Marketing Facebook Apps: Optimizing ARPU, ARPPU, Conversion


With Facebook at 650MM users, $1.86B in ad revenue, an IPO valuation hovering at $50B, and time on site exceeding that of Google, all eyes on Facebook.   Alexa ranks FB as the second most popular site in the world with time on site at 32 minutes, disproportionately skewed toward women browsing from home and school.

What is the secret sauce that has addicted much of the world’s population to this platform? Well, the drivers of consumption include the need to manage, organize, scrapbook, journal, blog, inform, share, emote, empathize, affirm, nurture, relate, reconnect, plug in, engage, discover, hang out, party, play, shop, gift and flirt.  Facebook is fulfilling genuine human needs, where one can craft the aspirational me (that’s me, only better), be the voyeur, and create custom celebrity for truly personalized media (Facebook Video, Flipboard).  The composition of audience determines the level of stickiness. One only needs to look to the high drama that plays out over social interactions like unfriending to understand the power of this platform.  Privacy gets cast aside for the immediate gratification of adolescent exhibitionism.  Intimate bonds form over posts of mere acquaintances but lead to life’s adventures both online and off, including new jobs and sold out concerts.   Understanding this behavior, one can trigger the willingness to buy with frictionless, meaningful, real time transactions in the moment of need and spark of inspiration.

…and this is all about monetizing community in a space where everything is measurable, right?

To learn the nuts and bolts of engagement metrics, customer acquisition, virality, multivariate testing, merchandising virtual goods, Facebook Credits, and more check out the following events in San Francisco this month:
– 1/20-21 Gamification Summit
– 1/20, GAME Meetup
–  1/25, InsideSocialApps

Check out:

and here’s a shameless plug for apps of friends.

Family Feud:
Wheel of Fortune, etc.

The design alone is worth a look.  Enjoy!

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