#SXSW Guide/Cheap Trick, Spoon, Scissor Sisters, Stone Temple Pilots, She & Him, Hole, Smokey Robinson, Quentin Tarantino, Mark Cuban..


SXSW Music + Film + Interactive is just days away. I’ve interviewed close to a dozen bands for Spinner and will start posting those links below.  Here’s just a small sampling of the panels, the parties, and the experiences awaiting.  Enjoy!

Broadway Calls
Grace Potter and The Nocturnals
Grass Widow
Graves of Valor
Great Big Planes
Green & Wood
Greg Ashley Band
(in progress, posting soon)
Jahdan Blakkamoore

Friday, March 12
9-9, Registration
12:30-6, Interactive/ScreenBurn Talks*
2-6, ScreenBurn Arcade
2, Nokia party (Moonshine, 303 Red River)
2, Program or Be Programmed (Ballroom D)
3:30, Do Cool Kids Leave When Suits Arrive (Hilton E)
5, Pay TV vs Web – The Battle For Your TV – Mark Cuban, Avner Ronen (Ballroom D)
6, The Mix at Six (Six Lounge)
7, TechSet Party
8, Ustream.TV party (The Phoenix)
8, The Hive Awards (Red7)
8, Ning RVip Karaoke
9, Massive Black/ConceptArt.org (Mohawk)
10-1, Film Opening Party

Saturday, March 13
9-8, Registration
9-6, Film/Interactive/ScreenBurn Talks*
(TBD Directing the Dead, Quentin Tarantino, Ruben Fleischer, Eli Roth..)
(TBD Filmmakers in TV DMcBride, Tropic Thunder, DGGreen, Pineapple Express)
9, Who Stands Between Creator and Audience (18ABCD)
9:30-10:30 Yoga (8A)
11, How To Create A Viral Video (18ABCD)
12-6, Film/Interactive Expo/ScreenBurn Arcade
12:30, Is App-vertising the Answer? (Ballroom D)
2, Opening Remarks with danah boyd (Ballroom D)
3:30, Rules of BrandFiction from Twittering Mad Men (Hilton D)
3:30, Make v Gather:  Successful Content Business Models (Hilton J)
3:30, Media Armageddon:  What Happens When NYT Dies (Hilton H)
5, Joi Ito Presentation (Ballroom D)
5, Beyond Advertising:  Can Online Video Finally Pay? (18ABCD)
5, Tech Scene Smackdown (Courtyard Rio Grande)
6, DorkBot (Brush Square Park)
6, Mozilla Happy Hour (Cedar Door)
6, Razorfish Happy Hour (paradise)
7, Diggnation Live (Stubb’s)
7, Spiderwood Studios Hors D’oeuvres/Cocktails
8-11, Interactive Opening Party hosted by frog design (MACC)
10, Happy Cog’aoke – Happy Cog’s Karaoke (The Scott Inn)

Sunday, March 14
9-6, Registration
9-6, Film/Interactive/ScreenBurn Talks*
9, Imagineering the Fully Digitized and Connected Future (Hilton H)
9:30-10:30 Yoga (8A)
11, Clay Shirky Presentation (Ballroom D)
11, Merch: The Other White Meat of Monetization (Hilton C)
11, My Life, Take Two:  The Right To Delete (Hilton K)
12:30, Selling Subculture Without Selling Out (Hilton C)
2, Keynote: Valerie Casey (Ballroom D)
3:30, USA Network’s AAA Game Design Competition (6AB)
12-6, Film/Interactive Floor/ScreenBurn Arcade
4-6, SXSW Block Party (Trade Show Floor)
5, Dinosaur to Digital (7)
6/7-9, Interactive Web Awards (Downtown Hilton)
8, Fray Cafe 10 (Red Eye Fly)
8, Microsoft Accelerator cocktails (Palm Door)
9, Silicon Prairie Party (Lanai)
10, Film Florida Fish Fry (The Wave)
10, Mashable’s Mash Bash with Cliqset, Sony (Buffalo Billiards)

Monday, March 15
9-6, Registration
9-6, Interactive Accelerator w Tim Street
9-6, Film/Interactive/ScreenBurn Talks*
9, Anyone Can Create A Video Game (6AB)
9:30-10:30 Yoga (8A)
11, Making Content Relevant To Me (18ABCD)
11, Digital’s Role in Unconsumption (9ABC)
11, Great Interviews with Nancy Baym, Online Fandom (Ballroom E)
12-4, Film/Interactive Expo
12:30 Gary Vaynerchuk Presentation (Ballroom D)
12:30, Why Gen Y Wants To Work With You Not For You (Hilton D)
2, Ev Williams, Twitter & Umair Haque, Havas (Ballroom D)
3:30, Choosing Offline Activities in a Time-Deprived Lifestyle (Hilton J)
5, Mikey Likes It:  Does The FTC (19B)
5, ESA ScreenBurn Mixer (5ABC)
5, DGA Reception (Lambert’s Downtown)
6, SoDA Digerati Mixer (Roy’s Austin)
6-8, IndieGoGo & Distribber, Thirsty Nickel, 325 E 6th
6-10 IGDA SXSW 1024-Bit Battle Royale (Red 7)
7, 20×2 (The Ghost Room)
7, SAG/WGAW Party (Lanai)
8, Microsoft Party (Speakeasy)
8:30, TechKaraoke (Six Lounge, 201 E 6)
9-2, GeekyBeach Party (Aces Lounge)
9, Gowalla Tiki Room with Diplo (The Belmont)
9, NOLA Party (Lucky Lounge)
9, Austin Chronicle Film Bash (La Zona Rosa)

Tuesday, March 16
9-6, Registration
9-6, Interactive Accelerator w Tim Street
9-6, Film/Interactive/ScreenBurn Talks*
9, Artist, Labels Embrace VW with Lee Clancy, IMVU (18ABCD)
9:30-10:30 Yoga (8A)
11, Online Tastemakers – Christopher Weingarten, Rolling Stone (12AB)
12:30, Love & Money – Can Fansites Pay The Bills (Courtyard Rio Grande)
12:30, How Game Media Impacts (6AB)
12:30, Social Gaming:  Lessons From The Pioneers (5ABC)
2, Daniel Ek, Spotify (Ballroom D)
3:30, The Future of The Digital Living Room (Hilton K)
3:30, Financing Media Productions in the New World of Distribution (13AB)
3:30, Immersive Advertising as Gameplay (5ABC)
5, Become Immortal:  Understanding the Digital Afterlife (8A)
5, Beyond Scifi:  Design for Surfaces and Big Screens (Hilton K)
5, Bruce Sterling, Wired (Ballroom D)
5, Making Virtual Worlds and The Web Collide (5ABC)
5, Future of Social Gaming 2012 and Beyond, John Pleasants, Playdom (6AB)
5, State of Music Blogs (12AB)
6:30, SXSW Film Awards Pre-party (Brush Square Park)
7-2, Interactive Closing Party
7:30, BritBash (British Embassy)
8-9, SXSW Film Awards (ACC Theatre)
9-1, Film Closing Party/Music Opening Party hosted by VH1 (Maggie Mae’s)

Wednesday, March 17
9-12am, Registration
11/12-6, Music Talks*, Music Expo/Gear Alley/Artist Lounge/MDStage Cafe
11, Quickies – Branding, Marketing, Publicity
12, Sauspop/Saustex at Indie Village
12, IODA showcase (Emo’s, 6th & Red River)
12:30, Quickies – Publishers, Performing Rights Orgs
12:30, Demo Listening with Mercuy Records, Squid..
2, Cheap Trick interview (18ABC)
2, Mentor Session
2, Social Nets for Musicians with Brian Zisk
2, Your Fans Are Your Livelihood
3:30, Mentor Session
5, Budgeted Tour Planning
5, BBC British Music @ SXSW (British Embassy)
5, Lemmy Interview (18ABC)
6:30, MusicFest Welcome Dinner (Four Seasons)
8pm-2am, Music Showcases
8:50, Broadway Calls (Headhunters)
9, Jahdan Blakkamoore (Speakeasy)
10, Graves of Valor (Red 7 Patio)
11, Ozomatli (Galaxy Room Backyard)
12:15am, Spoon (Stubb’s, 801 Red River)

Thursday, March 18
9-6, Austin Record Convention
9-10, Registration
11, Smokey Robinson (18abc)
11, SonyMusic Independent Network: Nneka, Kate Miller-Heidke, Karnivool, Becca, Cassette Kids, Eva & The Heart Maker, Kashmir (Antone’s)
11-5, Texas Guitar Show
11-6, Music Talks
12-6, Bay Area Takeover w Wallpaper. Sleepy Sun Ty Segall Or, the Whale Still Flyin’ Birds & Batteries The Sandwitches Young Prisms Man/Miracle Tempo No Tempo Geographer The Ferocious Few Sonny and the Sunsets Leopold and his Fiction Hottub With DJ sets from Bagel Ted (Beauty Bar, 617 E 7)
12-6, Music Expo/Gear Alley/Artist Lounge/MDStage Cafe
12, Wunderbar – Finest Lunch With The Germans (Parkside)
12:30, Demo Listening with Warner-Chappell..
12:30, Friendbase to Fanbase:  Why You Must Tour Now
12:30, Production Music as a Source of Income
12:30, Quickies – Music Supervisors
12:30, The Crystal Method interview (Studio SX)
1-6, Flatstock Poster Artist Show
2, Get Your Music Licensed in a Commercial
2, Mentor Session – Jonathan Cohen, LNwJimmy Fallon, Katrina McMullan, Mattel..
2, Feargal Sharkey, UK Music
2, Why Hasn’t The Record Industry Sued Girl Talk
3, Spin It Indie Showcase (3-330 – Kevin Hahn 330-4 – Matt Ellis 4-430 – TBA 430-5 – TBA 5-530 – Michele Vreeland 530-6 – Chris Arnott 6-630 – Hillary Johnson 630-7 – Joel Eckels 7-730 – Justine Bennett 738-8 – Shane Alexander 8 – Paper Rain Coat 9 – Jenni Alpert 10 – The Rescues 11 – Jay Nash 12 – Chris Pierce 1 – Shades of Day)
(One 2 One Bar, 121 5th)
3:30, Mentor Session
3:30, Miles Davis Tribute
3:30, Promotional Value v. Licensing Revenue
4-6, SXSW Block Party (Trade Show Floor)
8, Ozomatli (Lady Bird Lake, Auditorium Shores Stage)***
8, Grandchildren (Beauty Bar Backyard)
8:45, Great Big Planes (Cedar Door)
9:45, The People v George Lucas (G-Tech)
10, The Boxer Rebellion (Lustre Pearl)
10, Greg Ashley, Jaime’s
10, She & Him (Cedar Street Courtyard)
10:30, Stone Temple Pilots (Austin Music Hall)
12:20, Grace Potter and The Nocturnals (Antone’s)
1, DJ Spooky (The Independent)
1, Country Joe McDonald (Creekside at Hilton Garden Inn)

Friday, March 19
10-6, Texas Guitar..Flatstock Poster Show/Austin Record Convention
10-9, Registration
11-6, Music Talks*
11, Quickies – Managers
11, Synch or Swim w Rachel Levy, The Weinstein Co..
11:30, Sonicbids party (Maggie Mae’s)
12-6+, Billboard Bungalow (6th)
12, SPIN Bash – Hole w Courtney Love (Stubb’s BBQ, 801 Red River)
12, SXSW Stimulus Party (The Parish)
12-5, Village Voice:  Superchunk, xx, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Surfer Blood (La Zona Rosa)
12-6, Music Expo/Gear Alley
12-6, Artist Lounge/Music Day Stage Cafe
12:30, Demo Listening
12:30, Quickies – Artists
12:30, Future of Online Music Videos
12:30 Power Pie: Purpose, Passion, Performance, People
1-6, Flatstock Poster Artist Show
1, Berklee College of Music (Friends)
1, Village Voice Media Party (La Zona Rosa)
2, Merch Rights
2, Online Marketing Platforms
2, Mentor Session – Bonnie Simmons, Bill Graham Foundation..
3-7, Spin It Party  (One 2 One Bar, 121 5th)
3:30, A&R and the Indie Label
3:30, Mentor Session 6
8-2, Music Showcases
8, Cheap Trick (Lady Bird Lake, Auditorium Shores Stage)***
9:15, Lemmy (Paramount)
10, The Boxer Rebellion (Maggie Mae’s)
10, Smokey Robinson (Austin Music Hall)
10:25, Margaret Cho (Buffalo Billiardds)
11, Deer Tick (Red Eyed Fly)
12am, She & Him (Lustre Pearl)
12am, Grass Widow (Mohawk)
12:30, The xx (Central Presbyterian)
12:45, Margaret Cho (Esther’s Follies)
1, BT (Billiard.com Bungalow)

Saturday, March 20
10-6, Texas Guitar..Flatstock Poster Show/Austin Record Convention
11-4, Registration
11-4:30, Music Talks*
11, Ad-Funded Music is Not a Pipe Dream
12, Brooklyn Vegan party (Galaxy Room)
12-6, Music Expo/Gear Alley/Artist Lounge/MDStage Cafe
12, Bootleg BBQ (Mean Eyed Cat)
12, Grady (Maggie Mae’s Rooftop)
12:30, Demo Listening – Atlantic Records..
12:30, Quickies Live Show
1-6, Flatstock Poster Artist Show
1:30, Music City The Hague (West Tent, Brush Square)
2, The Law & Digital Distribution – Cecily Mak, Rhapsody, Daivd Ring, UMG
2, Reeperbahn Fest Party (Habana Calle 6)
3:30, Reaching Your Audience on Their Terms – Amy Doyle, MTV
3:45, Atlantic Records Chop Shop Party (East Tent, Brush Square)
8-2, Austin Music Awards
8-2, Music Showcases (Red 7)
TBA, Scissor Sisters (TBA)
8, She & Him (Lady Bird Lake, Auditorium Shores Stage)***
11, Snowbyrd (Jamie’s)
12, Hickoids (Jamie’s)
12:15, DJ Spooky (The Phoenix)
1:15, Macy Gray (The Phoenix)
2, Death interview (12ab)
2, Daddy a Go Go (Lady Bird Lake, Auditorium Shores Stage)***
5, Deer Tick (Lady Bird Lake, Auditorium Shores Stage)***
8, She & Him (Lady Bird Lake, Auditorium Shores Stage)***
10:10, Margaret Cho (Esther’s Follies)
12am, Hickoids (Jamie’s)
12:15, DJ Spooky (The Phoenix)
1, Death (Mohawk Patio)
1:15, Macy Gray (The Phoenix)

Sunday, March 21
12-5, Softball BBQ (Kreig Fields)
8-2, Music Showcases

*TBD – Date/Time/Location
– Convergence 2010:  Ten Cool Things That Could Happen This Year
– Convergence 2015:  A Look Ahead
– Convergence:  Already Here, and Gosh It’s a Mess
– Content Strategy:  What’s In It For You?
– From Hulu to Yahoo Widgets:  Will the Internet Transform the TV?
– Transmedia Storytelling
– From Screening Room to Living Room
– Brand 2.0:  Elevating An Icon
– Fans, Friends & Followers
– Festival Strategies for Indie Films
– Storyboarding with Stick Figures
– Blow Something Up!  Live Action Special Effects
– Five Fatals of Indie Film Production
– Floating Heads Are Dead – Why Traditional Film Posters Suck
– Funding Docs From Start To Finish
– Financing Media Productions in the New World of Distribution
– Finding the Money with NEH & ITVS
– Finding An Audience For Your Film
– Casting Online
– Celebrity, Microcelebrity and the Future of Fame
– Anatomy of a Release
– Reel to Reality:  How Good Film Does Good
– Writing a Successful Screenplay
– Zombies, Vampires & Monsters:  Fostering Loyal Genres
– Insiders Guide to Indie Film Packaging
– Short Film Secrets:  Festivals, Distribution & Getting More Work
– Hyperbole in Film Criticism
– Media Relations Goes Social
– How Indie Content Can Save The World
– No One Wants to Watch Your Film
– Fusion of Mobile and Entertainment
– The Rise of Mobile Platforms
– iPhone App Dev:  Myths and FAQs
– Game On
– People Die, Profiles Don’t
– Remix Goes Mainstream:  Making Mashups Pay
– Sound Decision:  Using Music in Film
– The Future of Collective Licensing
– BBC Digital Planet Live
– Mentor Sessions: Programmers, Distribution, Agents, Press, Legal//Clearance…
– Screenings:  Google Baby, Greenlit, Hubble 3D, Life 2.0, The People v George Lucas..

**Austin Convention Center, 4th & Neeches
***Free, open to the public
****Fiona Bloom’s band picks: http://www.dmwmedia.com/news/2010/03/02/guest-column-fiona-bloom039s-quotsevere-70quot-buzz-bands-sxsw-2010 (watch for the SXSW Harley Davidson Vice Party

Music Venues
Hilton Garden Inn, 18 FL
Aces Lounge, 222 E 6th
The Ale House, 310 E 6th Alley Entrance
Amsterdam Cafe, 121 W 8
Antone’s, 213 W 5
Austin Music Hall, 208 Nueces
Barbarella, 615 Red River Street
Barcelona, 209 E 6
Beauty Bar, 617 E 7
Billboard.com Bungalow, 708 E 6
Buffalo Billboards, 201 E 6
Cedar Door, 201 Brazos
Central Presbyterian, 200 E 8
Club 115, 115 San Jacinto
Club 1808, 1808 E 12
Club de Ville, 900 Red River
Continental Club, 1315 S Congress
Copa, 217 Congress
Day Stage Cafe Austin Convention Center, 500 E Cesar Chavez
Dirty Dog Bar, 505 E 6
Elysium, 705 Red River
Emo’s Annex, 600 Red River
Emo’s and Jr, 603 Red River
Encore, 611 Red River
Esther’s Follies, 525 E 6
Flamingo Cantina, 515 E 6
Friends, 208 E 6
Galaxy, 508 E 6
The Ghost Room, 304 W 4
Habana Calle 6, 709 E 6
Headhunters, 720 Red River/8th
The Hideout, 617 Congress
The Independent, 501 N HH35
Jaime’s, 802 Red River
Karma Lounge, 119 W 8
Klub Krucial, 614 E 6
Lamberts, 401 W 2
Latitude 30, 512 San Jacinto
La Zona Rosa, 612 W 4
live.create.lounge, 503 Neches
Maggie Mae’s and Rooftop, 323 E 6
Maggie Mae’s Gibson Room, 512 Trinity
Mi Casa Cantina, 503 6th
Mohawk, 912 Red River
Momo’s, 618 W 6
Opal Divine’s Freehouse, 700 W 6
The Parish, 214B E 6
The Phoenix, 409 Colorado
Prague, 422 B Congress Ave
Red 7, 611 E 7
Red Eyed Fly, 715 Red River
Rusty Spurs, 405 E 7
Scoot Inn, 1308 E 4th
Soho Lounge, 217 E 6
Speakeasy, 412 Congress
Spill, 212 E 6
St David’s Bethell Hall, 301 E 8
Stephen F’s Bar, 701 Congress
Stubb’s, 801 Red River
Submerged, 333 E 2
The Tap Room at Six, 311 Colorado
Valhalla, 710 Red River
The Velveeta Room, 521 E 6th
Victorian Room at The Driskill, 604 Brazos
Victory Grill, 1104 E 11
Wave, 408 E 6

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