#sfmusictech/the guide


See ya tomorrow at the Hotel Kabuki, 1625 Post, San Francisco for San Fran Music Tech Summit.   We’ll be there tweeting live from twitter.com/contentnow as long as Twitter doesn’t go down.  Follow #sfmusictech.  It’s going to be a party!  Here’s the guide:

9am, Brian in conversation with Adam Zbar, CEO, Zannel (Home to Dane Cook’s backstage pass).
9:20, Zahavah Levine, YouTube, David Leibowitz, Gotuit, Jeremy Welt, WB Records…
10:30, Cecily Mak, Rhapsody, Joe Kennedy, Pandora, Mike Huppe, SoundExchange… (hold the tomatoes, as we heard at EconSM, both sides expecting a reasonable resolution, not the 2010 3 cents per listener per hour)
11:30, Justin Timberlake’s Matt Morris performance
12, Lunch Break
1, Demos, Ted Cohen, TAG Strategic, James Lamberti, TopSpin, Peter Yared, iWidgets
2, Geoff Ralston, LaLa, Ali Partovi, iLike, Chuck Fishman, Cisco, Joyce Williams, Zazzle..
3, Snack Break
3:30, Bob Kohn, RoyaltyShare, Stephen White, Gracenote, Ge Wang, Smule (Ocarina), Darryl Ballantyne, LyricFind, Rob Pegoraro, WaPo, Bart Decrem, Tapulous (have you tried Tap Tap Coldplay??)
4:30, Schmooze Break
4:45, Ian Rogers, TopSpin, Fred von Lohmann, EFF (sans ponytail), Charlie Moran, Ad Age…
6-8, Cocktail Party sponsored by LyricFind (karaoke singlong??)

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