#Apple/Rock N Roll/Steve Jobs is Back in Black


W 9/9, 10am Apple’s Rock and Roll Press Event
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco

Steve Jobs walks on stage and the crowd goes wild – the stock is at $174.10.  “I wouldn’t be here without such generosity, so I hope all over us can be as generous and elect to become organ donors”  Yet in the end, a soft landing with Steve Jobs kissing Norah Jones on the cheek and only a video capture iPod Nano – no Paul McCartney, no special Beatles edition video capture iPod Touch – no Beatles mention at all – well Beatles Rock Band went on sale today but that has nothing to do with Apple selling the Beatles catalogue on iTunes – stock at $172.29.

As for Twitter, #apple was twending at #1 til it crashed for 20 minutes at 10:30am. So live blogging it was, and here is the summary:

– Bloomberg has reported Jobs is here
– There is Eric Schmidt, Google (pic)


– Teenage Wasteland playing

– Steve Jobs is on stage!!!
– Standing ovation

– 30mm iPhones sold in past 2+ years
– App Store 1+ year old, 75,000 apps
– 1.8B apps downloaded not including updates
– iPhone OS 3.1 free upgrade available today for iTunes LP with lyrics, liner notes, video, essays and original artist content, up to 12 genius mixes/radio stations created from library (over 27mm libraries/54B songs submitted to date), improved app mgmt syncing, home sharing up to 5 computers, redesigned store – buy right from top ten chart, share on FB Twitter, 30,000 ringtones from all 4 major labels at $1.29/each
– iTunes 9 free upgrade available today
– iTunes Stores in 23 countries incl Mexico, #1 music retailer in the world, 100mm accounts, sold over 8.5B songs
– 220mm iPod sold to date, 30mm in past two years, one of the most successful products in history, 73% US market share, half are switchers
– iPod Nano, sold over 100mm, now takes on the Flip with video camera and built in FM radio, pedometer, voice recorder, Nike+ sync, $149 8gb, $179 16gb
– iPod Classic $249 160gb, 40,000 songs
– iPod Shuffle 2gb, $59, 4gb $79-99, finally the headphones with remote
– 20mm iPod Touch sold, now $199 8gb, $299 32gb, $399 64gb
– Gaming titles:  607 PSP, 3680 DS, 21,178 iPhone, fits in your pocket, trashing the competition, showcased apps from Bart Decrem, Tapulous – dream was to get to 1mm users in first year, hit that goal in 3 weeks, Tap Tap Revenge one of the most popular games on App Store, now introducing Riddim Ribbon – racing down a ribbon, you are the DJ, your job is to follow the groove or your rich sound will be taken down to basic drum beats, Ben Mattes, Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed, Mark Hickey, Gameloft FPS Nova, and Travis Boatman, EA Madden NFL 10

I tried to check out all the live bloggers but Ars Technica was so much fun, I wound up staying with them for the rest of the event.  Others live blogging were:






AllThingsD have photos up at:


One Response to “#Apple/Rock N Roll/Steve Jobs is Back in Black”

  1. Steve Jobs is my hero.
    He is very positive & creative.
    He is a man struggling for health,welth & prosperity.
    Hope he can last for more 50 years.


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