NAB/The Guide


Here’s a rough guide on what Content NOW is covering at NAB this year.  The EXPO floor is open M-W 9-6, Th 9-2 and flooded with additional programming from exhibitors and pavilions.  As always, we’ll be live blogging via the WordPress iPhone app and will be tweeting tips and tidbits along the way.

M 4/20
 Mobile TV Breakfast w/Fox, NBC, ION, Samsung, Gannett, LG, Hilton Ballroom A
9-10:15, Mary Tyler Moore, Hilton Barron Room
9:30-10:30, 3Ality, Content Theater Central Hall
10:30-11:30, Storytelling with Disney CTO Albers, Adobe CEO Narayen, S222-3
11:45-12:45, $Million Look on a $1000 Budget, Stu Maschwitz, The Orphanage, Rodney Charters, DOP, 24,  S222-3
12:30-2:15, Bob Newhart, Kelsey Grammar Lunch, Hilton Barron Room
2-3, Pixar’s UP 3D with Joshua Hollander & Bob Whitehill, Content Theater Central Hall
2:30-3:30, Henry Selick, Filmmaker, Coraline, Nightmare Before Xmas, S222-3 
3-3:30, Stu Maschwitz booksigning The DV Rebel’s Guide:  Making Killer Action Movies on the Cheap, NAB Store Central Lobby
3:30-4:30, Dave Salmoni, Animal Planet, Content Theater Central Hall
4-4:30, Deborah Norville booksigning, NAB Store Central Lobby
4:45-6, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, Content Theater Central Hall
6-8, All Access Party, Planet Hollywood Casino, Mezzanine 

Tu 4/21
9:30-10, Second Life Founder Philip Rosedale, S222-3
10:30-11:30, Action Film Director Rob Cohen with Peter Guber, CEO, Mandalay Entertainment, S222-3
11:45-12:45, CNET’s Cool Gadgets, Hot Content, S222-3
12:30-2:00, Vin Sculley, LA Dodgers, Radio Hall of Fame Lunch, Hilton Barron Room
2-3, Making of Battlestar Galactica, S222-3
3:15-4:15, Mass Animation for Crowdsourced Creativity, w/Facebook, Intel, S222-3
4:30-5:30, Mobile Video w/Turner, LG, S222-3
5-6pm, Robin Leach hosts Jim Beddows, MEF, Frank Cindamo, Fun Little Movies, Jim Cox, Ring Tales, Content Theater Central Hall
9-12, All Access Party, Wynn Blush Boutique Nightclub

W 4/22
, Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers, Hilton Barron Room
10-3:30, Career Fair with Turner, CBS News, ESPN, McGraw-Hill Broadcasting, job coaches, speakers on careers in broadcasting, Hilton Ballroom C
10:30-11:30, Media Moguls:  Brokering Content with David Zaslaw, CEO, Discovery, S222-3
11:15-12:15, Bill Bradford, Fox on Broadcasters Capitalizing on Broadband Video, Content Theatre Central Hall
11:45-12:45, Generation Media Consumption Habits with Discovery, CBS, Deloitte, S222-3
12-1:45, Cox/Mobile Networked Hypersocial Lunch, Hilton Barron Room
2-3, Chuck Creator Josh Schwartz, S222-3
3:30-4:45, Steven Kydd, Demand Studios speaking on the new syndication, Content Theater Central Hall
4-5, Personalized Content with Mitch Berman, ZillionTV, Ray Millus, Starz, 
3-11, RedUserNet party, Rio Amazon Ballroom

Th 4/23
, Jane McGonigal, Institute of the Future, Future of Networked Play, N250
10:15-11:45, AFI Digital Content Lab, TV/Game Collaborations, Content Theater Central Hall
12-1:15, Top 5 Gaming Trends in Entertainment Today with IGN, EA, N252

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