Film Marketing 101/When Do We Eat?


Here’s a movie in time for Passover that’ll make you laugh all the way to the seder especially if you downloaded it to your iPhone and then were subject to a four hour weather delay trying to get into NYC.   “When Do We Eat?” available on iTunes for the flight ($9.99), Netflix Instant Watch for the gathering (FREE w/subscription) and Amazon for gift giving ($13.49).  The film has a lot going for it:  big stars (Lesley Ann Warren, Jack Klugman, Ben Feldman), slacker comedy, and a niche audience.  But the website,, albeit attractive, seems asleep.  You arrive and there’s not much more than a link to the Amazon shopping cart and a semi-interactive introduction to the film’s characters.  It does nothing to capture and engage the film’s fan base that lands there.  All fans want (in the spirit of the film) is to kibbitz.  They want to share what they enjoyed about the film, or perhaps have trivia questions.  Two trailers posted on YouTube have been viewed 15,000 times with comments like “Ben Feldman is damn hot!” and “I have this film and watch it everyday.”  Wouldn’t it be fun for the fans if the creative team reached out and posted thanks.   Also, the trailer on the website needs social bookmarking, or link to the trailer on YouTube which already has a social bookmarking feature.  This enables fans to impulsively embed the film on their Facebook etc. sites and evangelize the film.  Simple tweaking on the site could make a difference for this film considering the current marketing effort by its distributor.  On the home page, there should be a sign up for an email newsletter and/or director’s blog, a link to the Facebook fan page, links to the iTunes shopping cart, and so on.  That said, there are kudos to go around.  One for the distributor (New Video) for getting word out about the iTunes debut via personal social networks including LinkedIn, one for the creative team for offering star studded screenings via email request, and one for filmmaker friends posting five star reviews on Amazon with tie-ins to niche bestsellers like “Keeping Up With the Steins.” Now its time to do the same on iTunes, and after the last matzoh is eaten, window for rev-share:  Hulu and beyond.

One Response to “Film Marketing 101/When Do We Eat?”

  1. you are absolutely right, and i will make those things happen ASAP! best,
    sal litvak, director of WHEN DO WE EAT?

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