Easy To Assemble, Season II Premieres to Red Carpet, Bright Lights


Last night to much fanfare, Easy to Assemble Season II had its star-studded premiere at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.  There was a red carpet, bright lights, performance by Sweden’s next almost great band Sparhusen, a panel discussion, screening and party.  (Click for pics).  I was thrilled to be invited to cover the event live and would now be posting my breathless review but just couldn’t get myself down there and had to enjoy it online.  The show is totally awesome, very entertaining, and under new FTC regulations I feel compelled to disclose, I’m not being paid to say this:  Easy to Assemble is absolutely my new favorite show, complementing an already fun Wednesday night of Old ChristineModern Family and Glee. Who cares that it’s branded entertainment.  Kudos to IKEA for celebrating the comedic talents of Illeana Douglas, Justine Bateman, Tom Arnold, Ed Begley Jr., Ricki Lake, Tim Meadows, Kevin Pollak, Craig Bierko, Jeff Goldblum, and really anyone you can think of that’s funny and lives in LA, even Keanu Reeves plays an illusive member of the band.  The show is about unemployed TV actors turning up for work at IKEA Burbank and the hilarity that ensues. Not much different than Subway’s media buy for product placement in Chuck except that in the case of Easy to Assemble, the brand, IKEA, is openly underwriting production with far greater transparency.  Oh yeah, did I mention it’s only available online right now.  1.2mm+ views already from YouTube, TV.com, MyDamnChannel and EasytoAssembleSeries.com.  Well, hopefully, it will soon be in your living room too.   After seeing it at NYTVF two weeks ago, I had to add them to my upcoming Smarter TV event featuring CBS, Yahoo! Connected TV, TiVo, Boxee, Roku & ZillionTV at the Commonwealth Club Silicon Valley November 16, which you’ll be able to view on FORA.tv.  Why I am doing this event?  Because the public needs to know!  These boxes are allowing content producers to deliver rich, relevant content direct to fans, into their living rooms, onto the big screen, for the ultimate lean back experience, and really revolutionizing the way we’ll all be enjoying our entertainment going forward.   It’s the start of something BIG, and CBS is to be applauded as the most progressive of all the major media players leading the way in making premium content ubiquitous on all connected devices.  OK, enough said.  You probably want to check out the show now and judge for yourself.  I suggest you start from Season I, it’s 10 episodes over about 30 minutes, and view it from the show’s site, EasytoAssembleSeries.com.  Enjoy!

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