PGA Produced By Conference/Guide


Content NOW is honored to have been chosen to cover the first Producers Guild of America Produced By Conference taking place this weekend at Sony Studios. At this sold out event, Hollywood heavyweights James Cameron, Norman Lear, Clint Eastwood mentor up-and-coming producers, HBO, USA, AMC discuss scripted cable, Desperate Housewives, Lost showrunners explore elements of episodic hits, Atari founder Nolan Bushnell speaks on indie gaming, Reveille speaks on branded entertainment and perhaps the Twitter deal, Arianna Huffington goes green, and more. We’re not in LA this weekend, but will follow #PBC, #producedby and retweet @contentnow.  Here’s the guide:   

F 6/5

Party on the Paramount Pictures Lot, Paramount Theater

Sa 6/6  

Breakfast Meet & Greet, Sony Pictures Plaza/Atrium

A1 – James Cameron – Seeing the Future in 3D
B1 – Scripted Cable w USA, FX, AMC, TNT/TBS/TCM, DisneyABC
D1 – Branded Entertainment w Reveille

A2 – Indie Film Finance
B2Curb Your Enthusiasm producer
D2 – Lost, Ugly Betty, XMen producers

A3 – Gordon on Gordon – Die Hard, Day After Tomorrow producers
B3 – Starlight Runner Entertainment, MIT Media Lab, Mass Animation
D3 – ABC Entertainment, Endemol, Bunim-Murray
E3 – Virtual to Viral Monetization, Marketing, Development w WB, Sony

A4 – Lawrence Bender, Norman Lear, Roger Corman, Michael London
B4 – Fx Star Trek, Star Wars, Cloverfield, Iron Man, Watchmen
D4 – Episodic TV: Elements of a Hit

A5 – Producers of Benjamin Button, Gladiator
B5 – Nolan Bushnell, Atari with Disney, Acclaim
D5 – DRM Jaman, Auditude

Cocktails with Digital 25, Sony Pictures Plaza/Atrium
Those that have made the most significant contribution to digital entertainment and storytelling:

– Steve Jobs (Apple/iPhone)
– Jeff Bezos (Amazon/Kindle)
– James Cameron
– Jeffrey Katzenberg (Dreamworks)
– Henry Selick (CORALINE)
– Ed Catmull/Pete Docter/John Lasseter/Jim Morris/Andrew Stanton (Pixar)
– Roger Guyett/Mike Sanders/Steve Sullivan (ILM)
– Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy)
– Yair Landau (Mass Animation)
– Jim Jannard (RED)
– Shigeru Miyamoto (Nintendo)
– Ev Williams/ Jack Dorsey/Biz Stone (Twitter)
– Steve Chen/Chad Hurley (YouTube)
– Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)
– Tom Anderson/ChrisDeWolfe (MySpace)
– Jason Kilar (Hulu)
– Kevin Rose/Alex Albrecht (Digg)
– Philip Rosedale (Second Life)
– Sam Houser (Grand Theft Auto)
– Evan/Gregg Spiridellis (JibJab)
– Ashton Kutcher/Jason Goldberg
– Sandy Climna/Steve Schklair/Jon&Peter Shapiro (3ality)
– Jonathan Kaplan (Pure Digital)
– Fred Seibert (Nick-at- Night, Hanna Barbera)
– Laura Michaelchyshyn (Discovery)

Winners determined by the PGA New Media Council, Rebecca Allen (Nokia Research Center), Ian Ballon (Greenberg & Taurig), Greg Clayman (MTV), David Eun (Google), Jody Graham Dunitz (Angel Investor), Brian Hall (MS), Lew Henderson (Davey-Brown), Yair Landau (Mass Animation), Martin Nisenholtz (NYT), Ira Rubenstein (Marvel), Kara Swisher (D), Aber Whitcomb (MySpace).  Next time you see them ask why digital visionaries George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are not on their list, but Ashton Kutcher is 🙂 


A6 – Producers of Desperate Housewives
B6 – Media in Motion with Nokia, GoTV

B7 –  Master Classes with Marshall Herskovitz, Thom Beers
C7 –  Being Green with Arianna Huffington

That’s Lunch Catering Truck Showcase, Thalberg Parking Lot

A8 – Pixar
B8 – Producers of The Tudors, TOKYOPOP
C8 – Produce a Doc Not Boring, Inconvenient Truth producer
D8 – Music Licensing with Lionsgate

A9 – Clint Eastwood
B9 – 3ality, Sony, REAL D
C9 – Indie Distribution with Withoutabox

A10 – Marvel
B10 – HBO Films, Sony, Dark Knight producer
C10 – Motion Capture with Sony, Digital Domain, ILM

Producers Challenge Awards, Cary Grant Theater

A – Cary Grant Theater
B – Wheel of Fortune, Stage 11
C – William Holden Theater
D – Backstage Theater
E – Jimmy Stewart 24

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