#boxeedev – indies get your app on


Awesome party last night at Mezzanine.  Boxee was celebrating 100 apps, .5mm users with 1mm expected by year-end thanks to new Windows release, its new user-friendly home page and the winners of its developer challenge.  Avner Ronen was there tossing gorgeous black tees into the crowd and everyone was having a great time.  The event was hosted by Veronica Belmont from Tekzilla with judges Chris Pirillo of Gnomedex, Ryan Block of GDGT and Cali Lewis from geekbrief.tv.  The winners:

People’s Choice – DropBoxee by Jon Steinberg
Judges’ Choice – We Are Hunted by Nick Dima

People’s Choice – Facebook Photos by Junda Liu
Judges’ Choice – Facebook Photos by Junda Liu

People’s Choice – BBC Live by Ian Tweedie
Judges’ Choice – OpenCourseWare by Roshan Revankar

Justin.tv live streamed it at www.justin.tv/boxee and here are some of the videos from YouTube:

Did you know that content producers can use Boxee to get their webisodes, features or shorts seen on TV?  Yup, its true.  Asked Avner myself.  Boxee is an open market, uncrowded with .5mm+ high-profile users. Hook up with a friend that codes and check it out at developer.boxee.tv.

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