What’s On Next Week: SmarterTV, Streaming Media West…


Thought NewTeeVee Live was awesome, it was merely to whet your appetite for next week in Silicon Valley with my Smarter TV event at the Commonwealth Club and Streaming Media West, #SMWest09.  NYC has its own Future of TV East confab, follow at #FOTVE.  And on a musical note, Tuesday night, 6-9, there is a sneak peek at the upcoming #SFMusicTech with a swanky mixer at Roe, 651 Howard, SF.  For the two stellar SV TV events, here’s a quick survey of who will be where:

M 11/16 6:30-8:30pm

at the Commonwealth Club Silicon Valley
Dominik Rausch, Producer, Easy to Assemble
Anthony Soohoo, SVP General Manager, Entertainment & Lifestyle, CBS Interactive
Russ Schafer, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Yahoo! Connected TV
Evan Young, Senior Director, Broadband Services, TiVo Inc.
Andrew Kippen, VP Marketing, Boxee
Jim Funk, VP Business Development, Roku
Mitch Berman, Co-Founder & CEO, ZillionTV
Martine Paris, Editor, Content NOW

The future is here!  Join us for a fascinating evening with Easy to Assemble, CBS, Yahoo! Connected TV, TiVo, Boxee, Roku,and ZillionTV, who, along with IKEA and Hollywood’s most hilarious comedians, are ushering in the greatest entertainment era ever known. Thanks to technology, talent and brands are now going direct to fans who with just a click of the remote can enjoy shows, tweet onscreen, check weather, holiday shop, order takeout, and so much more.

Tickets:  $15 members, $20 guests
Time:  6:30pm Registration, 7pm Program, 8pm Screening
Location:  Silicon Valley Bank, 3005 Tasman, Santa Clara

(Thank you StreamingMedia.com  for this great blog post!)

Tu 11/17

San Jose Convention Center

9, Bill Stone, FLO TV
10:30, Jim Louderback, Revision3, Vanessa Pappas, Next New Networks, Dermot McCormack, MTV, Brandon White, FUNimation, Brett Wilson, Tubemogul..
11:30, Marc Hustvedt, Tubefilter, Thom Woodley, Dinosaur Diorama, Jenni Powell, The Guild, Brent Friedman, Electric Farm, Zadi Diaz, Smashface Productions..
12:30, Lunch Break
1:45, Joe Wilson, TBS, Rafi Mamalian, blip.tv, Steve Robinson, Panache, Brad Murphy, Revision3, Ben Reneker, SNL Kagan…Itzik Cohen, Clipsync, David Jordan, Rovi, Ruchir Rodrigues, Verizon..
2:45, Rico Nassol, Zappos.com, Mike Sullivan, Hot Topic, Gerry Johnson, HSN..
4, Andrew Kippen, Boxee, Nick Chakalos, Motorola, Roxanne Austin, Move, Michael Bishara, HBO
5, Reception

W 11/18
San Jose Convention Center

9, Marc Whitten, Xbox LIVE
10:30, Brian Duncan, Disney Interactive, Shalini Govil-Pai, YouTube, Tom Morgan, Media.tv..
11:45, Matthew Weisbecker, NBCU, Thomas Carpenter, EPIX, Marty Roberts, thePlatform, Mark Pascarella, Gotuit…
12:30, Kaltura Lunch
1:45, Dan Pryor, Safeway…Tim Harader, Microsoft..
3-3:45, Dan Rayburn, StreamingMedia.com..Jim Funk, Roku, Evan Young, TiVo, Mitch Berman, ZillionTV, Matthew McRae, VIZIO, Paul Alfieri, Limelight..
7:30, Readers’ Choice Awards Reception

Th 11/19
San Jose Convention Center

9, Emil Rensing, EPIX
10:30, Tal Saraf, Amazon CloudFront, Stephen Condon, ATT…Nick Hippe, Adobe
11:30, Ron Berryman, Fox..Jerry Rocha, Nielsen Online, John Paul, Sling Media, Paul Scanlan, MobiTV, Francisco Varela, YouTube, Maria Buck, AP..
12:30, Lunch Break
2-3, Will Coghlan, Hudson Street Media, Caleb Silver, CNNMoney.com…

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