#NATPE/Donald Trump Steals The Show


There were many laugh out loud moments today with Hugh Laurie and Judge Judy in the morning, and Chris Hartwick of Web Soup at the Digital Luminaries Awards, but no one could top Donald Trump who won over many fans when Andy Cohen of Bravo asked Jillian Michaels, Curtis Stone and Trump their thoughts on handshaking. Stone replied germs make you stronger, I’m not afraid. Michaels recovering from the flu took a pass. And Trump told us the story of a man who came to his office, shook his hand, kissed him on both cheeks, and hugged him. When Trump asked how he was doing, he replied sick as a dog. With the delivery of someone who has done schtick all his life, Trump shot the audience a look and said he would have preferred bowing. Then he rolled the tape for the opening of “Celebrity Apprentice” saying to his chaffeur, I’d rather walk. A new and improved, downright lovable Donald Trump – the audience burst into a booming cheer.

The day rocked on with fascinating insights from David E Kelley, Jeff Gaspin, Irwin Gotlieb, Fremantle, Electus, ATT, Microsoft, Generate, Reveille, Jonathan Prince, History, TVGuide, SyFy and others. There were a great group of tweeps following including Broadcasting & Cable. (Thanks for the RT, I’m honored.). I’ll be posting a detailed summary of all that was fit to tweet post-NATPE.

My day ended as I was treated to a demo and dinner by Metranome, a venture-backed platform that helps creatives take advantage of open SDKs to get their shows seen on mobile, OTT, etc. Metranome builds beautiful low-cost apps that can be ported to Blackberry, iPhone, and Android, and soon Roku, Boxee, Yahoo! Connected TV, and others. They offer ad-serving, in app transaction support, a content management system, and have a track record of getting features on Blackberry. Now at just $1000, content producers can execute with elegance their mobile strategy. The RingToons Dilbert app charted with their calendar template. Check it out at www.metranome.net. For those who can’t navigate rent-a-coder, Metranome just might be the answer. Turnkey app development promises to do for video what Tunecore and others have done for music – create universal access to digital distribution and monetization.

Tomorrow, the morning opens with an NBCU coffee, Elisabeth Murdoch’s keynote, a games panel with Lucasfilm, USA, AETN, and Universal Pictures, Then Tim Street speaks on online video ad inventory, E1, Reveille, Fox and Tandem speak on international co-productions, there’s a session with Diggnation, a masterclass with ICM CAA UTA Abrams Artists Agency on packaging the pitch. Phil Gurin on international formats, DMA on slashing sizzle reel budgets (she’s good), and NBCU on a monetization panel. And that’s just a small sampling of what’s available. Luckily all sessions are available for free streaming for NATPE attendees. Still I regret not hanging out with the Weinstein reps in the lobby of THE Hotel, or spending time in the Pro Pitch and the floor. Well there’s always Miami! Follow all the fun at #NATPE #N10 @contentnow.

One Response to “#NATPE/Donald Trump Steals The Show”

  1. Do you know when the next episode of Celebrity Apprentice will air on NBC?

    ACN Vancouver

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