2011 Game Releases/Fan Wikis, Developer Diaries, Trailers


With DICE behind us, #GDC around the corner, and fan fests galore coming up beginning with PAX East, SXSWi, C2E2, EVE and WonderCon, I compiled this game release calendar for the rest of the year to help us track fan wikis, developer diaries, previews and trailers.  Watch for updates and let’s see who will top the $1 billion sales of Call of Duty Black Ops and the 1 million Facebook fans of Assassin’s Creed and WoWWiki.

2/14/11 Dragon Quest VI DS Nintendo/ArtePiazza RPG
2/15/11 Marvel v Capcom 3 X, PS3 Capcom ACF*
2/15/11 Amnesia PC ValuSoft/Frictional ACH
2/15/11 Gears of War Pk X Microsoft/Epic ACS
2/15/11 Jewel Quest V PC iWin PUZ
2/15/11 Dance Paradise X Kinect THQ/Mindscape MUS
2/15/11 HyperdimnNeptunia PS3 TecmoKoei/IdeaFactory RPG
2/15/11 Tactics Ogre PSP Square Enix RPG
TBA Star Wars:OldRep likely late release EA/LucasArts/BioWare RPG*
2/17/11 Dungeons PC Kalypso/Realmforge STR
2/21/11 Ys I&II Chronicles PSP XSEED/NihonFalcom RPG
2/22/11 Dreamcast Collectn X Sega ACT
2/22/11 De Blob 2 X, PS3, Wii, DS THQ/BlueTongue ACT
2/22/11 Knights Contract PS3 NAMCO ACT
2/22/11 Bulletstorm X, PS3, PC EA/Epic FPS*
2/22/11 Kill Zone 3 PS3 Move Sony/Guerrilla FPS*
2/22/11 Everquest II PC SOE RPG
2/22/11 Radiant Historia DS Atlus RPG
2/22/11 Rec Room DS Cokem SPO
2/22/11 DisgaeaAftDarknss PSP Altus/NipponIchi STR
2/23/11 Trackmania BTR Wii CityInteractive/Navarre RAC
2/27/11 Gun Loco X Square Enix ACT
3/1/11 Monster Tale DS Majesco/DreamRift ACT
3/1/11 Rango X, PS3, Wii, DS EA ACT
3/1/11 EDF 2017 X, PS3 D3/VisciousCycle FPS
3/1/11 Karaoke Glee 2 Wii Konami MUS
3/1/11 ChuckECheeseSpo Wii UFO PUZ
3/1/11 RIFT PC Trion RPG
3/1/11 Fight Night Champ X, PS3 EA SPO
3/6/11 Pokemon W&B DS Nintendo RPG
3/8/11 Atari’s Hits 2 DS Atari ARC
3/8/11 $1mm Pyramid Wii Ubisoft PUZ
3/8/11 Yoostar 2 X, PS3 Yoostar/Navarre MUS
3/8/11 Dragon Age 2 X, PS3, PC EA/Bioware RPG
3/8/11 Petz Bunnyz DS Ubisoft SIM
3/8/11 SIMS 3 BarnBay PC EA/Maxis SIM
3/8/11 MLB 2011 Show PS3 Sony SPO
3/8/11 MLB 2K11 X,PS3,Wii,DS,PSP Take 2 SPO
3/8/11 PhantomBrave HT PSP Atlus/NipponIchi STR
3/9/11 Patapon 3 PSP Sony/Pyramid ACT
3/13/11 SMario All-Stars Wii Nintendo ACT
3/15/11 HistGrBattlesMed X Jack of Game/Slitherine ACT
3/15/11 Top Shot Arcade Wii Activision ACT
3/15/11 WickedMonstBlast Wii Interworks ACT
3/15/11 Yakuza 4 PS3 Sega/CS1 ACT
3/15/11 Gods Eater Burst PSP D3/Shift NAMCO ACT
3/15/11 Okami Den DS Capcom ACT
3/15/11 Fit In Six PS3, Wii Ubisoft FIT
3/15/11 Homefront X, PS3, PC THQ/Kaos FPS
3/15/11 Dance on Broadway PS3 (Move, Kin) Ubisoft MUS
3/15/11 AR Tonelico Qoga PS3 Tecmo Koei/Gust RPG
3/15/11 Jikandia: Timeless PSP Aksys Games RPG
3/15/11 Photo World Dsi DS Interworks SIM
3/15/11 Top Spin 4 X, PS3, Wii Take Two SPO
3/15/11 Shogun 2 PC Sega/CreativeAssembly STR*
3/16/11 MOTO GP 11 PS3 Capcom/Monumental RAC
3/22/11 Dynasty Warriors 7 X, PS3 TecmoKoei/OmegaForce ACT
3/22/11 Naruto Kizuna PSP NAMCO ACT
3/22/11 Tomb Raider Tri PS3 Square Enix/CrystalDyn ACT
3/22/11 LEGOStarWarsIII X,PS3,Wii,PC,3/DS LucasArts/TT Games ACT
3/22/11 TC Splinter Cell 3D* PS3, 3DS (3.27) Ubisoft ACT
3/22/11 Crysis 2 X, PS3, PC EA/Crytek FPS
3/22/11 SniperGhostWarr PS3 City Interactive FPS
3/22/11 PS Move Heroes PS3 Move Sony/Nihilistic MOT
3/22/11 FinFanDissidia012 PSP Square Enix RPG
3/22/11 SIMS Medieval PC EA/Maxis SIM
3/23/11 Mayhem 3D X, PS3 Zoo Games RAC
3/27/11 SamuraiWChr 3DS TecmoKoei/OmegaFor ACF
3/27/11 SupStreetFighter IV 3DS Capcom ACF
3/27/11 Super Monkey Ball 3DS Sega ARC
3/27/11 SIMS 3 3DS EA/Maxis SIM
3/27/11 Madden NFL 3DS EA SPO
3/28/11 Arcania: Gothic 4 PS3 Dreamcatcher/Spellbound RPG
3/29/11 Hop DS 505 Games ACT
3/29/11 Country Dance Wii Cokem MUS
3/29/11 NASCAR X, PS3, Wii* Activision/Eutechnyx RAC
3/29/11 Ridge Racer 3DS NAMCO RAC
3/29/11 Shift2 Unleashed X, PS3, PC EA/SlightlyMad RAC
3/29/11 Dark Spore PC EA/Maxis RPG
3/29/11 Legends: Trails Sky PSP XSEED/Nihon Falcom RPG
3/29/11 The 3rd Birthday PSP Square Enix RPG
3/29/11 Zhu Zhu Puppies DS Activision SIM
3/29/11 Tiger Woods 12 X, PS3, Wii EA SPO
3/29/11 WWE All-Stars X, PS3, Wii, PSP THQ SPO
4/1/11 LEGO Ninjago DS WB ACT
4/1/11 CakeManiaMainSt DS Majesco/Sandlot CAS
4/1/11 Get Fit w/Mel B X, Wii DeepSilver/LightngFish FIT
4/1/11 Sorcery PS3 Move Sony MOT
4/1/11 Spellforce 2 Faith PC Dreamcatcher RPG
4/2/11 Ico/ShadowColossus PS3 Sony/Bluepoint ACT*
4/4/11 End of Nations PC Trion/Petroglyph RPG
4/5/11 Top Gun Hybrid PS3 505 Games AFL
4/5/11 Conduit 2 Wii Sega/High Voltage FPS
4/5/11 Duke NukemCMass DS DeepSilver/FrontlApogee FPS
4/5/11 Days of Thunder PS3 505 Games/Piranha RAC
4/6/11 Virtua Tennis 4 XKin,PSMove,Wii Sega SPO
4/12/11 Fantastic Pets X Kinect THQ/Blitz Games ACT
4/12/11 Rio X, PS3, Wii THQ ACT
4/12/11 Squinkies DS Activision ACT
4/12/11 Yu-Gi-Oh! 5DWC11 DS Konami PUZ
4/12/11 CarnGames:Monkey X Kinect Take 2 MOT
4/12/11 MJ Experience X, PS3 Ubisoft MUS
4/12/11 MotorStormApocaly PS3 Sony/Evolution RAC
4/12/11 Divinity II: DK Saga X Atlus/Larian RPG
4/13/11 Man vs Wild X, PS3, Wii Crave/SciProven ACT
4/13/11 DDR Bundle X Konami MUS
4/15/11 Balloon Pop 2 3DS Tommo PUZ
4/19/11 Johnny Test DS 505 Games ACT
4/19/11 MortalKombat/K/T X, PS3 WB/NetherRealm ACF
4/19/11 Portal 2 X, PS3, PC Valve FPS*
4/19/11 SOCOM 4 PS3 Move Sony/Zipper Interactive FPS
4/26/11 First Templar X, PC Atlus/Haemimont ACT
4/30/11 Driver SF X, PS3, Wii, PC Ubisoft/Reflections ACT
5/2/11 NoMoreHeroes/P PS3 Konami/Grasshopper ACT
5/3/11 Pinball Williams 3DS Crave/FarSight ACT
5/3/11 DukeNukem4EBalls X, PS3, PC Take 2 FPS
5/3/11 Red Faction:Arm X, PS3, PC* THQ/Volition FPS*
5/7/11 Thor X, PS3, Wii Sega ACT
5/10/11 MX vs ATV: Alive X, PS3 THQ RAC
5/17/11 Deep Black X, PS3 505 Games/Biart ACT
5/17/11 LA Noire X, PS3 Rockstar/Team Bondi ACT
5/17/11 LEGOPiratesCarib X,PS3/P,Wii,PC,DS Disney/TT Games ACT
5/17/11 Dead or Alive Dim 3DS Tecmo Koei/TeamNinja ACF
5/17/11 Brink X, PS3, PC Bethesda/SplashDamage FPS*
5/17/11 Witcher 2: AssKings PC Atari/CD Projekt RED RPG*
5/24/11 FEAR 3 X, PS3, PC WB/Day 1 FPS
5/24/11 Tropico 4 X, PC Atlus/Haemimont STR
5/25/11 OpFlashpoint: RR X, PS3 WB/Codemasters ACT
5/24/11 Dirt 3 X, PS3 Codemasters RAC
5/31/11 Dungeon Siege III X, PC Square Enix/Obsidian RPG
6/1/11 CN Punch Time 3DS Crave ACT
6/1/11 Green Lantern:RM X, PS3, Wii, DS WB/Double Helix ACT
6/1/11 Infamous 2 PS3 Sony/Sucker Punch ACT*
6/1/11 Hunted:Demon’sF X, PS3, PC* Bethesda/InXile ACT
6/1/11 Ace Combat AH X, PS3 NAMCO AFL
6/1/11 Alice: Madness X, PS3, PC EA/SpicyHorse ACH
6/1/11 ShadowsofDamned X, PS3 EA/Grasshopper ACH
6/1/11 Dream Trigger 3DS D3 FPS
6/1/11 Shin Megami Tensei 3DS Atlus RPG
6/1/11 Pro Angler Moves PS3 Interworks SPO
6/7/11 Pac-Man vGalaga 3DS NAMCO ACT
6/7/11 Supremacy MMA X, PS3 505 Games/KungFu ACF
6/7/11 MPhelps: PushLimit X Kinect 505 Games/Blitz MOT
6/14/11 Child of Eden X Kinect, PS3 Ubisoft MOT
6/21/11 Cursed Crusade X, PS3 Atlus/Kylotonn ACT
6/21/11 CombatWingWWII Wii CityInt/Navarre AFL
7/1/11 CallJuarez Cartel X, PS3 Ubisoft/Techland FPS
7/5/11 Resident Evil: Merc 3DS Capcom ACH
7/12/11 Final Fantasy XIV PS3 Square Enix RPG
7/13/11 NCAA Football 2012 X, PS3 EA SPO
8/1/11 Max Payne 3 X, PS3, PC Rockstar ACR*
8/1/11 LOTR War North X, PS3, PC WB/Snowblind RPG
8/2/11 Deus Ex HumRev X, PS3, PC* Square Enix/Eidos ACT*
8/2/11 Spec Ops:  The Line X, PS3, PC Take 2 FPS
8/9/11 Madden NFL 2012 X, PS3, Wii EA SPO
9/1/11 Otomedius Exc X Konami ACT*
9/1/11 Ratchet & Clank PS3 Sony/Insomniac ACT
9/1/11 Gears of War 3 X Microsoft/Epic ACS*
9/1/11 FaceKartPhotoFin 3DS Majesco/Renegade Kid RAC
9/1/11 Forza 4 X Microsoft/Turn 10 RAC
9/1/11 KingdomsofAmalur X, PS3, PC EA/38 Studios RPG
9/1/11 Pet Zombies 3D 3DS Majesco/1st Playable SIM
9/6/11 Resistance 3 PS3 Sony/Insomniac FPS*
9/13/11 Rage X, PS3, PC Bethesda/id Software FPS*
10/1/11 TC Ghost Recon X,PS3,PC,3DS,DS Ubisoft ACT
10/1/11 SilentHillDownpour X, PS3 Konami/Vatra ACH
10/3/11 Batman: Arkham X, PS3, PC WB/Rocksteady ACR*
11/1/11 MetalGearSolRising X, PS3 Konami ACT
11/1/11 Binary Domain X, PS3 Sega ACT
11/1/11 Unchartered 3 PS3 Sony/Naughty Dog ACT*
11/1/11 Centipede Wii, DS Atari ACS
11/2/11 LOZelda: SkywdSw Wii Nintendo ACT*
11/8/11 Anarchy Reigns X, PS3 Sega/Platinum ACT
11/9/11 Mass Effect 3 X, PS3, PC EA/BioWare RPG*
11/11/11 Aliens: ColMarines X, PS3, PC Sega/Gearbox FPS
11/11/11 EldScrollsVSkyrim X, PS3, PC Bethesda Softworks RPG*
12/2/11 Last Guardian PS3 Sony/Team Ico ACT*
12/12/11 Tomb Raider X, PS3, PC Square Enix/CrysDyn ACT
12/31/11 Twisted Metal X PS3 Sony/Biart ACT*
12/31/11 X-Men Destiny X, PS3, Wii, DS Activision/SiliconKnights ACT
12/31/11 Warhammer40K X, PS3, PC* THQ/Relic ACS
12/31/11 The Darkness 2 X, PS3 Take 2 FPS
12/31/11 Inversion X, PS3 NAMCO/Saber FPS
12/31/11 Final Fantasy XIII-2 X, PS3 Square Enix RPG
12/31/11 Battlefield 3 X, PS3 EA/DICE FPS
12/31/11 Dark Souls X, PS3 NAMCO/From Software RPG
1/3/12 SSX:DeadlyDescents X, PS3 EA SPO
2/1/12 Bioshock Infinite X, PS3, PC Take 2/IrrationalGames ACH*
3/31/12 Prototype 2 X, PS3 Activision/Radical ACT
TBD Combat Giants Dino 3DS Ubisoft ACT
TBD Rabbids TravelTime 3DS Ubisoft ACT
*3/27 TC Splinter Cell 3DS Ubisoft ACT
TBD Bust-A-Move U 3DS Square Enix/Taito MUS
TBD Asphalt 3DS Ubisoft/Gameloft RAC
TBD Nintendogs + Cats 3DS Nintendo SIM

Compiled from GameStop data.  If you’re reviewing for 2011 AAA, please note the list is sans Dead Space 2 for the 1/25/11 release date and Diablo 3 for TBA.

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