Gaming Press/RIP Guitar Hero


Shocking news from the gaming world this week as Activision kills Guitar Hero and shutters Red Octane.  Although Viacom recently dumped Harmonix for less than the price of a Rock Band game, Harmonix swears the franchise is not dead riding high on a Metacritic rating of 93 for Rock Band 3.  Much higher than the Metacritic rating of 7277 for Guitar Hero’s last ride, Warriors of Rock.  Here’s the buzz from the gaming press:

Destructoid “There Will Be No More Guitar Hero DLC”
Edge “Harmonix Saddened by Guitar Hero Cancellation”
Engadget “Activision Kills GH to the Consternation of Fake Musicians”
Eurogamer “The Show Goes On”
IGN “Rest In Peace Guitar Hero and True Crime”
G4TV “Activision Drops Next Guitar Hero Game”
GameInformer “No More Guitar Hero/Band Hero DLC”
GamesRadar “Activision Ends The GH Franchise, Axes True Crime: HK”
GameSpot “Guitar Hero Gone For Good or Just For Now?”
Gamasutra Industry Analysts Talk Activision’s Guitar Hero Shutdown
Giant Bomb “Guitar Hero and DJ Hero to End DLC in March”
Inside Gaming “Harmonix Talks Death of Guitar Hero”
Joystiq “Guitar Hero and DJ Hero DLC Supply Over After February”
KillScreen “Guitar Hero and The Muzak Model”
Kotaku “DJ Hero, Guitar Hero Downloads Dry Up”
VGChartz “Confirmed: Guitar Hero Killed”
1UP “Guitar Hero Franchise Finished” 

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