#SN09 Supernova/The Guide


Rolling into town this week is Kevin Werbach’s Supernova at Mission Bay #SN09, Scott Kirsner’s Building Audiences at BAVC, and Ken Goldberg’s Future of the Forum at UC Berkeley.  Meanwhile in Vegas, the International Film & Music Festival Summit will be training screeners and festival directors, chatting about programming strategies and brainstorming the future role of festivals as distributors. You can follow that conversation at #IFFS09, #IMFCON09.  We’ll be here in San Francisco focusing on Supernova as well as dropping in on the San Francisco International Auto Show at Moscone to check out the latest in auto-entertainment platforms. Supernova will be streaming live at:  http://bit.ly/sn09stream. Network age briefings at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/supernova.  Here’s the guide:

Tu 12/1 Supernova @ Mission Bay
9, Social Networks in the Workplace
Denise Howell, This Week in Law, Alex Macgillivray, Twitter, Kerry Krzynowek, Deloitte, Gabe Ramsey, Orrick
10, Trademarks and Intermediaries
Eric Goldman, Santa Clara University Law School, Samir Jain, WilmerHale, Laura Covington, Yahoo!, Dan Dougherty, eBay
11, Copyright:  A Fair (Use) Fight
Zahavah Levine, YouTube, Ashlie Beringer, Gibson, Colette Vogele, Larry Downes
12, Lunch
1, Opening Remarks
Kevin Werbach, Wharton
1:10, Pervasive Connectivity Alters Everything
Danah Boyd, Microsoft, Adam Greenfield, Nokia
2, Changing Networks
Werner Vogels, Amazon, Jonathan Zittrain, Harvard, Bradley Horowitz, Google
3, Break
3:30 Networks for Change
Umair Haque, Havas, Anil Dash, Expert Labs, David Weinberger, Cluetrain Manifesto, Andrew McLaughlin, Deputy US CTO
4:15, Break
4:30, Strategic Change
Chris Anderson, Wired, Peter Guber, Mandalay, Phil McKinney, HP
5:45, Surprise Entertainment
6:30, Opening Gala & Tech Showcase

W 12/2 Supernova @  Folger, 101 Howard/Spear, Suite 500
7:30 Breakfast
9, Strategies for a Connected World
Kevin Werbach, Wharton, JP Rangaswami, BT, John Hagel, Deloitte, Umair Haque, Havas, Ellen Levy, LinkedIn
10:30, Wharton Talks
Karl Ulrich & Eric Clemons, Wharton, Larry Strickling, NTIA
11, Building Startups Today
Dave McClure, Founders Fund, Rashmi Sinha, SlideShare, Christine Herron, First Round Capital, Bruce Jenett, DLA Piper
11, Is There a Media Business?
Lisa Stone, BlogHer, Jim Griffin, WMG, Catharine Hays, Wharton, Cory Ondrejka, Second Life
11, Privacy and the Social Web
Kraig Baker, Davis Wright, Harriet Pearson, IBM, Anne Toth, Yahoo!, Deirdre Mulligan, UC Berkeley
12:30, Lunch
1:30, Real-Time Flow
Tim O’Reilly, Dick Costolo, Twitter, Brett Slatkin, Google, Monica Keller, MySpace
3, Life in the 21st Century
Esther Dyson, EDventure, Bernardo Huberman, HP Labs, Linda Stone
3, Broadband After Unviersal Connectivity
Joe Waz, Comcast, Paul Brigner, Verizon
4:30, Nicole Wong, Google
6, Cocktails

Th 12/3 Supernova @ Folger, 101 Howard/Spear, Suite 500
7:30, Breakfast
8:30, Fun with Fun with Charles Hudson, Serious Business
8:30, Telecom as Software with Jonathan Christiansen, Skype, Craig Walker, Google
10, Data Minimization
10:30, Taking Data Seriously with Chris Kemp, NASA Ames
10:30, Tech Meets Sustainability with Adam Werbach, Saatchi, Robin Chase, Zipcar..
12, Lunch
1, Roundtables
2:30, Closing Plenary
Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia, Craig Newmark, Craigslist

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