (Vimeo Theater, 501 E 4)
8, John Oliver, Al Madrigal, Brendon Walsh (Esthers Follies, 525 E 6), Open Beta (208 E 6)
9, Austin Chronicle Film bash get ticket at exhibit booth, devilish raconteurs, craft cocktails (La Zona Rosa 612 W 4), ACL Live (Moody Theater, 310 W 2), *Funny or Die/Tumblr skee ball karaoke DJ dancing (Highball 1142 S Lamar), SAY Media party (Speakeasy, 412 Congress #D), Gowalla (The Belmont 305 6th)
10, Mashable Mash Bash Billboard Bungalow, Buffalo Billiards 201 E 6), Village Voice party (Paradise 401 E 6)

Tu 3/15

Lounges: Pepsi Playground (ACC, F 3/11 10 SM campaigns), Chevy lounge (drive Volt with Kinect), Sobe lounge (drinks, jamming), Mashery Circus Mashimus (ACC 3 snacks, wifi), Samsung (ACC 19AB concerts, contests), @ifctv happy hour, music (7th/Brazos), Alcatel Ultra-Lounge (Hilton 406, 500 E 4), Registrant’s Lounge (Brush Square Park)
Getting Around: Catch a Volt to get around town, follow @chevrolet, 9-3 test drive one on Trinity/3rd

9:30 Epic fail of bittorrent film lawsuits w EFF (ACC 18A-D), Recruiters (Hilton A 500 E 4), Yoga (ACC 8A)
11, Mainstreaming Geek Culture with Foundation9 (Hyatt TX 5-7, 208 Barton Springs), Mentors Writers (ACC 11AB), Fremantle ( Hyatt TX 2-4 208 Barton Springs)
11:15, Vanessa Pappas, NNN – Getting a Web Cult Following (ACC E)
*11:30, Martine Paris, PlaySpan – Secrets to Monetization (ACC E)*
11:45, Evan Spiridellis, JibJab – Starring You (ACC E)
12, Erica Reitman, SquareSpace, Be a BadAssOnline (ACC E)
12:15, Terri Senft, U of East London, Fking Old Spice Guy (ACC E)
*12:30, Richard Linklater, Detour Filmproduction (ACC 18A-D), Interactive Canon: Best Games Ever w Evan Lahti, Sr Editor, Future US (ACC 12AB), Filmmaker Mentors (ACC 11AB), NBC Subtle Sexuality (Hyatt TX 2-4, 208 Barton Springs), TBS Meetup (ACC Hall 3/4), Without Photoshop (Hyatt TX 5-7 208 barton Springs)
1, Irina Slutsky, Advertising Celebrity Trust (ACC E)
1:15, Ryan Junell, I’m Your Biggest Fan (ACC E)
2, Blake Mycoskie, Founder, TOMS Shoes
3, Funny or Die, Next Stage (ACC Hall 3/4)
3:15 Book signings Corey Mitchell, hart Fisher, Philip Anselmo (ACC D)
3:30, ROI of Relationships (ACC F), Acwuisitions Weinstein, HBO, E1 (ACC 11AB), BustedTees (Hilton D 500 E 4), Qlipso (ACC E), Onion Baratunde (ACC 18A-D), MTV cross platform development (ACC 13AB), Reid Hoffman, Greylock (ACC D), Julia Hartz, Founder, EventBrite (Hyatt Tx 5-7 208 Barton Springs), *Joveth Gonzalez, CM, Capcom, Kellie Parker, CM, Sega, Justin Rojas, Funimation, Gaia (Hyatt 208 Barton Springs)
4, OK Mixer (Friends, 208 E 6), HH (ACC Hall 3/4)
4:15, Life in Perpetual Beta (ACC E)
5, BOXER REBELLION (ACC Hall 3/4), 1UP (ACC 6AB), Brad Murphy CRO Rev 3 (ACC E) , Bruce Sterling Closing Keynote (ACC D), Aaron Bollinger KickApps (Hyatt Hill CD 208 Barton Springs), Game Voiceovers (ACC 12AB), AOL Rbranding (Hilton E, 500E4)
5:15, Jason Liebman, CEO, Howcast (ACC E)
5:30, Jim Funk Roku (ACC E)
6, Foo Fighters doc (Paramount 713 Congress) , Adobe Interactive party (Hilton 500E4)
6:30, Music Mixer Fajitas (Palm Door, 401 Sabine), Chris Hardwick hosts Film Awards (Brush Sq East Tent 409 E 5)
7 Awards (Hilton 500 E 4)
8, Chris Hardwick talk nerdy to me (esthers Follies 525 E 6)
8:30, SXSWi Closing party (Stubb’s 801 Red River), TechKaraoke (Six Lounge 117 W 4)
9, YouTube party (Maggie Maes 323 E 6)
12, BOXER REBELLION (Latitude 30, 512 San Jacinto)
12:30, MC Frontalot (Flamingo Cantina 515 E 6)


W 3/16
SXSW Music

Th 3/17
SXSW Music
12-5, BAMM.tv (Beauty Bar-sold out, open bar, nachos sponsored by Tostitos, PopMontreal, OrangeAmps – no badge needed)

  • 12 PM Palmbomen
  • 1 PM Superhumanoids
  • 2 PM The Moondoggies
  • 3 PM The Ferocious Few
  • 4 PM Hollerado
  • 5 PM Mr. Heavenly

F 3/18
SXSW Music
12-5, BAMM.tv (Palm Door, open bar app launch party sponsored by GigaOm, BitTorrent – no badge needed)

  • 12 PM: Kelly McFarling, Sioux City Kid & the Revolutionary Ramblers, and Con Brio
  • 1 PM: The Flashbulb
  • 2 PM: Jukebox the Ghost
  • 3 PM: Hottub
  • 4 PM: Wallpaper
  • 5 PM: The Stone Foxes


Sa 3/19
SXSW Music
12-5, BAMM.tv (Palm Door, open bar fan party sponsored by GigaOm, BitTorrent – no badge needed)

  • 12 PM Nicki Bluhm
  • 1 PM AB & the Sea
  • 2 PM Typhoon
  • 3 PM Thao with the Get Down Stay Down
  • 4 PM Great Lake Swimmers
  • 5 PM Birds & Batteries


Su 3/20
SXSW Music

*OK, full disclosure, I’m now working on Reckoning and completely biased. It’s going to be awesome!!!

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