#GDC / The Guide


More than anything SF is a gaming town and as GDC approaches there’s a frenzy of activity building as the game companies get ready for their lavish press events.  Expected are debuts for Battlefield Heroes 3Alice, Super Meat Boy Wii and more.  You can get up to speed with our 2011 Game Release Calendar with links to fan wikis, developer diaries, etc. and there’s a roundup of the gaming press below.

A quick review of the schedule reveals that every big name developer will be at GDC this year offering valuable advice on level design, lighting, scoring, writing, and optimizing for more moola.  There will be an incredible array of game postmortems and iconic speakers including Trip Hawkins and Will Wright, as well as Nintendo President Satoru Iwata who will deliver the keynote, 25 Years In Gaming.

Here’s the guide to the week of panels, parties, press and postings (remember F 3/4 is career day, bring your porfolio).  Of course, if all you can do is follow Twitter while chilling in the lobby of W and hanging at the XYZ Lounge, you’ll still soak up the scene.  Enjoy!

Th 2/24
*6-9, Jillian’s, 101 4th/Mission

Su 2/27
UCSF Mission Bay, 1675 Owens

7:30, Rock You Breakfast
8:30, Mochi Media
8:45, Adobe
9:30, PopCap FB Flash Games
9:30, Game Design w Radial Games
10:30, Getting Sponsored
10:30, Metrics w Gaia, ZipZapPlay, TallTreee Games, Funzio
11:30, RockYou lunch
1, 2010 Best Flash Games Awards sponsored by Hooked Media
1:30, Making of Low-Cost Game: Snowfort w Joju Games
1:30, Make Game Shine, Armor Games, Hero, Monstrum, Mochi Media, Tasselfoot
1:30, Kingdoms of War MMO:  From iPhone to Flash w A Thinking Ape
2:30, RockYou snacks
3, Fast Track w Kabam’s Tim Villanueva
3, Building a $10,000/m Flash Game , Chris Benjaminsen, Player.IO
4, Making a FB Game w Casual Collective
4, Making of Zombie Tycoon w Frima Studio
*5-9, MindJolt After Party

M 2/28

10, Advanced Visual Effects with DirectX 11 NVIDIA, AMD, DICE, BioWare
10, Applifier, from 0 to 55mm users in 100 days
10, Game Dev Deals w Atari, Zynga, GameForge, Microsoft Game Studios, Mark Stevens, Fenwick & West, Konstantin Ewald, Osborne Clark
10, Game Design w Zynga, LucasArts, Crystal Dynamics/Eidos, Pokemon, EA/Maxis, Google, A Bit Lucky, 4mm Games
10, Google Dev Day with YouTube/Google Team
10, Best Practices: Level Design – Visceral, Arkadium, Epic, Splash Damage, Bethesda Softworks, Irrational Games
10, Mobile Augmented Reality:  Qualcomm
10, MMO Localization, The Guild Wars Franchise revealed w ArenaNet
10, Social Online Game Design 2010 Review – Joju Games, Playmatics
10, Successful Apps w Smule
10, Humble Indie Bundle w Wolfire Games
10, Interaction Mechanics in Social Games
11:15, AI Pron Debugged – Blizzard, EA Sims, 38 Studios
11:15, League of Legends Postmortem w Riot Games
11:15, Gamification w Booyah, Shufflebrain
11:15, Life After Launch/Live Team Playbook w ngmoco
11:15, Postmortem from Homerun Battle 3D, Slice It w com2us
11:15, AI Navigation w Blizzard
1:45, Zynga from Farmville to Cityville
1:45, Localizing for Kinect, Microsoft
1:45, Building Android Games:  Replica Island
1:45, Meatmortem:  Super Meat Boy w Cryptic Sea, Team Meat
1:45, Top 7 Social Metrics w Kontagent
2:20, Turning Data Into Better Social Games, Playfish
3, Angry Birds, an Entertainment Franchise w Rovio
3, Scaling Community Managementw Metaverse Mod Squad
3, Marketing Freemium Across Platforms w Glu Mobile
3, Localization w Playdom, BioWare
3, Monetizing International w PopCap
3, Social Mechanics w Playdom
4:15, Smartphone game dev in 5w w Google
4:15, From AAA to Indie with Spry Fox, Haunted Temple, Dejobaan
4:15, Games on GoogleTV
4:15, Millionaire City w Digital Chocolate
5:25, AI Devs Rant w Blizzard
*5:30-7:30, Havok Indie Mixer North hall Lower Lobby

**By the way, if it’s money you’re after, check out the Future of Money conference at the Hotel Kabuki across town featuring Second Market, LiveGamer, PlaySpan, Kevin Hartz, Eventbrite founder, VCs, Angels, and many more.

Tu 3/1

10, Android Dev Day
10, Audio Boot Camp w EA, Microsoft, Sony, PopCap
10, Strategy Games for Mobile w Jet Set Games
10, Behavioral Economics w Playdom
10, From AAA to Mobile w Zynga
10, Postmortem: City of Wonder w Playdom
10, Game Design Workshop w LucasArts, Zynga, Crystal Dynamics/Eidos, Pokemon, EA/Maxis, Google
10,, Gamification w Bunchball
10, Kinect Dev Summit w Microsoft
10, Game Writing w Vicarious Visions
10, Mobile AI w ngmoco
10, Physics for Game Programmers w Insomniac, Blizzard, SCEA
10, Producer Boot Camp w BioWare, WB, Epic, ngmoco
10, How To Be a Creative Technical Artist w Blizzard, Undead, THQ, Valve
10, Creating Shank w Klei Entertainment
10, The Full Spelunky XBLA w Story Fort
11:15, Publishing Social Games Online Without FB w hi5
11:15, Scaling Social w Playfish
1:45, IP and Brands, 4 Postmortems w Playdom, iWin, Bigpoint, Playfish
1:45, Jane McGonigal
3, Postmortem:  SIMS Medieval, Darkspore w EA/Maxis
3, Reducing Time to Money in Freemium w AuroraFeint
3, Win IGF in 15w or Less w Pocketwatch
3, Intuition v Metrics, SOE, Lolapps
3, Belnding Real and Digital Worlds w Booyah
4:15, From MMO to Mobile Spacetime Studios
4:15, Kingdoms of Camelot postmortem w Kabam
*5:30-7:30, Havok Smartphone Mixer, Back of Esplanade
*EA Press Event:  Battlefield Heroes 3, Shadows of the Damned, Alice Madness Returns, Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning, Crysis 2

W 3/2

9, KEYNOTE: Video Games Turn 25 w Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata
*10-6, Blizzard Drinks, Booth 2426, PS Lounge Booth 2402
10:30, Art Director Roundtable w Blizzard
10:30, Building Open Worlds with THQ/Volition
10:30, Postmortem:  Prince of Persia
10:30, Musical Postmortem w Jason Graves, Dead Space 2
10:30, Monetizing Game Profiles w Atari
10:30, Dynamics with LucasArts
10:30, Game Writers Roundtable w Red Storm
10:30, IGDA SIG w Blizzard
10:30, Making of FIFA Superstars w Playfish
10:30, Making Game Trailers w SOE
10:30, PSN Market Analysis w SCEA
10:30, SPU Deferred Shading in Battlefield 3 PS3 w DICE
10:30, Animation of Halo Reach w Bungie
10:30, Yu Suzuki’s Gameworks, SEGA
12, Natural Language Apps w Telltale Games
1:30, Cinematic Character Lighting in Star Wars:  The Old Republic w Bioware
1:30, 3DS development w Nintendo
1:30, Multicore Memory Management in Mortal Kombat w WB
1:30, Prototype through Production:  RB3 Pro Guitar with Harmonix
1:30, Remaking WOW through Cataclysm w Blizzard
1:30, Rev Recgonition issues with Virtual Economies w E&Y
3, Coop Sound Strategies for Splinter Cell: Conviction w Ubisoft
3, Beyond Horror, Art Directing Dead Space 2 w EA
3, Harmonix Dance Central
3, Bill To Mobile and Carrier Billing
3, Classic Game Postmortem:  ELITE w Frontier
3, Battlefield Data Oriented Design w DICE
3, Designing Games for the 43y Woman w Zynga
3, Maya Entertainment Creation Suite w Autodesk
3, F2P VG
3, IGDA Casual Games SIG w Playdom
3, IGDA Writing SIG w Full Sail
3, Multivariate Testing w Zynga
3, Multichannel Marketing w SOE
3, Making Games Moral w Ubisoft
3, OnLive on the Cloud
3, Tracking Engagement and Improving Monetization w ROBLOX
3, PS Move w SCEA
4:30, PAC-MAN Postmortem w NAMCO
4:30 Dead Rising 2 Audio w Capcom
4:30, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Animation/AI w Ubisoft
4:30, Intel Apps Store
4:30, Monetizing Music, Game Composing Deals
4:30, More Pirates on a Burning Ship
4:30, NBA JAM:  Boomshakalaka w EA
4:30, Player Driven Stories w LucasArts
4:30, Xbox Live Best Practices for Win Phone 7 w Microsoft
*5-6, GDC Happy Hour, Expo Floor
*6-9, WIGI Party, invite only, California History Museum
*6:30-8:30, IGF Awards Ceremony
*7-10, World of Tanks F2P Mixer, 111 Minna
*8, TouchArcade mixer at Marriott, Bin 55
*8:30-11:30, SCEA PlayStation Dev Support Mixer, Jones, 620 Jones/Geary
*8:30-2:30, Nordic Party, pick up ticket at South Hall Booth 1910
*9, NIDDHOGG Tournament afterparty

Th 3/3

9, Classic Game Postmortem:  Out of this World/Another World w Ubisoft
9, Donkey Kong w Retro Studios, Nintendo
9, Scoring Mass Effect 2 w Wall of Sound
9, Story Images and Character Arcs w Pixar
9, Play Testing Methods w User Research, EA
9, Social Ecosystem Across Platforms w Sony
9:35, Data Cracker: Dead Space 2 Visual Game Analytics w EA/Visceral
*10-6, Blizzard Drinks, Booth 2426, PS Lounge Booth 2402
10:30, Dead Rising 2 Thousands of Zombies Multiplayer Experience
10:30, Bejeweled Postmortem w PopCap
10:30, Facial Rigging in Gears of War 3 w Epic
10:30, Mobile Monetization w Google
10:30, Paying to Win, Selling Gameplay Advantages VG in Battlefield Heroes w EA
12, Social Games Rant w Trip Hawkins, Digital Chocolate, Lolapps, Zynga, Playdom
1:30, Photo Real Art Direction w EA
1:30, Crysis 2 Interactivity from Animation Data w Crytek
1:30, Classic Game Postmortem Marble Madness w Cerny Games
1:30, Dungeon Defenders w GameSpy
1:30, IMVU startup primciples
1:30, Game Writers Roundtable w Red Storm
1:30, Epic on the Road Ahead
1:30, Battlefield Lighting w DICE
1:30, Final Fantasy on PS3 and NDS w Square Enix
1:30, Starcraft Stereoscopic 3D w NVIDIA, Blizzard
3, DOOM Postmortem w Gazillion, Loot Drop
3, Cheats for Game MEtrics w WeeWorld
3, Dev Deals w Capcom, Microsoft Game Studios
3, I Shot You First, HALO Reach Gameplay w Bungie
3, Zynga Features of Great Social Games
3, Super Anime Visuals of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
3, Monetizing Mobile F2P w SuperRewards
3, The Player Shaped Hole:  Aloowing for Narrative and Story w Red Storm
4:30, On Alan Wake, The Writer Who Made Us Rewrite Our Engine w Remedy
4:30, Infinity Blade
4:30, Classic Game Postmortem: Populous w Lionhead Studios
4:30, Combat at Insomniac
4:30, Data Analysis in EVE Online w CCP
4:30, Monster Teams w Ubisoft
4:30, Protoyping Tragedy w Lolapps
4:30, Generative Music w Eidos
*4-6, Happy Hour, Career Pavillion
*6-10, iHollywood Demo Night
*6:30-10, Game Over:  KillScreen v Scandinavia -booze, games, music, mirth, Ohio Design, 630 Treat/19th/Harrison-Folsom (near Flour + Water) in the Mission, $15 tickets
*7-10, Digital LA GDC Cocktails

F 3/4

CAREER DAY (see below for job postings)

9:30, 15 games in 15 year, EA
9:30, Atmospheric Audio in God of War 3 w SCEE
9:30, Detail Generation for Halo Reach w Bungie
9:30, Starcraft Designing an E-Sport w Blizzard
9:30, The Identity Bubble – A Design Approach to Character and Story Development w Visceral
9:30, Tips for Networking with the Pros, WB
9:30, VO Session Live with 2K Marin
9:30, Scaling a FB Server for Zoo Kingdom, Blue Fang Games
*10-3, Blizzard Drinks, Booth 2426, PS Lounge Booth 2402
10:05, Halo Reach Effects Tech w Bungie
11, Don Daglow Postmortem
11, Classic Game Maniac Mission Postmortem w Double Fine
11, IMVU on HTML5
11, Hybrid Orchestration for Need for Speed w EA
11, Dean Takahashi, Rackspace, Major League Gaming on the Cloud
11:50, Portfolio Killers w Blizzard, Epic
12:30, Game Design Challenge w Gazillion
2, Classic Game Postmortem Pitfall
2, SIMS 3 Create-a-Sim User Experience w EA
2, Music of Emotion
3:30, Anti-aliasing w LucasArts
3:30, Classic Game Postmortem – Raid on Bungeling Bay with WILL WRIGHT, StupidFunClub
3:30, Cinematic Art in Heavy Rain w Quantic Dream
3:30, Bioshock Music w Double Fine
3:30, Playdom Performance Marketing
3:30, Why Some Play MMOs Alone w Bioware
4:05, EA Montreal on Approximating Translucency for Subsurface Scattering
4:10, Breaking Into AAA w LucasArts, Zynga, Epic, Microsoft
*6:30-10, Giant Robot, Game Over IV:  Video Game Art Reception, 618 Shrader/Haight, 415-876-4773
*9, Low End Theory SF

Gaming Press:
Wii version of Super Meat Boy to have announcements at GDC
Battlefield 3 and Alice: Madness Returns to debut at GDC
Battlefield 3 Unveiling at GDC 2011
Fable Creator Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award
Nintendo President to Keynote GDC 20111UP.com
Limbo Nabs 7 GDC Awards Nods

Career Pavilion Recruiters/Job Listings:

38 Studios
Academy of Art University
Audiokinetic Inc
Bally Technologies
Bethesda Softworks
Bigpoint, Inc.
BigWorld Technologies
Blizzard Entertainment
Blue Castle Games Inc
BSG Clearing Solutions
Bug Tracker
CCP Games
Chase Paymentech
Cogswell Polytechnical College
Conduit Labs
Crisp Thinking
DePaul University
DeVry University
DigiPen Institute of Technology
Digital River
Disney Interactive Studios
Electronic Arts
Ex’pression College for Digital Arts
Eyetech Digital Systems
File Catalyst
Firelight Technologies
Flashpoint Academy
Fork Particle
Full Sail Real World Education
GameDev Net
German Pavillion
Google Inc.
Government of Newfoundland
Great Northern Way Campus
Guerrilla Games
High 5 Games
High Voltage Software
Holland Pavilion
Image Metrics
Imagination Technoligies
Infernal Engine
Insomniac Games
Intel Corporation
International Game Technology
iZotope, Inc.
Keywords International Ltd
Killer Tracks
Merchant e-Solutions
Mochi Media
Morgan kaufman/Focal Press
Motion Analysis Corporation
Natural Point,NavPower
Neurosky, Inc
Nexon America Inc.
Nordic Games
OC3 Entertainment
OnLive Inc.
Other Ocean Interactive
Payment One Corp
Perforce Software
Petroglyph Games
RAD Game Tools, Inc.
Riot Games
ROBLOX Corporation
Rochester Institute of Technology
Savannah College of Art and Design
Scottish Development International
Sony Computer Entertainment America
SpeedTree/IDV, Inc.
Telltale Games
Tencent Boston
The Guildhall at SMU
Tripwire Interactive LLC
Umbra Software Ltd.
Unity Technologies
Valve Software
Versant Corporation
Vivox, Inc.
VMC Gamelabs
Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.
Wacom Technologies
Wake County Economic Development
Warner Bros Entertainment
Westwood College
WMS Gaming
Xsens Technologies B.V.
ZeniMax Online Studios

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