#TVOT10/TV of Tomorrow Show Guide


Anyone who is a fan of Tracy Swedlow’s excellent InteractiveTV Today blog is going to want to be at her TV of Tomorrow Show this week at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco where the talk will be everything OTT, CloudTV, and TV everywhere with probably the best discussion on Tcommerce interactive tv advertising, augmented reality tv, digital signage and CIMM yet.  The lineup includes Method, NBCU, Showtime, Bravo, A&E, HSN, DISH, DirecTV, FiOS, Comcast, Cablevision, TimeWarner, CableLabs, Liberty, Rovi, Boxee, Roku, Sezmi, Popbox, Yahoo! Connected TV, Twitter, TiVo, ClipSync, TidalTV, GroupM, IPG, Schematic, ATAS Interactive Media Peer Group, AFI, Intel, Microsoft. If you’re into the nuts and bolts of how the content ecosystem is going to make money, tune in. We’ll be there tweeting live at #TVOT10, follow @contentnow.  Here’s the guide.

W 3/3
8-8:45, Breakfast
8:45, Opening Remarks with Tracy Swedlow (Forum)
9, Platform/App Demos – Alticast, Immersive Media, NDS (Forum)
*9, Monetization & Measurement – CIMM, TiVo, NCC, Rentrak, Starcom, billniemeyer.tv (Screening Room)
10, Break
*10:15, Keynote, Mark Garner, A&E, Avner Ronen, Boxee, Tom Morgan, MediaD.tv, Ian Baine, thePlatform (Forum)
*10:45, Chloe Sladden, Director of Media Partnerships, Twitter (Forum)
*11, Social TV – Aimee Viles, Bravo, Chloe Sladden, Twitter, Lori Schwartz, IPG, Itzik Cohen, ClipSync, FreedTV, MediaFriends, HouseParty
11, Marketing & Media Agencies – Starcom, Cablevision, FiOS, TidalTV
12, Lunch break
*1, Deploying iTV – Scott Higgins, DISH, Gerry Johnson, HSN, David Preisman, Showtime, Tyler Slocum, DirecTV, TAG, Sofitel, itaas (Forum)
1, STB – Matt Zinn, TiVo, Cable Digital News, Cisco, Davis Wright, Public Knowledge (Screening Room)
**2, Interactive TV Advertising – Mike Bologna, GroupM, Sean Bunner, HSN, John Heller, FreeWheel, Keith Kazerman, DirecTV, Kevin Smith, Comcast Spotlight, Youssef Tuma, Accenture, Jim Turner, Canoe, Adam Gerber, Quantcast, Erin Hunter, Comscore, FourthWall, Visible World, Ensequence, BlackArrow, OpenTV (Forum)
2, CloudTV – Jeff Miller, ActiveVideo, Shari Barnett, Microsoft, Entone, Clearleap, Light Reading, TAG (Screening Room)
3:15, Break
*3:30, Augmented Reality TV – Jon Dakss, NBCU, Brian Seth Hurst, ATAS, acrossair, U of London, Metaio, Zugara, Total Immersion (Forum)
3:30,  Content distribution across the multiplatform ecosystem – Joy Marcus, DailyMotion, Jim Louderback, Revision3, Dave Habiger, Sonic Solutions (CinemaNow), BitGravity, Brightcove, Priority Digital (Screening Room)
*4:30, Platform smackdown – Rebecca Rusk Lim, Starz, Jim Funk, Roku, Edgar Villalpando, ActiveVideo, Frank Sandoval, CalbeLabs, Bob Perry, Panasonic, Shari Barnett, Microsoft, Arthur Orduna, Canoe,  Ember Media, A Different Engine, CableLabs, Tracy Swedlow (Forum)
4:30, Digital Signage, Storytelling, Machinima (Allen DeBevoise), AFI (Screening Room)
5:45-7, iTV Awards Reception

Th 3/4
8-8:45, Breakfast
*8:45, ATAS Interactive Media Peer Group – Geoff Katz, Lori Schwartz (Forum)
9, Robert Perry, Panasonic (Forum)
10, Break
10:15, Platform/Apps Demos – Man Made Music, YouTubing, Oracle, AFI (Forum)
*10:15, iTV App Design- Idan Cohen, Boxee, Will Kreth, Time Warner Cable, Maitreyi Krishnaswamy, FiOS, Joshua Seiden, Comcast, enableTV, NYU, Ball State (Screening Room)
*11:15, iTV design – John Gilles, VP Media & Entertainment, Method, Dale Herigstad, Schematic, Brian David Johnson, Intel, Gerard Kunkel, Comcast, David Merkoski, Frog Design, Stephanie Otto, Brainstorm (Forum)
11:15, AI – Cablevision, Rovi, TV Genius, NDS, ThinkAnalytics, Bee.tv
12:15, Lunch break
1:15, Tcommerce – Sean Bunner, HSN, Mike Fitzsimmons, Delivery Agent, Homer Gonzalez III, Comcast Media Center, Experian, ICE, icueTV, Arise (Forum)
*1:15, Apps Stores – Alex Limberis, Syabas (Popbox), Arlo Rose, Yahoo! Connected TV, Tyler Slocum, DirecTV, Rachelle Zoffer, FiOS, Peter Yared, Transpond, Accedo Broadband, NDS, Andelan Ventures (Screening Room)
*2:15, EBIF tru2way – John Dakss, NBCU, Rebecca Rusk Lim, Starz, Arthur Orduna, Canoe, Don Dulchinos, CableLabs, Alticast, Zodiac, TVWorks, Ensequence (Forum)
2:15 – VCs – Seth Shapiro, New Amsterdam, Alexander Marquez, Intel Capital, Daivd Horowitz, Comcast Interactive Capital, John Gowen, Liberty Global International Ventures, Lauder Partners (Screening Room)
3:15, Break
3:30, iVideo – Michael Fink, YouTube, ConciseClick, Veeple, ChadMattandRob.com, VideoClix, Clickthrough, evenhere, Tremor Media, Klickable (Forum)
4:30, OTT vs TV everywhere – David Allred, Sezmi, Marty Roberts, thePlatform, Colin Dixon, The Diffusion Group, ZeeVee, Irdeto, RCDb, Miniweb (Forum)
5:30-6, Trends – Andrew Keen, Cult of the Amateur, Eric Gould Bear, MonkeyMedia, Pushbutton, never.no

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