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Leave it to acclaimed filmmaker Simone Nelson (City of Borders) to give her Art Institute Media Delivery Systems & Distribution students real world mobile marketing experience while providing valuable research, design and strategy to the developers of the new free iPhone app, Serenade, which allows users to email, tweet and FB favorite songs to friends and […]

Who would have thought you could travel back in time to the moment when everything changed but there they were, the pioneers of the digital music industry on stage – Gerry Kearby, Liquid Audio, Hank Barry, Napster, Ken Wirt, Diamond Multimedia Rio, Gene Hoffman, eMusic, and Ted Cohen, EMI laughing over what happened that paved […]

I knew there was something different about the Bandwidth Conference today when I walked into the library of the University Club and there in the chambers were a group of industry folks enjoying a game of name your favorite album within six degrees of New Jersey.  Dr. Dog, Ween, and the Velvet Underground came up quite […]

Whether you’re doing the deal or a spending superfan, this weekend all eyes are on the Bay Area with Bandwidth opening for the Outside Lands Festival. Even 140c Jeff Pulver is in town.  Here are details: Th 8/27 – F 8/28 BANDWIDTH University Club, San Francisco, #bandwidthsf THE GUIDE Th 8/27 1 Library Album […]

A rocking autumn is coming up fast so enjoy these last lazy days of summer.  Here’s what’s on through the end of the month: W 8/19 12pm CHANGING FACE OF MEDIA Kevin Yen, YouTube, John Raess, AP, Lisa Stone, BlogHer, Jon Fine, BusinessWeek, Robert Rosenthal, CIR, Quentin Hardy/Sam Whitmore, Forbes Michaels at Shoreline, 2960 N […]

There are a lot of great little mixers this week like Meet the Media SF, a PR pitchfest to the digerati featuring a round robin with heavyhitters TechCrunch, Forbes, ZDNet, PCWorld and blogosphere/twitterverse supernovae.  Sponsored by Ogilvy, Joie de Vivre, Speck, Groshelle Communications, and Domingo Communications, this clever tweetup can be stumbled upon this Thursday, August 13 […]

Nearly 200 gathered at Microsoft tonight for the Commonwealth Club of Silicon Valley’s Next Big Thing in the Mobile World moderated by the very entertaining Jon Fortt of Fortune who spent considerable time talking about 3jam and Google Voice, Apple pulling the app, and the next big thing being voice in the cloud – watch […]

300+ turned out for Mobile Monday tonight as Tapulous, Yahoo!, Quattro, AdMob, GetJar and Forrester shared insights on monetizing iPhone apps.  See below for highlights.  The host Skyhook Wireless distributed a helpful “Developer’s Guide to In-App Advertising” which you can find here: They also published their “Investment in the Silicon Valley Mobile Industry” report […]

As the moon rose over the Y! campus last night, developers descended from near and far, and those that didn’t make it to Sunnyvale, partied in Munich, Denver, NYC, etc.  We’re reporting remotely this weekend and thanks to the tweeps haven’t missed a thing.  Here’s what they had to say about last night: Geek Out […]