SFFS 360 Film + Club/RiP, Eclectic Method Bring Down The House


What a party it was last night as SFFS film lovers ducked in from the fog to the hot and steamy screening of RiP:  Remix Manifesto.  There must have been 300 in the house as director Brett Gaylor took the stage and encouraged cheers for the good guys and boos for the bad guys in his epic doc on the fight for free expression and battle against corporate control over our culture. During the 90-minute flick, the crowd went crazy for the uber-hip Lawrence Lessig and ballistic on the RIAA who is still going after single moms. The film has great footage of Girl Talk and the Radiohead remixes. You walk away from the film with a tremendous appreciation for the EFF, Creative Commons and YouTube. Brett Gaylor then invited all to join in the remixing at www.opensourcecinema.org and brought onstage Dan O’Neill from the Mouse Liberation Front to share his first hand account of Disney prosecuting his parodies of Mickey Mouse.  Then after a set from Adrian and Mysterious D, the mind-blowing Eclectic Method brought the house down with their special sauce of pulsating VJ remixes.  Bay Area Guardian calls SFFS 360 Film + Club, the best dance flix fix around, and Content NOW agrees.  Uniquely San Francisco.  Takes place every other month. More details at www.sffs.org.  

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