#CES/Schwagless, Schmoozing, Steve Wonder


As the sun went down, it was schmooze-o-rama at Digital Media Insider. I felt like Snazzy Sheridan, ETA Spazzy’s sister, tweeting live the mixer. Got Twit Pics of Avner and Illeana, Dominik and Wilson, Rob and Warren. The panels were great too as the jam packed concise wisdom of Tim Chang came out faster than any of us could tweet and interesting insights were shared by Game Stop, IBM, OWN, Oxygen, and others. There were some grumblings about the fragmentation of OTT devices, and I put IMHO that NATPE should host the CAC content track next year. Had a great time winding my way out of the Venetian with the guys from Social Game Universe, and then it was time for Monster’s John Legend concert which went on for 90 minutes before Stevie Wonder took the stage ina huge surprise. The whole evening was monstrously delicious! Tomorrow I’ll be on the floor searching for best of schwag, but not expecting anything, there’s simply no toys, no nothing this year. At 12pm Sony has a 3D MJ tribute in their theatre, Revision3 is speaking before, and Kodak has stuff happening round the clock on South Hall (www.kzonelive.com) Watch for Tommy Lee on the floor at 4. Then it’s back to SF for Wharton and getting ready for NATPE.

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