Killer App/Twyme Makes Tweets Rhyme…


Lately, I’ve been dreaming up apps like Twyme, intuitive pull down menus that make tweets rhyme…Twing, which adds in tunes to make it sing…Shake-a-Date, upload your photo, profile, time and location of desired date – and shake – in a flash you’re matched and got something going on tonight…Shake-a-Deal, a variation of Shake-a-Date which matches BD execs of content producers and distributors with brand marketers.  And so on and so on. Before I blogged it, I seriously thought I’d rent-a-coder it and get some of these up myself.  But then it occurred to me that there is likely an app in development out there which will enable all of us to develop and distribute these type of apps on-the-go, in the very moment the brilliant idea is born. Reflecting the haiku society we have become where no idea goes unexpressed in 140 characters or less.  And as I push the button to publish these very thoughts on WordPress, this post will tweet out to followers on Twitter and beyond, maybe even Ashton Kutcher and LeVar Burton will see it, and who knows what will become of Twyme, Twing, Shake-a-Date and Shake-a-Deal.  Now if only I could find the WordPress plug-in to add world domination evil laughter at the end of this sentence…

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