In Memory of Dr. Leonard Shlain


Dr. Leonard Shlain, beloved surgeon author dad to Tiffany Shlain, groundbreaking indie filmmaker friend, took his last breath on Monday then moved on through light, space and time. I first met Tiffany’s dad at a reading of his fascinating book, Art & Physics, an epic study of cultural trends, and later booked him for a Commonwealth Club NPR broadcast and his daughter for a Webby Awards panel/party.  That was a long time ago.  Dr. Shlain went on to write other bestsellers, The Alphabet Versus the Goddess and Sex, Time & Power*. Tiffany went on to marry Ken, an arty robotics professor who fell in love with her over Art & Physics.  And just like her dad, her films have been on interrelatedness:  The Tribe, a fast fresh doc on assimilation in America as seen through the eyes of the Barbie doll, and Connected.  Now approaching Gladwell’s 10,000 hours, she’s going to figure it out.  Tiffany was very close with her dad, and through her, his work will live on. His next book, Leonardo’s Brain is due out next Spring.  If you were a fan of Dr. Shlain’s, and he was adored far and wide from Gore to Bjork and beyond, join in the celebration of his life this Friday at 1pm in San Francisco at Sherith Israel, 2266 California.

* Sex, Time & Power is just three clicks away with the new Kindle iPhone app


One Response to “In Memory of Dr. Leonard Shlain”

  1. 1 Ken Bush

    Dr. Shlain:

    I have learned so much from you over the years. You will always be a blessing to me from the other side. I wonder what new thing you are inventing now?

    I wish for you to get a message to the world on how to solve this issue of economy and business.

    I look forward to your book coming out next year.

    Rest well and keep teaching us from the other side Doc as you travel at more then the speed of light.

    Love and light, E=Mc2

    Ken Bush

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