#WWDC/iPhone 3G S Ships 6.19


On June 19, you do not need to party in line overnight for the amazing iPhone 3G S.  The new phone, faster, smarter with a 3MP autofocus camera and video capture is available for pre-order online now for pickup or shipment on or around launch date.  Selling at $99 for 8gb 3G, $199 for 16gb 3G S and $299 for 32gb 3G S black and white for new 2y ATT contracts at www.apple.com/iphone/buy or 800-MyApple.  That’s a w00t!   Early upgrade pricing is available to some existing ATT customers with new 2y contract:  $299 for 8gb 3G, $399 for 16gb 3G S, $499 for 32gb 3G S.  (the $100 bump is less than the $115 ETF on the 3Gs bought last July).  And now, ATT is allowing the phone to be sold without a contract with pricing similar to the original iPhone: 16gb 3G S $599, 32gb $699.  Kudos to Apple/ATT for creating the framework for a much more enjoyable buying process than last summer’s debut.  Now if only, the free 3.0 software upgrade results in Qik’s debut in the apps store for 3G, I’d be ecstatic.  (Wonder if ATT will bump rates to account for the expected increase in bandwidth from all that live video sharing.)

Out in September, on the Mac front, we can look forward to the debut of SnowLeopard debut for a $29 upgrade.  Hopefully, they will upgrade the currently Leopard bundle to Snow Leopard with iLife ’09 and iWork ’09 for the $129 now being offered.

Watch Phil’s keynote at www.apple.com.  Many thanks to @LeoLaporte, @iJustine and the @TWiT gang for posting that bootleg Ustream of the WWDC keynote and the outstanding moment to moment analysis and commentary.

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