#CES/Polaroid Goes Gaga, Sony in 3D, MS Unveils Slate


Started the day roaming the halls with social media gurus Jeff Pulver and Dave Taylor, stopped into P2P long enough for muffin and to hear about Playfirst, Activision’s involving with using P2P for on demand gaming, then dropped in on Jeff and Dave at Social Media Jungle for inspirational tweets: Pulver – If I can tweet to 300,000 that’s a Nielsen rating point..I look at this audience and recognize I am talking to millions…Twitter amplifies everything. Next I dropped by to see my old client Playspan talk about building out microtransaction platforms of not only virtual worlds but OTT video as well. I got other great tweets from Gaia on Skittles, Nike branding and Lego on immersive 3D gaming and the impact of Avatar on generations to come. Then it was a panel with TwitVid, the next YouTube if only it could get Apple to approve integration with Echofon for 3G, 2G and A&E who is making VG$ with games for Ice Road Truckers and Roy’s World. Interesting that both TwitVid and AP said they are trying to reach teen market, TwitVid with Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, and AP because teens are the ones spending $.99 on VG. Bumped into analyst Mike Vorhaus who was talking about his cameo in Eddie Murphy’s recent Imagine That and had a great lunch with Fujitsu. Didn’t realize they had a comprehensive line of connected devices like full color rollup ereaders as well as automotive tablets. Last panel I tweeted showed Alcatel-Lucent’s vision of a connected world – a sizzle reel everyone should see. I’ll post links later. 1Cast, the digital newspaper talked about it’s cross-platform strategyu and My Damn Channel tried to before being reminded by the moderator that it was a mobile panel. In this age of ubiquitous connectivity it seemed odd to me that there still are device specific panels featuring content producers. A lot has changed since last April when we were still talking just 3 screens. Auto and outdoor touch screens are likely to become as big as mobile. Think of all those captive eyeballs. Then it was off to Sony’s press event with Taylor Swift singing Love Story in 3D. She’ll be working with Sony this year to document her tour in 3D similar to the Hendrix Experience. As a matter of fact, Sony’s entire press event circled around 3D with Stringer sporting the glasses introducing their pencil-thin 3D Bravias, ESPN 3D, the Sony Discovery IMAX 3D network, and the Sony CBS 3D Experience at the MGM Grand. Cool product intros not in 3D are the new Dash tablet and Cybershot’s SD slot. he talked about a firmware update coming out to add 3D bluray to the 30mm PS3s worldwide. Then Ballmer was up with a classically Microsoft buggy keynote. It got a late start due to the power blowing out and ended abruptly without Ballmer. But he is so charismatic in his Detroit manner that I really enjoyed the presentation despite the lack of major oohs and aahs. Of course there was the tablet, HP’s Slate. And the launch date for Project Natal, the body controller – Holiday 2010. Halo 3 players will get to beta Halo Reach this Spring. Episodic Alan Wake will also make a debut. But the biggest applause went to the 1000 retro games (think Frogger) becoming avaiable in VW Game Room Arcade for Xbox and PC. Bing. Bing. Bing. Ballmer told us to watch for a partnership announcement from Ford this morning as Ford reinvents itself as a tech company – how cool is that! Later at the Polaroid/VIP penthouse receptions the buzz was all about the Intel keynote later today focusing on wireless power. I had a chance to talk with Randy Fry regarding the merchandising of connected tvs at Fry’s. He said the hot item has been the wifi dongle. Lady Gaga was announced as the Creative Director for Polaroid and will be at the booth this morning at 10:45. Blink and you’ll miss her so get there early. Other celeb sightings today include 1-3 Stan Lee at Marvel and 4 Obama Girl at Kodak in the South Hall. NBCU will be showing off Vancouver at 10:30. And panels galore featuring Autonet, DISH, Build-A-Bear, Vtech, Leapfrog, Cartoon Network, WB, Lionsgate,, LG, Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, Y!, YouTube, Freemantle… There’s a tour of CBS Television City at the MGM Grand tonight 7-9 following the CESUp mixer at 6. I’m torn between that and ShowStoppers. Beet.tv is streaming from the floor with TechCrunch and we’ll be tweeting from @contentnow, #CES. Enjoy!

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