Susan Boyle to Headline NAB!


Just kidding!  But wouldn’t be surprised. Edelman has been doing such a great job hyping this year’s NAB show with Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, Henry Selick and Robin Leach, it’s starting to feel more like NATPE’s content show than the dry engineers Mecca of the past. With over 100,000 expected, Vegas is the place to be next week, and we’ll be there live blogging it. Now onto Susan Boyle, the frumpy unemployed 47 year old singing sensation that ‘stunned’ the UK version of American Idol, and a fantastic case study in viral video. How many tens of millions of views have been streamed yet none with ads. So simple for Simon Cowell to flip the switch to monetize the fan videos on YouTube. So why no ads? Could it be because of the a belief that pre-roll stifles sharing, and that the viral effect is worth more on launching a star than the mere pennies generated by a CPM split. What value can a producer put on fan comments like “I believe G-D is speaking to us through Susan Boyle.” And what of the Susan Boyle effect on other videos like Fat Boy who has his video play at the end of hers is also of the most viewed…and check out the comments on the other “I Dreamed A Dream” non-Susan Boyle videos…they read, “Susan Boyle led me to this video signed Hawaii, signed Georgia, signed Modesto” and so on. So great to see YouTube unite the world via Susan Boyle. I predict an SNL monologue this weekend and some sort of scandal next week. See ya at NAB!

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