Fancy Food Show/The Content Story


It took a thundering downpour and the threat of hail for me to drop in on the final moments of the SF Fancy Food Show, after all I’m on a diet, but it occured to me that these small specialty food companies might have a content story worth telling. Turns out – yes and no. A quick survey of the floor had Purity as the most progressive with two viral videos up on their YouTube channel at They traded me a bottle of Cranberry Harmony for the link to the Roku SDK ( Acme was beaming about being featured on Martha Stewart and Color-A-Cookie was really happy with it’s recent coverage by Food Network. They gave me a SpongeBob Gingerbread Pineapple Kit and an Iron Man 2 Color-A-Cookie. I’ll post those twitpics later. As a matter of fact I didnt even have a chance to ask Ford’s Gourmet Foods about their digital marketing strategy before they handed me tins of their delicious A Lese Tois Chocolate Blueberry Pecan Brittle (raspberry too). By now, I was stuffed, Clover and Ghiradelli were gone, and Knott’s, now owned by Smuckers, told me to check back in a year or two. Clearly, I was not going to break any story on branded entertainment initiatives at this show. As I was exiting I took the popchips tossed my way but was proud that I declined Eleni’s tempting cookies from the Golden Globes gifting suite. Although all the vendors I spoke with reported a bustling show with orders and press coverage, there were simply too many cookies and not enough content to bellyache about in this post.

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