#VDC09/VCast App Store, More Ways to Make $


With Verizon entering the app store game, there are now more ways for coders to make money.  Here are the highlights from today’s Verizon Developer Community (VDC) Conference:

– VCast App Store 4Q09, goal is to provide more apps than anyone
– not offering an SDK, instead offering open APIs compatible with underlying SDK for all supported OS, giving programmers access to network-specific data like billing, location, and messaging.  This means coders can simply embed Verizon API’s to sell same BB apps in Verizon app store as sold in BB world, Get Jar.. With little effort, developers get another place to sell their apps
– expedited approval process – only 14 days to launch after submission
– No fees for APIs, testing or certification
– 70/30 rev share split, same as Apple
– CMO John Stratton – seeking to complement partners – those SDKs and platforms are established – we do not intend to create our own SDK and create further fragmentation – rather make it easier to consume apps with online portal to distribute and promote smartphone apps – VCast App Store will complement existing on-device portal
– Verizon’s site is #26 largest web property in the US with over 60mm registered users half who visit the site monthly, largest wireless voice and data network with 87.7mm subscribers 
– Verizon Developer Advisory Board – 11 members – gaming heavy hitters – Gameloft, Capcom, EA, Gravity, iSkoot, Networks in Motion, PacketVideo, Siri, Slacker, Tribal Tech, Zed Group: http://news.vzw.com/news/2009/07/pr2009-07-28a.html

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