Commonwealth Club/Michael Moore Screens Capitalism: A Love Story


Today at 3:30pm Metreon the hip, happening Commonwealth Club INFORUM is screening acclaimed indie filmmaker Michael Moore’s Capitalism:  A Love Story with Q&A at the Club offices to follow.  Having just met the incredible Robert Greenwald (Walmart, Outfoxed) days ago at Westdoc, it’s truly a thrilling experience to be in the presence of these high profile documentary filmmakers who are possessed with making the world a better place.  Their celebrity a vehicle for getting the greater truth out, their films filling the gap in mainstream media’s filter bringing us closer to the core of being a true democracy.  And where better than San Francisco to host Michael Moore, the home of documentary film for social change as well as home to the Commonwealth Club, one of the most revered non-partisan public affairs forums in the world, holding hundreds of programs like this each year in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and the Easy Bay.  Nearly every world leader, CEO and cultural icon has spoken at the Club including FDR who used the Club as a platform to launch the New Deal. Over 100 years of informing and inspiring the public through live and broadcast events with the longest running radio program on NPR, the Commonwealth Club is a special place to brew game-changing ideas and is open to anyone who wants to join. If you live in the Bay Area, you really should be a part of the Commonwealth Club, and if you’re in your 20s and 30s you’ll enjoy feeding your mind and mixing with peers via INFORUM. Check it all out at  Today’s screening is sold out but last time I looked there was still some standing room for the live Q&A, call 415-597-6705 for details.  My plan to tweet live has been dashed by a deadline, but I will definitely post links to any press coverage and video/audio the Club uploads.  I hope you go, it’s going to be a great event!


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