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I’m in NYC to cover some of the excitement with the Upfronts and have been having fun running up and down Fifth Avenue meeting with content licensors, distributors and agencies for my clients. I love my hometown but have mixed feelings about the weather. So we’re all just hunkering down when Scott Kirsner’s Cinematech blog arrives in my inbox. A fan of Scott’s, I always take a quick skim and see that his new book, “Fans, Friends and Followers” is out on Kindle. And yes, there it is, that link that makes the sale impulsively possible. Good job! Scott has smartly put a link directly to his Amazon shopping cart and there is a free chapter available for immediate download to my iPhone. Click, I’m reading the chapter, nodding my head, yes yes we’re on the same page on how to find fame and fortune online, hmm, don’t like this, Scott, who has a Blogger blog, omits WordPress, from his recommendation. That’s odd and I look for a way to tell him so. Kindle for iPhone has cool features like links in the text so you can immediately check out the author’s references, but it doesn’t have a chat box or a way to post a comment or tweet right in the body of the work to give the author feedback like “Scott, how can you ignore WordPress, the 200 million gorillas in the room, with brilliant SEO/SEM and community building tools. Don’t like that you left out WordPress.” Yes, this indeed is the era of greater consumer engagement where no thought goes unexpressed or unheard.

Late last night I was tooling around my iPhone to doze off when I see a crazy tweet from David Pogue recommending McDs Southwestern Chicken Salad…then a second one commenting on follower backlash. I have never commented on anyone’s tweets before but I am a fan of David’s and felt compelled to save him from the dark path he was going down. I retweeted, “Watch Fast Food Nation, King Corn and Supersize Me, and you’ll never eat McDs again.” Feeling accomplished I went to sleep and when I awoke David had replied privately, something like, “Yeah yeah saw them all and I stand by my chicken salad.” Not only was I impressed that he cared to answer, it was really fun being in dialogue with him, even if somewhat anonymously, possibly planting a seed that might make a difference in his perspective down the road.

And this is really the point of Scott’s book. Fans find it soul-satisfying to connect. So talk with them and they will make your online presence huge.

Well, I’m posting this from the WordPress app on my iPhone but when I get back to my Mac, I’ll update with a link to that free chapter to “Fans, Friends and Followers.” I wound up buying the whole book and then I went on a sampling shopping spree checking out books I’ve been meaning to read like Stacy Park’s and Malcolm Gladwell’s. Bummer ‘Save the Cat’ is not out on Kindle yet. In summary, thumbs up on Kindle for iPhone!

Next post will be on Mediaweek’s Upfronts conference Tu 4/14 8-5 in the Time-Life Building in NYC. Wouldn’t it be something if the brand advertisers asked the audience what they wanted (I want my MTV! 24/7 pop music videos again) and then the tv programming execs and showrunners actually listened. Well the Upfronts are in transition, responding to timeshifting trends and online viewing, so stay tuned. The Tuesday conference should be very interesting. For more details, visit See ya there!

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  1. It’s nice , I am a fan of iphone, is Kindle available in iphone now?

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