#CrunchUp and Party/Highlights


Thank you Michael Arrington for the invite to your fabulous CrunchUp and Party.  The house was packed with 600 attendees.  The lobby overflowing with key players. Within the minutes of arrival, I bumped into Tim Draper, Samir Arora, Ron Conway, and even SFMusicTech’s Brian Zisk just trying to get to the coffee bar. The panels were fantastic.  There was so much tweeting from iPhones alone that the event was twending by mid-morning.  If you missed it, you can watch it at http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1783844, read the transcript of the onstage conversation with Ron Conway, John Borthwick and Steve Gillmor, or check out the tweets at #crunchup.  Ron Conway, the angel with the midas touch and early investor in Google, FB, Twitter, etc., delivered his $5B monetization plan for real-time data a la a top ten:  1. follower acquisition, 2. contextual advertising, display, 3. syndication of new ads, 4. user aunthentication, 5. commerce, 6. payments, 7. CRM, 8. analytics, 9. coupons, 10. lead generation. Jack Dorsey talked about the lightness of following someone, you’re in, you’re out, you really follow the stream, not the person, this keeps it fresh. At the break one of the Twitter readers inadvertently started a rumor that Twitter was deleting tweets older than 7 days old. They started doing this a month ago but please don’t quote me, she said.  Then another Twitter reader agreed, its true, because the nature of Twitter is so  transient.  I asked, what about historical reference, like the #iranelection. Then someone in the plaza opined, Twitter didn’t announce it but they have been doing this since they ran into scaling problems.  After watching Michael tear into FriendFeed for creating out of control mobs, I thought, wouldn’t there be a mob over Twitter deleting tweets.  Why is everyone so nonchalant about this. I tweeted out, but noone responded.  Then I had a chance to catch up with Adam Pisoni of Yammer at lunch.  He explained that the issue is Twitter search, the tweets are not being deleted but some tweets are not being indexed into search because of the scaling issue.  If you follow someone, you can still see their history of tweets.  You can still see your own history.  Then we sat back, contemplated the power to delete history, and shuddered.  That resolved, I went back in for awhile.  There were some very interesting demos.  Worth checking out:  Lazyfeed and Mag.ma (beta invite code:  crunchup09) aggregator providing total views of videos across platforms (e.g. iTunes, Hulu, YouTube..) as a tool for brands to shop popular content and vice versa.  Signed up for the beta and then took off for the party at August Capital, early to arrive on Sand Hill Road to pick up a signed copy of the gorgeous Hugh MacCleod print that John Rourke of Bantam Networks paid $1000 at auction to benefit EFF.  The atmosphere at the party was clubby.  I hung out with Chris Forney of the Pasasdena-based ArtWorksGallery.com.  We talked a bit about the art/wine/technology interplay and marketing strategies for Hugh’s work in Silicon Valley as we walked about checking out the caricature artists, the Grey Goose ice sculpture, the gourmet chips and tamales, the stage with feather boas set to go.  I didn’t even ask.  As the party drifted into the night, the deck at August Capital approached 800 partygoers including Randi Zuckerberg, that Stanford kid that looks like her brother (Jeff Widman,Mint.com, from SD Forum Teen Titans), and iJustine.  As I left with parting gifts from TokBok, Tinker, Sun Startup Essentials, and One Riot, there was still more to come. Here are the photos.  Alexia Tsotsis, LA Weekly got the scoop.

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