Art Institute’s Mobile Marketing Pitchfest Selects iPhone App Serenade


Leave it to acclaimed filmmaker Simone Nelson (City of Borders) to give her Art Institute Media Delivery Systems & Distribution students real world mobile marketing experience while providing valuable research, design and strategy to the developers of the new free iPhone app, Serenade, which allows users to email, tweet and FB favorite songs to friends and family.  I was thrilled to preside as a judge on a panel of industry executives as three teams presented on the best way to chart Serenade. The students designed compelling websites, creative launch events, crafty incentives, embeddable viral podcasts and street teams with clever tee shirts and captivating posters.  They laid out SWOT analyses (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), zero cost social media marketing campaigns, low cost FB/Ad Mob media buys, and a tweak on Twitter hashtags and trackable links.  It was entertaining and informative for all involved.  Of course, the winning team was the one with the Apple aesthetic – simple, clean, novel – as in the real world.  I like the Serenade app and its business model, one driven by iTunes affiliate fees.  Bands who upload songs on iTunes via a distributor like TuneCore have a new tool to drive traffic within their fan bases to their iTunes shopping cart.  (Hopefully soon Serenade will reestablish its relationship with Amazon to enable bands to drive traffic to its physical CDs created via CreateSpace.)  I liked them so much I even recommended them for the CES 2010 Mobile Apps Showdown, so stay tuned!


One Response to “Art Institute’s Mobile Marketing Pitchfest Selects iPhone App Serenade”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Yun Suh is the filmmaker of “City of Borders”. The reference to “City of Borders” attached to Simone Nelson in the article is misleading to the reader. Please note Simone Nelson was a co-producer of “City of Borders.”

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