#AGDC/PlaySpan’s Monetization Forum with Playdom, Playfish, IMVU, EA, MySpace, hi5


If my now-client PlaySpan has anything to do with the monetization of Facebook and MySpace, it’s sure to be a banner year for social in 2010.  PlaySpan first caught my attention when it won TiECON last May and CEO Karl Mehta’s young son Arjun made an impressive presentation at SD Forum’s Teen Tech Titans on how he started the wildly popular publisher-sponsored in-game commerce network when he was just 9 years old.  Having already raised $24mm in venture capital with 100+ employees serving over 100mm+ gamers worldwide, PlaySpan is a major monetization force prepared to vault the economies of social networks, virtual worlds and online games into the stratosphere.  They are hosting an incredible monetization forum at GDC Austin next Tuesday, 9/15. Looking at the speaker list, expect it to be similar to the phenomenal Social Gaming Summit held last June which tweeps are still buzzing about.   If you’re already registered for GDC Austin, then attendance at PlaySpan’s conference is FREE.  What an awesome way to kick off GDC.  With over 200 high profile industry players in the audience, the networking should be fantastic.  RSVP at corp.playspan.com/gdc, tweet along at #agdc #gdcaustin, and throughout the show stop by PlaySpan’s Booth 801 for some awesome demos.  Here’s the guide:

Tuesday, 9/15
GDC Austin, Austin Convention Center

Level 4, Forum 18CD

2pm, Opening Remarks
Karl Mehta, CEO, PlaySpan

2:15pm, Social Gaming Panel
John Pleasants, CEO, Playdom
Sebastien de Halleux, COO, Playfish
Jason Oberfest, SVP Business Development, MySpace
Lance Tokuda, CEO, RockYou
Ned Sherman, CEO, Digital Media Wire

3:05pm, MMOs & Virtual Worlds
Cary Rosenzweig, CEO, IMVU
Joshua Hong, CEO, K2 Network-GamersFirst
Johny Mang, Live Operations Director EA- DICE (Battlefield Heroes)
Tom Hale, Chief Product Officer, Linden Lab (Second Life)
Craig Alexander, VP Product Development, Turbine
Nanae Reeves, SVP, EA Online

3:55pm, Monetization Demo

4:15pm, Platforms
Ramu Yalamanchi, Chief Product Officer, hi5
Danielle Deibler, Engineering Manager, Adobe
Damon Hougland, Senior Director, PayPal Platform
Peter Relan, Founder and Chairman, Aurora Feint
Charles Hudson, VP Business Development, Serious Business

5:05, Transitioning Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO)
from Subscription to Hybrid Model (Subs + Free2Play)

Fernando Paiz, Executive Producer, Turbine

5:45-7pm, Cocktails

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