#CES/Life As Platform, Get Your App On


Head of CEA Gary Shapiro opened CES with the call – Innovation is our destiny, are you going to take a ringside seat or are you going to make it happen – will your grandkids blame you or thank you, dream it, vision the future for here it is now. And then CES opened with car as platform. I sat with Pandora, an anchor app, for Alan Mulally’s enlightening keynote. We going to make this car one you can’t live without, transforming the driving experience with the GUI, VUI and TUI, integrated graphics voice and touch giving you everything you want without your eyes ever leaving the road. The dream ride you never want to end available in 80% of their cars over the next 5 years. Then the doors opened to central hall with the eye-popping jaw-dropping LG video arch. Slammed with bodies from end to end I barely made it to the Gaga press events at Polaroid and Monster. Luckily she was late as I took my place sandwiched between Reuters, AP, Corbis and the blogger from Feed Me Bubbe. Gaga took the stage as a shy, plain, diminutive kid wearing her hair as a hat. Completely inaudible with her mic turned off she seemed extremely uncomfortable. But she’s a performance artist and this is part of her mystique, her brand of relatable eccentricity that is everyone. How clever to become Creative Director for Polaroid – more talent going corporate to pay the bills. And the press is part of it. After getting knocked on the head from the media circus trying to get their shots of the phenom, I left for a front row seat at Monster and hung with AOL Stitched and ChipChick. Hours later a deliriously starved media pool charged the press room but the food was gone and I found myself in a magical moment with David Pogue and Richard Hart as we guarded our cookies from being cleared. Hey, that’s my lunch, David laughed. I headed off to the sanity of three great panels. A content one with Lionsgate, YouTube, Marvel, Fox, AP, Davie Brown; a platform one with Vizio, Y!, NBCU, WB and a ubiquitous connectivity panel with Sony, ATT, OMVC, MediaTile and QNX where they discussed a hybrid broadband/broadcast future. Most exciting news to me was ATT now selling 3G day passes for connected devices on their site. Intel pulled it all together in the most entertaining keynote thus far, and of course it was in 3D. Paul Otellini showed visions of augumented reality digital signage, car-toaster-vacuum as platform. Even released an SDK at intelappup.com. Evening ended as I crashed in the CESupnext lounge with SAG. I would have to forgo Showstoppers for an once in a lifetime tour of CBS’ Television City at the MGM Grand. It was a blast and I’ll post details later. Now I’m off to hear Ben Silverman announce Electus partners. I have an interview with his COO Drew Buckley after Illeana Douglas and before Ken Howard. Then it’s off to Digital Media Insider at the Venetian and Monster’s John Legend Concert at Paris. Hoping somehow to get over to Scoble’s party at the Atomic Museum as well. Will twet it all live til I run out of battery. TTYL!

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