#140conf/140 Voices, Everyone a Character


Jeff Pulver’s party kicks into high gear as tweeps from near and far arrive in NYC for his 140 Characters Conference tomorrow.  Content NOW was thrilled to get an invite from Jeff to cover the event, but will be in Silicon Valley tomorrow night covering the MIT/Stanford VLAB’s Exploring the Mobile Apps Opportunity with Matt Murphy, iFund Manager of Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers.   Luckily, thanks to Twitter, we can be in both places at the same time as we follow along at #140conf and fill in below. Event will be twending by the time the West Coast wakes up.  140 voices. Everyone is a character.   If you’re in NYC, stop by New World Stages, 340 W 50th.  Here’s some video and here’s the guide:

Tu 6/16

8:45 – @JeffPulver
– Would the Berlin wall have come down faster if Twitter were there
– Twitter has the ability to instantly bring people together around a cause
9:05 – @Jack Dorsey, Twitter
– Twitter is based on approachability, transparency, immediacy
– expect the unexpected and when possible, be the unexpected
– cult of democracy, the democratization of information
– great success of Twitter is making the world smaller, make govts the world over more open, Twitter flattens hierarchy and makes humans out of our leaders, just got back from Iraq after putting Prime Minister on Twitter, rescheduled maintenance to allow for #iranelection
9:20 – @TimOReilly, Web 2.0 Summit producer
– secret of sm is adding value to community, create more value than you capture, amplify communities, Twitter will remake America and remake the world, weave a community with similar interests
– news business is a service business
9:35 – @FredWilson, Union Square Ventures
9:50 – @JohnBorthwick on the Twitter Ecosystem
10 – @DavidSaranga, Israeli Consultate

10:15 – @BillyJensen, Village Voice, @erickshonfeld, Tech Crunch, @palafo, NYT, @peteramckay, WSJ, @etanowitz, Orlando Sentinel
10:35 Break
11 – @HowardLindzon, StockTwits.com
11:10 –
Twitter TV – @shelly_palmer, Emmy’s, @craigatscifi, Sci Fi Channel, @gavinpurcell, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, @Caissie, Best Week Ever
– Worst re-branding winner got people talking, Sci Fi to Sy Fy
– Twitter is a big focus group
– TV producers not too keen on Twitter affecting content but like the audience feedback
– @JimmyFallon does his own tweeting
11:30 – @sacca
11:40 – @dmitry, Veoh – Twitter for relevance, popularity, trends
11:50 –
@briansolis, @somecards, @zappos
– @Zappos – We don’t view Twitter as a marketing tool, we use it for customer service.  Noone looks at the phone and asks what’s the ROI
– Twitter is a long term branding tool
 – As creatives in sm, we try to redefine what the I is in POI @briansolis
– When I gave you a hug this morning, I wasn’t thinking what’s the ROI of this hug @zappos, think of Twitter as building friendships, I tweet to create happiness, inspire, entertain, educate
– When using social media, make it fun, short and RTable, say thanks
– Exploring the state of now is exhausting, never ends, when is lunch
– Zappos philosophy on company culture.  It’s family style.
– SomeCards, Twitter is a quarterback, we guide our brand through Twitter
– We use it to have a conversation with 680K, immediate response
– Blogging let you go deep, Twitter lets you go wide
– Of course Twitter was invented by men, a woman would have chosen a higher character limit @KimSherrell
– Twitter lets you find customers where they are and respond to them
– Businesses use Twitter for marketing and monitoring audience trends
– I am made great but the sums of my connections and so are my connections – Stowe Boyd
– All the typing in this room makes it sound like its raining.  This used to be deemed annoying now it’s the norm @barnstormed
– Listen for point of need which people do on Twitter uniquely, Twitter provides an opportunity to provide a remarkable level of customer service
– Company’s culture and brand – two sides of same coin
– Twitter is a conversation, value of listening is to make sure the other party knows you are listening and that you value them, mistake to push
– Employees talk for themselves (Zappos) v unified as brand (SomeCards)
– key words talking, engage, conversational listening, participation
12:10 – @maegancarberry, HuffPo on post-partisanship
– all tweeters are thought leaders, what’s original and what’s RT
12:20 @anncurry, @RickSanchezcnn @Scobleizer, @todayshow
– All on stage with blackberry in hand checking Twitter, entire newsgathering panel appears to be gathering news from the panel
– @etanowitz – @anncurry @ricksanchez taking pictures from stage of audience taking pictures of stage:   http://ping.fm/p/Grl3L
– @Scobleizer asked @RickSanchezCNN why CNN did not cover IranElection riots/protests on Saturday, see #CNNFail, response, none of the other networks covering it either, CNN at least got 40 seconds in every hour, blame the executive producers, at no time did we drop the ball on tehran, Amanpour was there on the ground getting tear-gassed
– MSM mainstream media is not covering the world as it should, agencies are cutting back on coverage, Twitter is freeing- @AnnCurry, news changing because of the interconnectedness of Twitter and citizen journos, need better coverage to reduce the demonization of others, lack of knowledge of the Iranian plays into US demonization of them, Obama election and IranElection have in common a need for change and use of SM to achieve it, mandate for citizen journos, shoot the story likes its your mom’s, that’s the road to compassion, clarity, truth
– Audience can’t say enough good about curry and bad about sanchez
– Twitter remains the fishbowl, mass behavior should not be predicated by mob rule, eyewitness reports is not journalism, not always accurate and trustworthy
12:40 – Lunch
2 – @JohnAByrne, Business Week
2:20 – James Cox, @imajes, the amazing story behind CNNBRK
2:30 – The Al Jazeera Twitter Strategy
2:40 – @brad_filder – making disruptions count, capital accumulation, market strategy, democracy
2:50 – @lizstrauss
3 – @JeffreyHayzlett, Kodak
3:20 – @Slavin_fpo, area/code
3:30 – @tagstrategic, @xjernigan, @dollyhall, @jimjonescapo
3:50 – @vikkichowney
4 – @espn_prodgirl, @sunswebmaster, @kathleenhesser, @natalie_gulbis, @troy_murphy
4:20 – Break
4:40 – Bands/Fans – @dianebirch, @steviegpro
4:50 – Moms – @audreymcclellan, @jessicagottlieb, @rockandrollmama
5:10 – @Pistachio
5:20 – Fans – @jer979
5:30 – AMC’s Mad Men – @bettydraper, @peggyolson
5:50 – @baratunde
6 – @ajkeen
6:10 – @adventuregirl, @ijustine, @juliaroy, @chrisbrogan
6:30 – @upbeatnow
6:40 – @adamhirsh, @amanda, @drew, @stacymonk
7 – 9 Cocktails

W 6/17

8 – @jeffpuler
8:05 – @mkoke
8:15 – @scottporad, #followfriday
8:25 – @mahesmurthy
8:35 – @SteveRubel, Edelman Digital
8:45 – @kayliejones, @kevinheisler
9 – @chrisbrogan
9:20 – GPS for Greater Social Media Mesh @aaronstrout, @bmorrissey, @dberkowitz, @hadleystern, @pfasano
9:40 – @sizemore at the movies
9:50 -@jeffreyhayzlett on photos
10:10 @bronwen, NOW Media
10:20 @anamariecox, @dceiver, @newmediajim, @mikemadden – White House
10:40 – Break
11 – Brands – @MarriottIntl, @KodakCB, @jbell99
11:20 – @jaltucher
11:30 – Publishing – @ami_with_an_i, @colleenLindsay, @R_Nash, @RussMarshalek, @chapmanchapman
11:50 – @hjortur
12 – Advertising @thejames
12:10 – gizmozstudio
12:20 – Twitter Apps – @iaindodsworth, @wingdude
12:40 – @heathr
12:55 – Lunch
2 – @americagovprint, @andrewkneale, @josholalia, @gpi, @ritajking
2:20 – @jobsworth
2:30 – User Experiences – @jaysonelliott, @jeffdachis, @karenmcgrane, @whitneyhess
2:55 – @sujamthe – innovation
3 – @mario – services
3:20 – @stephagresta – affiliate marketing
3:30 – @brainmoran,@rieva
3:45 – @erictpeterson – analytics
3:50 – fashipn brands – @macala, @yuilz
4 – UK – @radiokate, @media140, @yiannopoulos
4:20 – Break
4:40 – @melissapierce – documentary
4:50 – @marahverse – poetry
5 – @sass
5:30 – 5:45 @deanland, @howardgr

*@peoplebrowsr autofills hashtags for faster tweeting

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