#PlatformPreview/PayPal Global Payments Platform Opens to 3P Developers


Although #Comic-Con is twending #2 right now, massive ooohs and aahs just concluded at the @PayPal Platform Preview event in San Jose where developers are now huddled in code/build under NDA.  Tweeters for the public announcement included @scobleizer and @sujamthe and here’s what the tweeps collectively had to say:
– Scott Thompson, President, PayPal:  The Holy Grail is getting paid to do what you love.   Innovation depends on viable business models
– PayPal is changing the future of payments, developers will drive the future of payments, in the same way power outlets drove electricity ubiquity, safe online payments will drive internet ubiquity – Osama Bedier, VP Product Development, PayPal
– $2000+ flows through PayPal every second, every day globally, $30T/year opportunity for developers, payments is a bigger market than ecommerce, this is truly the age of the sw developer
– @twitpay very cool way to pay using Twitter, uses PayPal adaptive payments technology, mentioned on the Colbert Report last night, create a tab via Twitter and pay in one payment, www.twitpay.me
– RIM using PayPal to collect $ in app store and pay app developers at same time, PayPal brand equity makes consumers feel safe paying
Livework.com also featured as well as MS Azure, outsourcing 2.0 = cloudsourcing
– The event was live streamed at:  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/paypal
X.com is for all things developer, private beta starts now, public beta in November
PayPal X Innovate 2009 will be held 11/3-4, San Francisco Design Concourse, developer conference for the new PayPal open payments platform with over 40 technical sessions, keynotes, labs, and networking events
– everyone dazzled by the electrifying presentation, cheering it as the next big wave, loved the lunch, wine, cheese, and 64gb stick, alphageek tees and goofy hat schwag
–  Follow @carolynmellor #changehowwepay for more
– Here’s the video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgT7gGciQrg 

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