Maker Faire/The Guide – Adam Savage, Esther Dyson, Chris Anderson #mf09


85,000 geeks of all ages are expected to bike, walk, ride and fly to Maker Faire at the San Mateo County Expo Center this weekend, SS 5/30-31 10-8/5.  (By contrast 50,000 are expected at #E3)  It’s quite a cultural happening, well-suited for Silicon Valley, home of innovation. Detailed schedule of activities at   If you go, avoid lines, save money, pick up tickets at any Radio Shack.   Arrive early or don’t drive, dress comfortably, wear sunscreen, take water, pack a snack. This year, Rock the Bike is riding to the Maker Faire from San Francisco’s Dolores Park.  Gather for the party at 8:30.  They roll at 9.  19 miles, mostly flat terrain, leisurely pace, 1.5 hr ride along the San Mateo North South Bicycle Route / Caltrain Route,, which begins at Tunnel Avenue, heads toward Bayshore, through Brisbane, ending at Delaware.  Maker Faire is providing bikers VIP bike parking and discounted tickets.  Bring cash.  For the return, Caltrain allows bikes. will be filming Stage A and I’ll be all over tweeting the scene on Saturday.  Here are the highlights:

10 Mentos fountains, R2D2, make make make…
11-11:30, MAKE Demos, YouTube star KipKay can make anything
11:30-12, MAKE Demos, Make Your Own Robot
12-1, West Stage, Abby & The Pipsqueaks, award-winning cartoon concept band 
12:30-1, Stage A, The Search for ET with Dan Werthimer, SETI
1-1:30, Stage A, Esther Dyson, Cosmonaut!!!
1-2, Stage C, Special Awesome CORALINE animators talk 3D stop motion animation
2-3, Stage A, Adam Savage, Mythbusters on Collossal Failures
2-4, Craft Demos, Star Wars Sock Puppets
3-5, Screening Room, Mousetrap to Mars, Rube Goldberg Documentary
4-5, Stage B, iPhone hacks unleash the power of the machine
5-5:30, Stage A, car that drives itself
5:30-6, Stage A, most complex watch ever built
6-6:30, Stage A, Chris Anderson, Wired, TED, Long Tail, Free, plane that flies itself
6-7, Stage B, Dr. Epstein attempts to go faster than light
6:30-7, Stage A, Edison-Moore:  Living Dangerously, risktaking and innovation
7-8, West Stage, Wheel of mashup, best short attention dance party ever

If you head back to SF after Maker Faire, there is a really cool party at the swanky Le Colonial, 20 Cosmo Place in Union Square, 7-9 hosted by @AdventureGirl’s 140Smiles.  Donate what you can to make a child with facial deformities smile again 🙂

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