#Westdoc/The Guide


Three incredible days of mentoring, mixing, and pitching, Westdoc is solely focused on creating access for the content producer to the exploding market for reality programming and documentary films.  So grab your treatment, DVDs and business cards, go register, and race on down to the Doubletree Santa Monica next week.  Westdoc, like NATPE’s LATV Fest, is one of those fantastic opportunities to break into the business.  Here’s the guide:

M 9/14

8-9, Breakfast

*9-10, Reality Innovators
Mark Kunitz, Endemol
Gary Auerbach, Go Go Luckey Entertainment
Paul Buccieri, ITV Studios
Alex Ben Block, The Hollywood Reporter
(Carousel AB)

9-10, PBS to Hollywood
Susan Lacy, PBS American Masters
Mark Samuels, PBS American Experience
Kim Masters, KCRW’s The Business
(Marquee II)

*10-11, Reality Casting
Chuck La Bella, NBCU
Jason Cornwell, Cornwell Casting
Deena Katz, Talent Central
(Carousel AB)

10-11, Selling Docs to Ad Agencies
Bud Brutsman, BCII
Frank Scherma & Frank Stiefel @Radical Media
Gary Paticoff, RPA
(Marquee II)

10-11, Docs and Animation
Kyle Schember, Subtractive
Richard Robbins, Operation Homecoming
Andrew Wainrib, Filmmaker
Jeff Swimmer, Tango Films
(Carousel C)

10-12:15, Sit Downs
Small group sessions, network overviews outlining their needs
What they want and how to get your pitch to the right person

11-11:15, Break

*11:15-12:15, Networks to Watch
Jeff Hasler, Discovery
Robyn Hutt, truTV
David Schiff, GSN
Arunima Dhar, ESPN
(Marquee II)

11:15-12:15, Branding & Integration: The New Reality
Chris Coelen, RDF Media
Mark Koops, Reveille
Jordan Yospe, Esq.
Alex Ben Block, The Hollywood Reporter
(Carousel C)

12:15-1:45, Lunch

*1:45-2:45, International Formats & Rights
David Goldberg, Endemol
Chris Grant, Reveille
David Lyle, Fox Reality Channel
(Marquee II)

1:45-2:45, Getting an Agent
Rob Miller, Peleton Entertainment
Chris Newman, William Morris Endeavor
Gary Tarpinian, MorningStar Entertainment
(Carousel AB)

1:45-2:45, Fair Use and E&O
Christi Deardorff, HISCOX
Michael Donaldson, Esq.
Winnie Wong,Momentous Insurance Brokerage
(Carousel C)

1:45-5:15, Face Time
10 minute private pitch sessions with network buyers
Brent Zacky, VP Development, TLC
David Schiff, VP Programming & Development, GSN
Gary Shapiro, VP Development, Discovery
Merah Chung, VP Development & New Series, Style
Brad Holcman, Director of Creative Affairs, Fox 21
Eric Luskin, VP Syndication & Premium Service, American Public Television
Charles Nordlander, VP Development & Programming, History Channel
and many more…

*2:45-3:45, Keynote
RJ Cutler, Actual Reality Pictures (The War Room)
Alex Ben Block, The Hollywood Reporter
(Carousel AB)

3-4, WGA & DGA
Jim Milo, MPH Entertainment (Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan)
Lisa Layer, DGA, Kay Schaber Wolf, WGAW
William Gazecki, Filmmaker (Show Me The Way)
(Marquee II)

*4-5, Power Programmers/Reality Session
Meet the decision-makers, learn about the network schedules
and program selection process
Jayson Dinsmore, NBCU
John Saade, ABC
Rob Sharenow, A&E
Kristen Connolly Vadas, The CW
Michael Schneider, Variety
(Carousel C)

4-5, The Download on Digital Delivery
Michele Edelman, WB Digital Distribution
Erick Opeka, New Video
Adam Chapnick, Distribber.com
(Marquee II)

4-5, How to Sell a Reality Show
Donna Michelle Anderson, Planet DMA
(Carousel AB)

5-6:30, Cocktails
6:30-9, Dinner Break
9-11, Film screening

Tu 9/15

8-9, Breakfast

*9, Keynote – Everyday Heroes in High Risk/High Reward Situations
Thom Beers, Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, Pitchmen
Alex Ben Block, The Hollywood Reporter
Carousel AB)

9-10, Alternative Markets:  Education and House Parties
Tom Shepard, New Day
Lisa Smithline, Cultural Front Productions

(Marquee II)

*10-11, In Conversation
Robert Greenwald (
Walmart, Outfoxed)
Chuck Braverman (
90210, Melrose Place, Northern Exposure)
(Carousel C)

10-11, Titans of Reality Roundtable
JD Roth, 3 Ball Productions (Biggest Loser)
Jonathan Murray, Bunim-Murray Productions (Project Runway, Khortney & Khloe, Real World)
Howard Owens, Reveille (Ugly Betty, The Office, Biggest Loser)
Arthur Smith, A Smith & Co (Hell’s Kitchen)
Dan Frankel, TheWrap.com
(Carousel AB)

10-12:15, Sit Downs

11-11:15, Break

*11:15-12:15, Celeb-Reality
Beth Greenwald, E!
(Carousel AB)

11:15-12:15, Anatomy of a Doc
Robby Kenner & Elise Pearlstein, Food Inc.
Lynne Littman (Cagney & Lacey)
(Marquee II)

11:15-12:15, Documentary Production Company Roundtable
Tom Rogan, Authentic Entertainment
Eric Schotz, LMNO Productions
Scott Stone, Stone & Co
Gary Tarpinian, MorningStar Entertainment
(Carousel C)

12:15, Lunch

*1:45-2:45, I Have a Great Idea for a Reality Show
Brad Holcman, FOX 21
Noel Siegel, Fox Reality
Elli Hakami, Discovery
(Carousel AB)

1:45-2:45, Power Programmers: Docs
Steve Burns, National Geographic
Nicole DeFusco, Sundance Channel
Charles Foley, Animal Planet
Gena McCarthy, Discovery
Charles Norlander, History Channel

(Carousel C)

1:45-2:45, Using Online Tools to Promote Your Film
Shawn Amos, Web Personality
Roger Jackson, Documentary Filmmaker
Lisa Smithline, Cultural Front Productions
Ondi Timoner (We Live in Public, DiG!)
Tamara Krinsky, Documentary Magazine
(Marquee II)

1:45-5:15, Face Time

2:45-3:45, How to Budget a Reality Show
Donna Michelle Anderson, Planet DMA
(Carousel A)

3-4, Anvil! The Story of Anvil
Sacha Gervasi, Filmmaker
(Marquee II)

*3:30-4:30, Power Programmers: Reality Shows
Cori Abraham, Bravo
Steve Cheskin, TLC
(Carousel C)

*4-5, Future of Reality TV
Tony DiSanto, MTV
John Ferriter, William Morris Endeavor
Mike Duffy, RDF Media
Joe Adalian, TheWrap.com
(Carousel AB)

4-5, How to Get on PBS If Your Name is Not Ken Burns
Eric Luskin, American Public Television
Mary Mazur, KCET
Richard Saiz, ITVS
(Marquee II)

5:30-6:30, Cocktails
(Tom Jennings Productions, Third Street Promenade)
6:30-9, Dinner Break
9-11, Film Screening

W 9/16

*9-4, Pitchfest
Network/cable buyers will hear 12 min pitches in public pit

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