#NTVL NewTeeVee Live/Netflix Toasters Before Wii, Roku Channel SDK, Boxee Box Soon, Comcast Everywhere…


For anyone looking to get up to speed on TV Everywhere, the only place to be today was at Mission Bay in San Francisco for NewTeeVee Live, streamed live at  http://www.justin.tv/richreader and tweeted out on #NTVL. Here’s the gist of it with video to boot:

Marc Whitten, Xbox
– Launched Sky in UK with cool friends feature
– Magical experiences when friends watch together
– Desperate Housewives has an audience, Halo has a community
– Move from audience to community with a shared quest
– Three seats on the sofa
1. seat back – passive participant relaxing, serendipitous discovery
2. seat middle – social experience around viewer, competition reality
3. seat forward – active engagement
– games on demand pay with VISA, credits to be phased out
– although it’s been around awhile, the box is a super powerful conduit
– it’s really all about software
– on the horizon are social mashups we can hardly imagine today
– living room, the most social space in the house
– photos most underserved form of entertainment
– visualize party where friends take pics and remix in game onscreen
– 11/17 FB, Twitter, Last.fm, Zune video marketplace released
– 11/19 Next season of 1 v 100 debuts

Ryan Higa, YouTube Star/The Ryan Higa Show
– YouTube allowing channel partners to upload videos 10+ minutes
– Making more long form videos using a Flip
– Had a series of spoof virals, Carls’ Jr sponsored one
– Not a big check but better than a PT job, mom can’t quit her day job yet
– Most subscribed teen vlogger, more popular than Fred but no rivalry
– When brands dictate what to do, doesn’t resonate with audience
– Got hired off of MySpace as actor for a movie, did ok on iTunes
– A UNLV film Student
– Main goal is to stay on YouTube and keep fans happy
– Likes working on The Station – a comedy collective of YouTube stars
– Meaning of success – to be rich and famous – what everyone wants
– Here’s the NewTeeVee article

Avner Ronen, Boxee
– The Boxee Box is coming!!!
– 12/7 7pm Boxee Beta Unveiling at Music Hall of Williamsburg, NYC
– 2010 focusing on signing up more CE and content partners
– soon people will pay $4 to subscribe to favorite shows
– 2015 Apple will have more subscribers than Comcast
– more will watch video and more will pay for it

Rick Feldman, NATPE & Erik Flannigan, MTVN Comedy Central
– Ratings and traffic go up together, there is no cannibalization
– Would be great to be living in Avne’s glorious world of 2015
– Til then, sogging through the muck
– With regards to windowing, not all shows are created equal
– Daily Show and Colbert produce 160 episodes a year
– They’re perishable, no second windows in syndication, DVDs
– But there is a zeitgeist around the content
– More young men watch these shows than any other
– Several million a night
– Echo effect the day after
– Got 500,000 views off a HuffPo embed
– Like the Mad Men effect where Wall Street and Mad Ave love the show
– With South Park, all shows has been syndicated
– Actually the value of syndication is up across the board
– Shows are worth more now going into syndication
– Don’t underestimate the MASSIVE PASSIVE
Secret Girlfriend, it’s about finding fan one
Jeff Dunham, its about 100,000s fans finding him on Comedy Central
– Meaningful second windows, second moments from cloud
– Want it fulfilled from tv, from the biggest screen we have
– Consumers are one search term away from finding everything
– 20% will always steal – have more time than money
– 20% will never steal, more money than time
– 60% want what they want, need to win them over, make it easy
– value exchange, offering choice – want it now vs seven days
– more willing to pay for what you do w content then when you see it
– don’t like Apple’s uniform presentation of content
– waiting for more visual medium, maybe its Boxee’s beta

Amy Banse, Comcast Interactive Media
– Comcast expression of TV Everywhere:  On Demand Online
– watch what we want, when we want
– Authentic 3 devices logging into Fancast with comcast.net credentials
– For in home and out of home use
– That’s breaking news:  you can travel with cable shows
– Consumers will have choice: Netflix, iTunes, Cable Package
– Online consumption will grow
– cord cutting concern, not seeing it yet but mindful of phenomenon
– diff programmers will play with diff ad loads, shape with reaction
– programmers need to get credit, Nielsen needs to count it all

Murali Nemani, Cisco
– Choice reigns supreme but fragmentation sets in
– MediaNets will accelerate transition to all IP networks

Reed Hastings, Netflix
– WiFi is a $10 part, going into everything
– Netflix will be on all connected devices
– That said, Netflix will be on toasters before the Wii
– (Om pushed and Reed wouldn’t budge – no Wii, get an Xbox or PS3)
– Comcast is winning customers due to increase demand for broadband
– DSL is not fast enough for video
– Online video expands cable’s relevance
– Netflix halo effect on Comcast, Netflix is the iPod of broadband
– As for the studios, they want good distribution and good profits
– They love it when we write big checks
– DVD is stable, postal system not that expensive
– Spent $600 mm on postage this year, will spend $700mm next year
– Bandwidth costs falling thanks to competition be Limelight, Akamai…
– Amazon rate card: a nickel a gig, a nickel to stream a movie, cheap!
– see a hybrid model for Netflix in the future
– eventhough 41% of subs now stream, a year ago it was only 22%
– sometimes you might still need a DVD, like for the car
– DVD business is still growing for Netflix, that’s for the rest of the US
– DVDs will be with us til 2030
– looking to expand internationally with streaming only

Kevin Lynch, Adobe
– Adobe seeks to help cotnent creators get content to all screens viewed
– partnering w 19 of the 20 handsets mfrs for flash apps (sans Apple)
– 2010 flash-enabled tvs will debut
– HTML5 will have many flash-like features like video tagging

Michael Gregory, YouTube Star/Auto-Tune The News
– VJ remix culture is rising in popularity
– Getting sued would be the best thing to happen to me as an artist
– How do people interact with my music, by dancing
– Sony is a great sponsor, said we like your take on things, do it your way
– People always want to slice the hen that lays the golden eggs
– I’m just a man fighting for the future
– If I was in the history books, that would be an insult to the human race
– Auto-tune is a novelty which will reach fad overdrive then settle into equilibrium

Quincy Smith, CBS Interactive
– CBS went from #140 monthly uniques to #10, leading all media
– Zander & Gang are great to run this $600mm rev/$100mm profit co
– Can help CBS more from outside
– Moving on to become a new media banker
– not hating on Hulu, was an early success, first time a JV ever worked
– Future of TV=Video, doesn’t matter what screen, but that you watched it
– 120B is how big the pie is, need to make it work
– the more you distribute, the more valuable the root but embeds kill C3s
– core content needs to be seen, counted and get paid for

Brian Fuhrer, Nielsen
– In a Mac commercial, I’m a PC
– More TVs in the US than people
– In the past 8 months, TV Everywhere coming fast
– Just finished test of 400 homes
– Single currency C3 rating-qualifying programs same tv/web content
– Tracking for cross-platform measurement of extended screen
– National Television Panel of 20,000 US HH, 50% to measure tv/web

Hunter Walk, YouTube
– Remember when the future was 500 channels with the advent of cable
– Now the future isn’t 500,000 channels online
– Rather the future is the channel of one, the channel of you
– Your content follows you
– discover by what you like, friends like and what you don’t know you like
– YouTube top priority is discovery of the 20hrs of uploads every minute
– YouTube is moving to 1080p for a lush unique experience
– noone should worry about YouTube’s bandwidth costs, scale gracefully and enthusiastically
– first build traffic, then monetize
– mobile is exploding, everyone has a camera in their pocket at all times
– YouTube is a media catalyst, a platform, connecting content creators to their audience, YouTube is about video – period

Matthew McRae, VIZIO
– went from zero to hero in 3-4 years
– took advantage of transition from CRT to flat screen
– more nimble, didn’t have the baggage of past investments
– brought price down as fast as possible
– run it like a SV start up with product sprints, short product cycles
– work hard, fast, leverage partners, lifespan of avg tv is 7y, Vizio 5y
– moving to smart tv with yahoo widget engine and flash
– remote with QWERTY keyboard and game controls to write any app
– allowing any device to be remote incl iPhone and Droid
– open platforms for developer community
– come along way in connected ome but network still fails a lot
– have auto-frequency switching to deal with it
– browser is part of webkit API but right now prefer small native apps
– TV shouldn’t look like computer
– Walmart sold more HD than Best Buy, training themselves to do better
– scale will matter most in next transition

Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook & Andy Mitchell, CNN
– Served 20mm live streams for Obama inauguration
– iReport doing well, only video of Minn bridge collapse was iReport
– Friends already on FB, no need to make appointment
– Looking into asynch watching with friends to avoid spoilers
– Will be announcing more CNN/FB events in 2010

Jeremy Reed, Demand Media, Angela Gyetvan, 3ality, Brent Friedman, Electric Farm…
– EF – Sony was a great partner to Electric Farm on Afterworld
– EF – New immersive sites will resemble VW not static mag hubs
– EF – Encourage intuitive exploration, devotion will replace attention
– Ooyala – mobile best way to authenticate the user, will be biggest driver
– DM – create content at scale and at a cost that could be monetized
– don’t greenlight content without ROI
– DM freelance community health insurance, biweekly paycheck
– DM produced 170,000 videos, 5000 articles
– DM – look to searches not being filled
– DM – brands want useful actionable filtered content

Chuck Seiber, Roku
– 400,000 Roku boxes sold give or take a few hundred thousand
– heavy users watch 16 hrs a day like retirement homes
– any given night one third are using the boxes, avg time 2.5 hrs per view
– AVOD uptick in March, more content leads to more boxes
Channel Store SDK dev community, anyone can develop a channel
– No adult content, Roku has QC process so apps can’t crash player
– BD deals with Netflix, AVOD, Rev3, blip.tv, MLB…
– eventually will turn on USB feature
– worrying about broadband caps is like worrying about earthquakes
– may not happen, may not be big deal, for net neutrality but not metering
– like MLB live programming
– Roku to get Xbox Netflix programming feature soon
– Roku is now a legitimate member of the stack, simple and cheap
– Boxee and TiVo licensing UI and programming to other CE
– Roku will stay focused on its HW roots for now, sales are strong


Jason Sieken, PBS
– PBS is going sick, nasty, rad, cool with flashy new site, video.pbs.org
– Avg engagement time is 26 minutes per stream vs Hulu’s 6 minutes
– most trusted brand in US, classic innovators dilemma
– change is upon us but don’t want to mess with what’s working
– Avg viewer age is approaching 60
– key constituents are local PBS affiliates
– New site has backend allowing locals to share content

Gary Cohen, Redbox
– 20600 US kiosks, lawsuits have increased awareness
– SF strong Netflix town, 200 in SF
– vs 400 Denver vs. SLC 1 Kiosk for every 3000 people
– rented half a billion DVDs since launch
– rent DVDs $1 a day at convenient locations: 20 of the 25 supermarket chains, Walmarts, Walgreens, 7-Elevens, indoors/outdoors
– Redbox doesn’t cannibalize EST, adding efficiency, tiny footprint
– know customers, have data, talk via email, promote movies for studios
– Movie on light box gets 200mm impressions by foot traffic in stores
– Jennifer Anniston’s Management did better on Redbox than theatrical
– New releases with star power, box has limited capacity
– Testing digital for long tail
– DVDs have legs for a long time, DVDs and digital to coexist a long time
– testing price points, all business should know price elasticity of products
– but $1 makes math easy
– 25% rent at one place, return at another
– you can reserve online, swipe card and out pops movie

VC Panel:  Bill Gurley, Benchmark Capital…

Clicker Cocktails
– 1st issue of TV Guide in 1953 with baby Desi on cover
– It was a grid with 3 channels and 48 time slots
– Today we’re sifting through billions of videos, thousands of sites
– Clicker aims to be the complete programming guide to internet tv
– 400,000 TV episodes, 30,000 movies, 50,000 music videos
– launched 58 days ago, $8mm venture backed by Benchmark…
– Out of Beta today, check it out, www.clicker.com
– Competitor Yidio has 300,000 TV episodes, 30,000 movies
– 4mm monthly uniques, $500,000 angel backed
– Compare at www.yidio.com
– Yidio’s PR hustled the bloggers table for this post, they’re good:

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