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Follow all the fun at the LA Games Conference on Twitter #LAGC.  Most controversial quote:  “32% music revenue last year was from video games.”  Lots of NE1 know…click here and here for Tommy Tallarico’s response.  Here’s the rest:

Nick Williams presentation at
Most anticipated titles:  Halo 3, ModernWarfare 2, Madden 2010
Wii and DS chasing mass market, big opportunity with downloadable content
Trends: social, back to basics, every vote counts, consumers are critics
Time spent gaming with friends up 20%from 2006
Used games rule in a down economy – value over price
Movies switch from targeting males
Mass audience appeal is more important that reviews
9 of top 10 games in 2008 had multiplayer
Hollywood movie marketing budget vs game marketing budget:  1/3 vs. 1/6
Game marketing needs to sell the experience not the technology
Demos make great games sell better, trailers better than demos for mediocre
Movies and games share an important driver: consumer opinion, 2nd for movies:  distribution, 2nd for games:  marketing efforts
much potential in streaming live games,

Tommy Tallarico, Video Games Live – Beethoven SHB a VG composer
32% music revenue last year was from video games (excl live performance)
Guitar sales up last year, credit given to RB/GH 
6 out of 10 players game together in person – must be RB/GH effect
RB/GH great for music discovery and reliving old classics
OnLive GameStop killer – apps and online games the future, the console is dead 
Bandwidth not there yet, many prefer a hard copy, PC or console hardly dead
World of Goo great soundtrack 

2008 game industry revenue, hardware and software, was more than movies and music combined, huge change from 2 years ago
ARGs and online games should predate movie launch dates, low cost and targeted at known core audience
FB app developer in audience asks Sony, Paramount, NBC how to partner

GAMING & MOBILE for 3d facial rendering
Gamevil sells mobile games in Korea $3, microtransactions add another 50% to revenue, up to 70% for hardcore gamers
mobile app models: free-ad supported, windowed (pay at start, ads later), for pay with ads
virtual currency monetization on iPhone:  check out SuperRewards
virtual goods is the ad model of 2009
iPhone must have a great free version before gamer will buy
carriers to lose out to apps and off deck multiplatform games
Here’s one:  SMARG – social mobile ARG – next big trend
…sounds like a term pirates would use (lots of RT)

iPhone great for big hit with small teams, dissing MS
Leader has 15-20% market share in any media
If FB, MySpace become payment processors, they’ll look like mobile operators.
Easier to monetize hardcore gamers than casual in US
EA is addicted to $50-60 plastic disc business, hard to move to subscription
price point $15=1500% sales growth on Steam, overheard at DICE
episodic gaming a flop???  (not for everyone)  sub-based games next???
Second Life expected to do $90 million topline this year!!
hard to build a virtual goods model for kids (not so, ask Habbo..)
OnLive uses Switch and Data to support infrastructure
OnLive is really cool, a big bet with expensive infrastructure
Time for drinks! 

(Source:  Twitter #LAGC)

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