RIP: A Remix Manifesto at the Red Vic, SF – Tonight


Fresh from SXSW, RIP:  A Remix Manifesto reflects the power of documentary as a force for social change, and screening it as part of the Anti-Corp Film Fest in SF, a city more densely populated with doc filmmakers than anywhere in the world and home of EFF, is particularly fitting.   The film’s message is simple:  mashups are fair use.  Remix is not piracy.   Corporate culture is stuck on pushing media out to be consumed and the audience is pushing back, responding to it, conversing with it, creating with it something fresh, putting their own spin on it.  There has been a cultural shift from protecting ideas to sharing ideas.  Can’t stop change, so The Man he’s trying to criminalize it, squash a whole generation.  When you start labeling little kids as criminals, suing their mommies, forcing circles into squares, something’s wrong. We must stand up for free speech.  Digital technology is shattering the wall between producers and consumers and making content free.  Its time to move on and look at new ways of recouping investment, e.g. capitalizing on brand.  The Superfan will pay a premium for the brand experience and finance those they follow with merchandise buys and event tickets, so create superfans with free content they can play with and make their own.   Anyway, thank goodness visionary Mitch Kapor, Lotus Founder, had the foresight in 1990, long before any of us were online, to set up the Electronic Frontier Foundation to defend free speech. And now, we’re living it.  So if you’re in SF tonight, go check out the scene in the Mission.  Here are the details:

F 5/29 9:15-11pm

Red Vic (Victoria Theater), 2961 16th, San Francisco

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