#Macworld Guide


Some are off to a snowy #EFM, and some are already enjoying a sunnier #TED, but with Macworld at Moscone, where else would we be.  They’re expecting a crowd of 30,000 so we’re off to check out what life will be like without Apple’s Orwellian ginormous looming black tombstone wall.  Times have changed.  Apple fandom has more to do now with the third party developer community than with the mothership, so we shall see.  All the usual suspects will be there:  Guy Kawasaki, David Pogue and Leo Laporte, and a few bonuses like filmmaker Kevin Smith (Chasing Amy, Clerks..), Roger McGuinn (The Byrds) and a timely look at iPad.  Macworld won Most Schwaggiest of all the digital media conferences last year so we’ll be live tweeting at #Macworld as we search the floor for Best of Schwag. There will also be live podcasting at www.macworldexpo.com/mainstage.  Here’s the guide:

W 2/10
5:30, N130, Media Evening: TomTom, Verbatim, JAMF, CarMD..
6-9, Jillian’s at Metreon, iPhone App Awards
7, DNA Lounge, 375 11th, VIP party with Adam Savage, Mitch Kapor, John Perry Barlow, John Gilmore, Mark Klein
8-2, DNA Lounge, 375 11th, EFF’s 20th Birthday Party with Adam Savage

Th 2/11
9-10, N134, Late Night with David Pogue
11-12, N134, Macworld DEMO Best of Show
11, N130, Appency-Alawar Entertainment Press Event
12-6, Expo & Monster bus to Brisbane HQ
1:45-2:15, Main Stage, North Hall, Best of Show Awards
2-3, N134 Kevin Smith, Filmmaker, Clerks
2-3, Wiley Booth 1765, Steve Garfield, Get Seen: Online Video Secrets
2:30-3, Andy Ihnatko, Chicago Sun Times – The Year With No Media
3:15-3:45, Main Stage North Hall, Eye-Fi iPhoto photo-sharing
4:30-5:30, N134, Photoshop’s 20th with David Biedny
6-8, Harlot, 46 Minna, Clixtr Hosted Happy Hour
6-8, Microsoft Press Event
7-10, Hunan, Sansome & Broadway, Netter’s Dinner
8-12, Broadway Studios, 435 Broadway, Cirque Du Mac sponsored by Verbatim, Microsoft, SmileOnMyMac, BackBeatMedia, The Mac Observer

F 2/12
9-10, N134, Guy Kawasaki
10-6, Expo
10:30-11:30, Philip Michaels, Macworld.com – Mac Pundit Showdown
11:45-12:30, Main Stage, North Hall, Best of Show
12-6, Monster bus to Brisbane HQ
12:45-1:15, Main Stage, Scott Kurtz, Web Comic
2-3, N134, Leo Laporte, TWiT, Adam Savage, Roger McGuinn (performing), The Byrds, Warp 11 (Star Trek cover band), Heather Gold
2:15-2:45, A Comedic Journey Through Apple’s History
4:30-5:30, N134, John Gruber, Daring Fireball, The Gruber 10:  Apple’s Top Issues
5:30, Marriott Marquis, TWit Tweetup
6:30-8:30, MarketCircle and Project Wizards Meet the Press
8-11, Mezzanine, 444 Jessie, Macworld Blast w/The Houserockers

Sa 2/13
10-6, Expo
10-11, N134, BT (fav of IPDC3)
11:45-1, Music Studio, The Russell Brown Show: Photoshop Tips
12-6, Monster bus to Brisbane HQ
1-2, N134, iPad event

*For more parties, check the Hess Memorial http://www.ilenesmachine.com/partylist.shtml

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