Cable Show/Online Video Friend not Foe


With Bob Iger and Rupert Murdoch speaking and the host of other timely content The Cable Show is producing for their live audience you would think there would be nonstop video on their YouTube channel and lots and lots of tweets on  Alas, that is not the case…as yet.  The best coverage thus far goes to PaidContent with this morning’s blog post, Comcast’s Roberts:  Online Video ‘Friend not Foe.’  

To me its obvious.  Convergence is now upon us.  Glance at the calendar on the next page and its staggering how many industry events are being held concurrently and competing for the same live audience, e.g. MIPTV, CTIA, The Cable Show, even Showest and Web 2.0 Expo this week, or even crazier within a one block radius in Los Angeles last week  there was FOTV, OMMA Global Hollywood, and NxtStage.  The content is very rich and very similar.  Its just not physically possible to attend all events at the same time, never mind multiple panels per session in some of the conferences.  So why just cater to the live audience.  Its time for these digital media conferences to do what they advise.  Post live streaming video and tweets on the home page to build brand.  The one who does it best will grow their audience.  (Great examples are the New Tee Vee awards and The Crunchies which stream live via Ustream.) People still need to attend live for business development and networking. Many more would come if they could experience it at home first.  And for those that attend live, an integrated schedule of panels, floor events, keynotes and parties on the home page is essential.  Tied into the video and chat…even cooler!

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  1. 1 moldedclay

    nice one. im from the philippines bu the way.

    renaNTE arcillas

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