#iPhoneDevCamp/KPCB iFund, BT Trance


As the moon rose over the Y! campus last night, developers descended from near and far, and those that didn’t make it to Sunnyvale, partied in Munich, Denver, NYC, etc.  We’re reporting remotely this weekend and thanks to the tweeps haven’t missed a thing.  Here’s what they had to say about last night:

Geek Out
This being the third year, iPhoneDevCamp is bigger, younger, better groomed, and more female than the average developer event.  It’s bustling with energy. There are several marketing companies present, a far cry from the old MacHack days.

Chi-Hua Chein, KPCB iFund
Keynote:  The Power of the AppStore.  Trends generated: 3g apple hardware, device and the store led too $100m iFund.  AppStore kicks iTunes store; 100:1 ratio, # users of mobile internet is 4x desktop users, news, games, music usage on iphone far exceeds that on desktops, consumer-oriented biz, iPhone sales dwarf ipod sales, 1.5B downloads from appstore in 165 days, iFund received .5mm applications, 4000 proposals reviewed, 250 companies met, funded 7 thus far (KPCB only invests in 15/year, makes iFund’s 7 seem super fast), iFund companies: pelago $18M, 3ees, gogii $25M, 3ees, icontrol 25-30ees, ngmoco $15M, 3ees, booyah $5M, 3ees, mobshop $5M, 1ee @KPCB, +1 unannounced, you can form a company with just one person, $45M deployed, will probably exceed $100M cap.  Top 25 app are very boring. #1 app in appstore (100k downloads/day): “do not push the red button.”  Does nothing!  Current top apps are a bit disappointing, non-innovative.   Looking for innovation, value creation, significance.  Innovation is key – small, hacky apps are not long-term.  No livelihood in looking for quick non value creating non innovative apps, keep your day job. Mobile commerce will be 3-4x size of web commerce ($100B), close to a trillion dollars.  Not too long ago, we were willing to pay $1 for info on 411. Phones are great for spontaneous purchases.  If you don’t innovate, the incumbants will come in (Amazon, Google).  What will be the Amazon, Google of the mobile world, realtime everywhere & anywhere, the internet was a really good newspaper; after you walk away from the computer, the internet is over, the mobile internet knows a lot more about you, it’s always on, local search is completely different from desktop search, ie social, geo are bigger factors, healthcare, mobile device can transmit monitoring data from embedded device, mobile device can also analyze data, us gov is going to spend a lot to digitize med data, augmented reality – mobile device overlays data on top of real world, you view the world in the context of this device, and it overlays local information on top of that, real-world gaming – online games have spent a lot to build massive virtual worlds. what if the planet was the world you played in, what would you play?  KPCB strong relationship with Apple makes it possible to fund these companies. Don’t try to launch a mobile operating sys.  Mobile is a componenet of ed, huge market.  Top 5 things that matter when selecting a company to fund? Product (compelling), tech (defensible), team (competency), market, business models (how are you going to make money). Google’s orig. biz plan didn’t account for $1B in first years, no way to get it right, most important is how you think about it, encourage financial projections. iPhones editorializing of great apps is quite good for featured apps, facebook platform is the opposite.  Apple selects apps that push the platform, FB app store was a free for all, all the great apps we could have built around FB never happened because FB had no editorial, we’re going thru a market education process, the media hasn’t given enough notice to apps that are changing the world.  Almost all have patents, very difficult technology is the best barrier to entry, hardware takes a lot of capital, not great for VCs, not investing in services, looking for people developing IP, The key to success seems to be do hard things… Do software that is hard to replicate.  Dominant revenue model – user-purchase – virtual goods or real through Apple’s payments platform.  Tools to promote beyond appstore: mobclix, adworld, tapjoy run ad campaigns outside appstore.  Apple has sold 45M iphones/ipod touch, vs billions of handhelds sold overall.  Better to make a lot of $ from a few users, or make a little $ from a lot of people?  Depends on market: medical apps cost a lot; tons of free apps that are ad supported.  Would it help or hinder to have multiple disparate projects?  Focus is best, pick the best one.  Gogii is loved by teens because their parents won’t get them a texting plan.  App store more like internet dev, than packaged goods.  Prefer receiving pitches via email, a deck that covers the 5 main areas is sufficient (35 pages no longer the norm).  Email:  cchien@kpcb.com.  KPCB has a team behind the scenes to handle the scale of iFund submissions, its a very personal, hi-touch business.  Slides will post on ipdc site.

BT Wicked Trance (http://www.twitvid.com/DF111)
BT performing with his iPhone app, Sonifi, remixes his latest single with signature stutter, shake phone twice for stutter edit.  Legend in the electronic scene, did Monster soundtrack.  developers / hit the dancefloor with lightsticks / iphones and cameras.

http://r8ar.com/ (super-cool montage)

Live Streaming

#iphonedevcamp, @michaeltsmith, @erikeldridge …

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