#VidCon #LATV Fest/The Guide


The week ahead couldn’t be more exciting with the sold out #VidCon and NATPE’s #LATV Fest taking over the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza.  Party with your favorite web celebs and network executives.  It’s the place to pitch your way to fame and fortune.  We’ll be there tweeting live so follow @contentnow.  Here’s where we plan to be:

F 7/9

9:50, John and Hank Green, Vlog Brothers

10, Iman Crosson, Alphacat

10:10, Hunter Walk, Salar Kamanger, YouTube

10:40, Michael Gregory, Autotune The News

11:10, Michael Buckley, KevJumba meetups

12, Josh Sundquist

12:10, Julia Nunes

12:20, Jim Louderback, Revision3

12:30, Philip DeFranco, sxephil

2, Michael Buckley, What The Buck

2:20, Dave Days

2:30, Shawn Ahmed, The Uncutured Project

2:40, Jonny Paula, Jory Caron, Ideo Productions

3:10, Nerdfighter, Smosh Meetups

4, Rhett and Link

4:10, Charlie McDonnell

4:30, Ze Frank

4:50, Shane Dawson, Rhett and Link, Mystery Guitar Man, Charlie McDonnell Meetups

6, Ze Frank, Charlie McDonnell, Kevin Nalty, Jim Louderback Rev3

6:30, Mixer

8, Concert – Michael Aranda, ALL CAPS, Alex Day, Tom Milsom, Molly Lewis, Hank Green, Rhett and Link

10, Dancing

Sa 7/10

9:30, John and Hank Green, Vlog Brothers

9:40, iJustine, Meekakitty, Catrific, Nanalew

10:10, Rawn

10:15, The Station – Lisa Nova, KassemG, Shay Carl, Rawn, Danny Diamond

10:30, David Choi

10:40, Ryan Higa

11:10, UK (Charlie, Alex, Tom, Myles) meetup and The Station meetup

12, Charles Trippy, Alli Speed

12:10, iJustine

12:30, Jonathan Root, Bill Berry

12:40, Mitchell Davis, Kyle Sibert, LiveLavaLive

1, Lunch

2, Shay Carl

2:20, Hank Green

2:30, Dan Brown

2:50, Charles Trippy, Vlogvetica, Daneboe, Ben Relles, Fine Brothers

4, Mystery Guitar Man (Joe Penna)

4:10, Brittani Louise Taylor

4:20, Shane Dawson

4:40, iJustine, Shaytards

6, Woody Tondorf, Elevator HBOLabs, George Strompolos, YouTube, Charles Trippy

6:30 Snacks

8, Concert – Dave Days, Charlie McDonnell, Julia Nunes, David Choi, NWYA, Autotune The News

10, Dance

Sun 7/11

11-1 Brunch

M 7/12

1-6 Pitch Critique (Constellation I)

2-4 Leading a buyer to favor you in a pitch (Constellation II)

4:15-5 Digital programming with TubeMogul, Words & Deeds, WGA (Constellation II)

5, Xbar mixer

Tu 7/13

8:30-9:30, Howie Mandel (Westside)

9:45-10:30 Pitch workshops (Westside, Olympic 2)

9:45-10:30, Larry Tanz, Vuguru, Jim Louderback, Rev3, Chris Williams, T180 Disney, Yuri Baranovsky, Happy Little Guillotine Films*

10-1, Pitch Critique

11-11:45 Kajsa Vikman, Lionsgate, David Norton, LadderUp (Westside)

11-11:45, Cities into Narrative immersive storytelling billboards Brian Seth Hurst (Olympic I)

11:45-12:15, Budgeting Nonfiction (Olympic 2)

12:15-1 Distribution – Chris Albrecht, GigaOm, Jason Goldberg, Katalyst, Stuart McLean, Content & Company, Marc DeBevoise, Starz, Erik Flannagan, MTV, Nathan Mayfield, Hoodlum (Olympic I)

12:15-1 Loud Talent – Casting (Westside)

1-3:30, Kevin Pollak (Producers Tent) kevinpollackchatshow.com, Robert and Michelle King, Good Wife, CBS

2:30-3:30, Cable Deal – Robert Ecker, Speed (Westside)

2:30-3:15, Hit Web Series – Barrett Garese, Spytap, Randy & Jason Sklar, El Chopper Quatro, Alex Albrecht, Diggnation, Mark Gantt, The Bannen Way, Jesse Warren, Sony (Olympic I)

3-3:45, Pitch clinic (Olympic II)

3:30-4:30, Brands – Rob Barnett, My Damn Channel, Eric Day, Microsoft, Jared Tobman, Reveille, Steven Amato, Omelet (Olympic I)

3:45-4:30, (Westside) Brady Brim-DeForest, Tubefilter, Andrew Kippen, Boxee, Mitch Berman, Zillion, David Kruis, Metranome, Drake Pruitt, Ascent Media

4:15-5, David Lyle, Fox LOOK (Olympic II)

4:45-5:15, Lance Podell, Next New Network (Westside)

5-5:30, Tim Street (Olympic I)

5:30-6:15 Pitch (Olympic 2)

5:45-6:15 Jeffrey Hayzlett, Celebrity CMO, Kodak (Westside)

5:45-6:30 Justine Bateman, Jim Louderback,Pam Kulik, Sharon Waxman, The Wrap, Mark Friedlander, SAG (Olympic I)

6:30-8:30 (Producers Tent) Chris Harrison and Endemol, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

W 7/14

9-12 Pitch Pit, screenings

1-3:30, JD Roth Lunch (producers Tent)

2:30-3:15 Mobile – Andres Jordan, WB (Olympic I)

2:30-3:30 So you’ve pitched now what? Phil Gurin (Westside)

3:30-4:30, Frank Chindamo, Fun Litttle Movies, Amber J Lawson, Babelgum (Olympic I)

3:45-4:30 Diversity, Lori Lynem, DisneyABC, David Hudson, TNT TBS, Debra Langford, NBCU (Olympic 2)

4-4:30, Pepisco – Claudia Cahill

4:45-5:30 Lori Schwartz, IPG, Alex Barakaloff, Lionsgate, Evan Silverman, AETN

4:45-5:30 Jobs – Will Givens, Fox, Betsy Aoki, Bing

5:45-6:30, Cable advertising – Mark Garner, AETN, Jason Klarman, Oxygen

5:45-6:30, Stephen J Davis, Hasbro, Peter Murrieta, fm78.tv (Westside)

6:30-8:30, NextTV awards with Shira Lazar, CBSNews.com

Th 7/15, Mark Horowitz, NCIS (Producers Tent)

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