#DLRconf Digital Living Room, #HRTS Hitmakers, #CES


This is it!  The last week of conferences for the year and what a way to go out. Digital Living Room will be celebrating connected devices at Sun Microsystems, Santa Clara tomorrow and on Wednesday HRTS is lunching with the showrunners of Modern Family, Glee, Mad Men, How I Met Your Mother and Rescue Me at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza. Try catching the stream if you can’t make it live.  Below are the guides to these events as well as CES which is now just around the corner:

Tu 12/15

PSN, Sezmi, Epix, Y!, ZillionTV, Vimeo, ClipSync, Dolby, Panasonic..
Sun Microsystems, 4030 George Sellon Circle, Santa Clara 95054
12/14 Tech Supper Club-SF, Blumberg Capital, 580 Howard
12/15 Tech Supper Club-Santa Clara
12/16 Tech Supper Club-Santa Monica, Playground Media, 1813 Centinela


8:45  Welcoming Remarks

9:00  Competitive Landscape
An examination of how cable, satellite and telco providers are faring in the pitched battle for consumers.
– Ben Bajarin, Director of Consumer Technology, Creative Strategies
– Colin Dixon, Senior Analyst, The Diffusion Group

10:00  Keynote
– Susan Panico, Senior Director, PlayStation Network

10:30  3D’s Televised Future
3D television sets will be on display at this year’s CES, and models without glasses may be just a few years away. Jeffrey Katzenberg, for one, has said that 3D TV is inevitable.
– Joshua Greer, President and Co-Founder, RealD
– John Rubey, President, AEG Live
– Patrick Griffis, Senior Director, Technology Policy, Dolby Laboratories Inc.
– David Broberg, Vice President of Consumer Video Technology, CableLabs

11:30  Social TV
The connected living room makes seamless the interaction consumers are already having about their favorite programming over the Internet and on mobile devices. How long until Facebook Television?
– Blake Whitman, Community Director, Vimeo
– Itzik Cohen, founder and CEO, ClipSync
– Emil Rensing, Chief Digital Officer, EpixHD
– Bill Binenstock, Vice President and Manager, CBS.com
– Moderator: Michael Stroud, Founder, iHollywood Forum

12:30  Lunch

1:30- 2  Keynote
– William O. Leszinske, Jr., GM, Digital Home Group, Intel

2  Cloud in the Living Room
The ability to access any content, any time is fundamentally changing the dynamics of television watching and the economics of broadcasting and cable. As DVRs and subscription VOD become standard, are ad-supported television networks at a fundamental disadvantage? Can cable and satellite companies keep their iron group on the consumer’s wallet when a la carte offerings are available over the Internet?
– Pat Dunbar, Director, Advertising TV, Video & Music Business Group, Microsoft Corporation
– Mitch Berman, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, ZillionTV
– Mitch Weinraub, Executive Director – Business Development, Comcast Media Center
– Rob Schonfeld, VP, Pay Television and Interactive Media, Disney ABC Domestic Television
– Buno Pati, Co-Founder and CEO, Sezmi
– Moderator: Jimmy Schaeffler, Chairman & CSO, The Carmel Group

3  The Music Powered Living Room
Description: The music business has gone from wondering where the next paycheck is to how many ways can the same song be monetized. The new album is the Rock Star music pack and the new single is a mashup. This panel will explore how interactive music technology – from video games to mashups – are creating new revenue opportunities for the music, video game, video entertainment and marketing industries.
– Gilles Babinet, Chairman, MXP4
– Jason Henderson, Games Product Manager, Verizon Communications
– Jordan Greenhall, Co-Founder and former CEO, DivX
– Carmen Rizzo, two-time Grammy Nominee and electronic musician
– Moderator: Ephraim Cohen, President, Fortex Group

4  The Connected Living Room
The long-heralded integration between TVs, the broadband Internet, DVD players, game consoles, telephony, portable devices and wireless data is beginning to happen. What type of content will pull in consumers and what are the roadblocks to mass adoption?
– Russ Schafer, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Yahoo! Connected TV
– Alan Hoff, Vice President of Product Marketing, SeaChange International
– David Bryant, Senior Director of Java Marketing, Sun Microsystems
– Tushar Saxena, Director of Home Networking Technologies, Verizon Communications
– Moderator: Amy Friedlander Hoffman, President, Priority Digital Media

5  Venture Forum
Startups pitch products for the digital living room to a panel of venture capitalists and strategic investors
– Len Rand, Managing Director, Granite Ventures
– Brad McManus, Director of Investments, Panasonic
– David J. Blumberg, Managing Partner, Blumberg Capital

6  Reception

W 12/16  12-2

Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, 2025 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles
(1pm Live-stream: HRTS Online Video Central)

  • Peter Tolan, Rescue Me
  • Matthew WeinerMad Men
  • Steven LevitanModern Family
  • Ryan MurphyGleeNip/Tuck
  • Carter BaysHow I Met Your Mother
  • Craig ThomasHow I Met Your Mother

Th 12/17 6-9
Silicon Valley
(invite only)

Tu 1/5 – W 1/6, Th 1/7 – Su 1/10
110,000 expected, 2500 exhibitors, 800 speakers, 250 conference sessions incl Digital Hollywood, Connections, and Digital Media Wire, it’s the largest digital media event of the year!
Las Vegas Convention Center, Hilton, Venetian..

Tu 1/5
12-4, V Titian 2202, LVCC S229 – press room open
1:30, V Murano 3301-3 – ASUS press event
2-3, V Bellini 2105 – CEA US Trends
3-4, V Bellini 2105 – CEA Global Trends
4-7, V Ballroom – CES Unveiled: Best Buy, Hannspree, Lenovo, Powermat…
7-10, Sands Expo shuttle – StartUp Debut – VCs, press, eats, drinks, startupdebut@gmail.com

W 1/6
7:30-9, V Titian 2202, LVCC S229 -press room open
8-8:45, V Casanova 501 – LG press event
9-9:45, V Marco Polo 706 – Monster press event, V Sands 201 Netgear press event
10-10:45, V Casanova 504 – Toshiba press event
11-11:45, V Sands 206 Pioneer press event
12-12:45, V Sands 102 – Sharp press event
1-1:45, V Bellini 2105 – Casio press event
2-2:45, V Marco Polo 801 – Samsung press event
3-3:45, V Marco Polo 705 – JVC press event
3-3:45, V Bellini 2101 – Panasonic press event
8-10:30, LVCC N262 P2P Breakfast, N260 Paramount, BitTorrent, N262 Snacks
11:30-12:30, LVCC N261 NVP Saatchi,N253 SpikeTV BBDO MTV,N258 A&E, TwitVid
12:30, LVCC N262 Lunch
1-2, LVCC N253 Lego, IMVU, Gaia, WW Biggies, N258 IODA, Napster
1:30-2:15, LVCC N260 Melike Amjarv, WB, BMI, SAG
2:30-3:30, LVCC N258 Discovery, Paramount, N253 ngmoco, N261 NBCU, MTV
3:30-4:15, LVCC N256 Qualcomm, Ericsson
4-5, LVCC N253 Viximo WB,N258 Fandango, Flixster, Freeverse,N261 TiVo
5-7:30, LVCC N262 P2P Cocktails
4:15-5:30, LVCC Central Hall 14200 – Sony press event
6:30-7:30, Hilton Center – Keynote – Steve Ballmer, Microsoft

Th 1/7
8-5, LVCC S229, V Titian 2202 -press room open
8:30, Hilton Theater – Keynote, Alan Mulally, Ford
10-6, Exhibit Hours
10-12, Hilton Shimmer Cabaret – Jen-Hsung Huang, NVIDIA press event
10-11, LVCC S227 DISH press event, S224 4G Verizon, Samsung, Clearwire
10-12, LVCC N250* Autonet, Pandora
10:30, LVCC N264* CEA Outlook, , N255* Kodak, Scoble
10:30-11:30, LVCC N256 AVOD, TiVo, Panasonic, N259 DISH, Merv Griffin, Starz
11-12, LVCC N253* ABC, LeapFrog, Vtech, Build-A-Bear, Lunch
11:20-12:10, LVCC N260* 3D – WB, Disney, CinemaNOW, Dolby
12-1, LVCC N254 Autonet, N259 Hearst, Rovi, N262* WaPo, N256 Roku, Z, Intel
12-1, LVCC S224 EA, RIM, ATT, TI, Sony
12:20-1:10+, LVCC N260* 3D RealD, LG, Panasonic, Sony, N253* MyYearbook
1:30-2:15+, LVCC N250* CBS counting viewers, N262* CBS, Pampelmoose
1:30-2:30, LVCC N259 Lionsgate, YouTube, FB, Fox, Disc, N261 Fremantle
2-3, LVCC N253* Cartoon Network, PBS, Nokia
2:30-3:20, LVCC N260* Y!, NBCU, Vizio, WB, DIVX
3-4, LVCC N259 Interactive – Sony, Sharp, Y!, N256 LG, Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic
3-4, LVCC S224 Netbooks – Lenovo, Laptop Mag, Intel, Microsoft, AMD
3-5, LVCC N253* Toy Demos, KAPi Awards – Sesame Workshop
3:45-4:30, LVCC N250 Monetizing Content – Tubefilter, FOD, NBCU, CJP
4:30-5:30, LVCC N250* CESup Search – TiVo, CBS, CTAM
4:30-5:30, Hilton Theater – Keynote, Paul Otelini, Intel
5-6, LVCC S227 – Sanyo press event
6-7, LVCC N237* CESup Reception
7-9, LVCC MGM shuttle* Tour of CBS Television City
6-10, Wynn Lafite Ballroom – Showstoppers (invite only)
6:30, Mandalay Bay – Tech & Engineering Emmy’s, events@emmyonline.tv

F 1/8
TBD AllThingsD short program
8-5, LVCC S229, V Titian 2202 -press room open
8:30-9, LVCC N250* Ben Silverman, Electus
9-10:15, LVCC N250*Illeana Douglas, Thomas Schlamme,ShoeMoney,NBCU
9-11, LVCC N262* MommyTech-GMA, Tina Sharkey, BabyCenter, N260 HBO
9, Hilton Theater, Keynote – Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Nokia
9-6, Exhibit Hours
10:30-11:30, LVCC N250* Scripps, NBCU, N253* EnergyTech
11, Hilton Theater, Keynote – Dr Paul E Jacobs, Qualcomm
11:30-12:30, LVCC N250* Ken Howard, SAG, Sony, LG, Nielsen
12-1, LVCC N262* Lunch – MySpace, N255* FCC Chair, N261 Bravo, N259 FLO TV
12-1, LVCC S225 Powermat, S224 Handango, ATT, Intel, Samsung
1-2, LVCC N262* Mommy Memorykeepers – Eye-Fi, N255* CinemaNOW
1:30-2:30+, LVCC N262*OnStar,Fox,N261 Z, Arts&Labs,N259 Metacafe,Redbox,JWT
1:30-2:30, LVCC S224 Untethering TV – Qualcomm, Broadcom, Sony
3-4, LVCC S224 ION, FLO TV, MobiTV, NatGeo, LG, S225 Samsung
3-4, LVCC N260 GPS Garmin, TomTom, N261 Lionsgate, MSNBC, N259 Blip.tv
3:30-4:15-5, LVCC N262* Marketing to Digital Moms/Gala Product Showcase – Kodak
4, Hilton Theater – Keynote – Zhou Houjian, Hisense
4:30, LVCC South Hall EHX CE PRO reception
6-7, LVCC North Hall – Kenwood press event
2:30-7:30, V Ballrooms 3001-3101 – Digital Media Insider sessions/awards party
3, V Casanova 501 – Shuttle press event, wearenotalienbware.com
5:30-8:30, Atomic Museum, It Won’t Stay in Vegas party
TBD Paris Hotel, Monster 2010 Dealer Awards – John Legends Concert (invite)

Sa 1/9
8-5, LVCC S229, V Titian 2202 -press room open
9-6, Exhibit Hours
10:30-11:30, LVCC S224 Revision3, N261 Big Fuel, N255* Last Gadget Standing
11, LVCC South Hall Lobby 3 CNET Stage – Best of CES
12-1, LVCC N260 Napster
1:30-2:30, LVCC N258 Warren Packard, DFJ, Kuk Yi, Best Buy, S224 Sprint, Comcast
2:15-5:30, LVCC N253* Silvers Summit Gadgets – Fox
3-4, LVCC N260 Netbooks – Harris Interactive

Su 1/10
8-3, LVCC S229, V Titian 2202 -press room open
9-4, Exhibit Hours

**Shuttles:  http://cesweb.org/docs/2010_CES_Shuttle_Map_for_CESweb.pdf
***Maps: www.cesweb.org/exhibits/facilities/default.asp,  http://www.cesweb.org/docs/2010_CES_Show_Locations_Map.pdf
*** Parties:  http://www.thomas-pr.com/01/ces2010.html

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